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  1. I don’t think SHE would use her 60th birthday to market a tour/album. But she’s savvy enough to know the MEDIA will wrap her age in whatever project she choose to do. And will likely do so in a positive light. She’s long over due for a renaissance and 2019, with so many anniversaries & milestones, could very well be it. I’ve always thought it would be a great business decision to release something in correlation to her 60th. Why not? She’s one of the last living icons around, looks amazing, and is still selling out stadiums 35 years into her career. And if it’s simply a tour to celebrate her untouchable discography without an album, sign me the fuck up.
  2. Music from the tours ranked

    Why she hasn't opened a tour with this epic song is just beyond me. DWT: Good god was this performance on FIRE. CT: The Disco Inferno sample was brilliant. RHT: All about the sultry, jazzy intro. And that COSTUME. S&S: Was nice. RIT: Forgettable.
  3. I'm sorry you were at such a shitty club.
  4. If you played this for me, I wouldn't be able to tell if it were Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, or Stacie Orrico. Now there's a quadrant of shit.
  5. That is QUITE the list. Love that they played each song too. And he IS a cutie.
  6. Roy Moore LOSES Alabama Senator race!

    Jones, the Democrat, is gonna win by about 1.5% points. This will be a political earthquake for Republicans and a well deserved back hand to Trumps smug, ugly face. Tonight's a good night.
  7. Song vs. Song: Erotica vs. Ray of Light

    1. Erotica vs. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Fever vs. Swim 3. Bye Bye Baby vs. Ray of Light 4. Deeper and Deeper vs. Candy Perfume Girl 5. Where Life Begins vs. Skin 6. Bad Girl vs. Nothing Really Matters 7. Waiting vs. Sky Fits Heaven 8. Thief of Hearts vs. Shanti/Ashtangi 9. Words vs. Frozen 10. Rain vs. The Power of Good-Bye 11. Why's It So Hard vs. To Have and Not to Hold 12. In This Life vs. Little Star 13. Did You Do It? vs. Mer Girl 14. Secret Garden vs. Has to Be I didn't like doing this. At all. I hate highlighting the songs I did as if their superior to the songs on Erotica. Rain vs. The Power of Good-Bye? Really? How fucking painful. WAITING vs. SKY FITS HEAVEN?! I don't want to live in a world that I have to chose one over the other. That being said, Ray Of Light is just....perfect. To me anyway. Erotica was powerful. Necessary. Groundbreaking. But ROL was an album just defied expectations among fans and critics alike. It catapulted her to a new level of relevance in an effortless and mature way that no one, NO ONE, has been able to do so late into their career. The songs are individually so powerful on this album that to put them against another record of hers is just inherently unfair. Erotica tho, god, what an album.
  8. Material Girl from the tours ranked

    It's everything this song should be. Playful, cheeky, fun, and she still performed with a maturity without looking corny or silly. The entire performance is a highlight from the RHT. I'll never forget how the arena EXPLODED when this started.
  9. She's always been terrible. Her music was even worse than her acting. I'm tired of this bitch getting credit for being some millennial Ann Margaret who tragically went down the wrong road. She had ONE memorable role in Mean Girls. And just because that movie has become the quotable movie de jour for millenialls doesn't mean she was anything remotely special. Her obsession with being famous for nothing other than her antics helped usher in the this current slate of deplorable stars that bank on victimization to maintain their success. I hope she stays under her rock.
  10. CHERISH Bedtime Story The Power Of Goodbye I'll Remember Til Death Do Us Part Angel I want a scaled back tour with the majority of the songs being lesser known hits and album cuts with 'hits' peppered in here and there. Not some Kylie Anti tour, but something organic, fresh, and fun in a way only Madonna could do.
  11. I'm more than ready for a tour that celebrates her discography because I know she won't make it some cheesy Greatest Hits Extravaganza. You know she'll throw in a few randoms for the loons. I'm also ready for her to open with a WELL KNOWN hit to really get the crowd going. She hasn't opened with a 'hit' since Vogue. on the RIT. I've always thought Music would make a KILLER opening number. Or even Hung Up. And if she wants to go down a more artsy or darker road, Frozen would also work pretty well.
  12. M shades Cherish

    Cherish is kinda cheesy, but it's a cheesy pop treasure. WISE Madonna fans understand this. How this turned into a Holy Water vs. Cherish competition is beyond me. The only thing that makes Holy Water good is the fact that it interpolates one of her most iconic classics during the bridge. BUT the live performance is downright FIRE.
  13. This is really the first time I’ve been legit ANGRY about her and her ridiculous team of PR people. Really? Taylor Swift? Over Kesha? Who made an album 10 times more personal, raw, real, and authentic than this bitch could ever do. Kesha, who publicly went out there to address the issue instead of hiding behind a team of lawyers in a courtroom. Kesha, whom I don’t even CARE for very much from a musical standpoint. Whst a sad blatant attempt to sell a magazine. She’s the worst.
  14. The first thing I noticed when I saw the pics was how gorgeous she looked. Very reminiscent of the RHT dress she sang during the melody. Like many have said, she looks healthy, happy, and relaxed. I’m happy she’s not putting that kind of pressure on herself anymore with the exercise. It was kind of exhausting and gimmicky tbh. I keep going back to that dress tho. I LOVE. So happy to see her in some COLOR.
  15. "Are you ready to ride with me?"

