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  1. The Gaga pandering is absolutely absurd and baffling. She’s never uttered much of a word about that troll so I’m not sure why she’s doing so now when she’s well past her peak. It comes across as contrived and desperate. I was right to avoid her interviews for the majority of her career. She’s tragically uninteresting.
  2. Favorite Songs

    This is one of my favorite songs by anyone. I love the chorus and vocals. I didn’t appreciate them back in the 90s because I felt the they were so insufferably smug and arrogant that it tainted their music for me. Now that they’re off the radar, I’ve gone back into their catalog and, MY GOD, do they have some tunes. Sad they kind of self destructed due the constant squabbling between those holier than thou Gallagher brothers.
  3. Favorite Songs

    I love all of the Celine songs mentioned and more. But this is one of my absolute faves. Kind of gets overlooked for her bigger hits.
  4. Favorite Songs

    Honestly, I love songs from all these flop divas we make fun of. They've all got a gems in their catalog. Some, more than others of course. I could've posted another dozen more. I didn't even get to Whitney, Cher, Tina, Olivia or Celine.
  5. Favorite Songs

    I was OBSESSED with this song. I wore the cd out. It’s amazing I didn’t cause an accident with the hand waving I did to this in my car
  6. Oh there's a whole host of 'issues' people have with her that go on for PAGES. I personally don't have a problem with her either. Plus, she has a really solid discography from Impossible Princess to Aphrodite. I've just never taken her seriously enough to care about what she said or did to Madonna. It's evident who's career has lasted longer anyway. I miss your posts!!
  7. What a deplorable, entitled nasty pair of human beings. Are you fucking kidding me? A page to fund their vacation to see a pop star? I hope they don't get one red cent. I have a life long dream that idiots like this will disappear off the face of the earth.
  8. Maybe she's been reading the Kylie thread here and wanted to do damage control. Where's @Kim?
  9. They need a new punching bag. She's the one right now. Typical they pick the one making the best pop music out there right now to rake across the coals. Sadly, she's an easy target. She seems to be in a place to say 'fuck you' to everyone which is refreshing to see. I feel that she has the fanbase that'll stick with her. If anything. this past year has made be a bigger Katy fan than ever before.
  10. Justin Timberlake thread

    I'm sure it's a fun show. He's got some fun songs and has a good stage presence. I see he opened with Filthy. Still trying to make the shitstain happen. It's annoying to see him embracing country music and using John Denver's 'Thank God I'm A Country Boy' in the setlist. Seems like such a....... transparent move to garner fans. Perhaps the JT 'Country Album' is next after this flop. Maybe he'll team up with Taylor.
  11. DEAR GOD. You couldn't escape this song. I remember being like 10 years old and still thinking it was terrible. It also ushered in the era of mainstream line dancing. The whitest white person dance of all time. But man, he had the king of all mullets.
  12. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/katy-perry-kiss-american-idol_us_5aa93314e4b018e2f1c3a73f So she's getting flack for kissing this kid on the lips. He's moaning about how he wanted his first kiss to be 'special' and how he was so 'uncomfortable'. This dude is 20 years old and he hasn't kissed a girl on the lips? And he's bitching about his first 'kiss' being with Katy Perry? Ok, buddy.
  13. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/14/politics/pa-18-democratic-playbook/index.html For what it's worth, this Dem (who's cute in a wonky, nerdy way) won in a district that Trump carried by over 20 points in 2016. Pair this with the Alabama election last December and the fact that Dem's have won in all sorts of state and local elections, and you may have quite the wave building for the mid terms this November. Trump shot his whole load on this PA race. Campaigned there, sent his creepy, chinless kids there, and even the The Crypt Keeper herself, KellyAnne Conway. So the fact they lost this is a pretty big deal. Let's just hope all those women wearing pussy hats who marched last January and these kids walking out of their schools protesting gun control show up and vote.
  14. I just looked it up. Yes, yes she is. MIND. BLOWN.
  15. Well, to be fair to Miley, she grew up in Nashville and was around country music being that her dad was in the business. I'm not saying Billy Ray Cyrus was a GOOD country act, but still. There's far more authenticity with her than with Gaga or Kylie and she seems to have a true appreciation for country music. I can get on board with her singing Jolene than either of those two. I don't like Country Kylie one bit. Just, no.... Sad.
  16. Justin Timberlake thread

    So this era is pretty much over it seems? I think that Super Bowl performance absolutely killed what little momentum Man of the Woods had. The album is pretty middle of the road, but I was listening to it the other day during a long drive and found myself enjoying it more than I had during its first spin. It's not terrible, but it's certainly the least interesting release he's ever put out.
  17. Adele thread

    Yeah, she's due for a 'flop' era. It'll be over 10 years since her debut by the time she releases her next album which is usually when the floppage starts with pop princesses these days. The thing about Adele, whom I do enjoy, is