    Yes. Yes. Yes. The re-orchestration is absolutely everything. The outfit is pure sex.
  16. What do you think of Gloria Estefan?

    I enjoy some of her music but she never really did much for me. It really comes down to her voice, which I think is pretty weak. I've always thought she was way too safe with her solo output and kind of sold her Cuban soul to record executives to make sappy late 80's ballads. I wish she would've embraced Cuban music the way she did with Miami Sound Machine. Then she went off into Cher territory with some Euro techno and totally lost me. But she's been around a long time and is a legend in her own right. So kudos to her.
  17. Material Girl from the tours ranked

    RHT and VT ar really the only ones that matter. The other three are complete rubbish.
  18. Was the MDNA Tour.....

    MDNA is easily one of Madonna's most important achievements from an artistic and theatrical standpoint. That's just not up for debate. It's a mind blowing journey portrayed on stage that only SHE can do. While watching it, I was taken aback at it's sheer scope, size, and ferocity. I truly couldn't' believe I was watching a woman who was entering her 4th decade of touring. Women HALF her age would have issues keeping up with the kind of routine this tour demanded. It was a spectacle of epic proportions. HOWEVER. It ABSOLUTELY destroyed her reputation with the general public as a touring act. FACTS MATTER. It did. I credit Madonna for implementing her vision on stage for diehard fans in a way that only she can do. But I cringe at the thought of casual fans having to, literally, suffer through some of the song choices and segments. So this entire era and tour is a double edged sword. While it's a creative masterpiece, it also pushed A LOT of casual fans towards the exit. From a literal standpoint during the shows. I'll never forget the VITRIOL from people on our way back from to the city from the Philly show. It was outright hatred of the concert. So, while she implemented a glorious vision for this tour, she also alienated a sizable chunk of her casual fanbase. When us diehards complain about her mainstream success, I will always point to this era as turning point in her career when she chose to go the route of keeping her 'base' satisfied and saying FUCK YOU to the rest.
  19. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    This song has been one of the most INCONSISTENT songs she’s performed live. She’s taken this song through ringer. RHT: Yes. That’s right. CT BAT MDNA WTG VT GS
  20. The original sounds more “Madonna” than the overrated remix. Thete are several decisions made in her career that I truly question, and promoting the Benny remix is one of the of them
  21. I wondered why this thread ballooned to 3 pages. People really think that she’s neglecting lyrics because she can’t relate to them anymore? Really? It’s a pop song. It’s not about whether or not she can relate to it, it’s about delivering a great performance of one of her biggest and most well known hits. She cut the lyrics to shorten the song. That’s it.
  22. Holiday from the tours ranked

    I will NEVER tire of this song live. NEVER. DWT: Blew the roof off. The Madonna SQUAT and the mashup with Music Sounds Better With You are LIFE. BAT: ICONIC. WTG S&S: Probably the most interesting arraignment of this song she’s done RIT VT RHT: I don’t DISLIKE this But it was certainly pretty phoned in. TGS: Sorry, but the whole military theme just didn’t mesh well with the song for me. Plus, it seemed like this was the last song she wanted to sing on this tour.
  23. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

    This is one the most consistently performed songs she’s done on tour. There really isn’t a bad rendition of this song at all. Some are better than others, but all are pretty special in their own way. Girlie Show: This is the quintessential performance of LIB in my opinion. Everything was perfect. The band, the wardrobe, the lighting, the VOCALS. I never get sick of watching it. WTG: So alive. Loved the free wheeling choreography. DWT: First Time I saw her live. The stripped down version of this is probably the one I LISTEN to the most. RHT: Again, the choreography and costumes were on POINT. Worked perfectly after LFL. CT: Lovely. But seemed out of place on this tour. S&S: This is my least favorite. The whole thing just seemed kind of....sloppy. Still a solid effort. Just doesn’t do much for me.
  24. Vogue from the tours ranked

    The BAT is iconic, but it’s not my favorite. Mainly due to the costumes. MDNA takes the cake. It encapsulates the opulence of the song unlike any other rendition. MDNA Girlie Show BAT RIT S&S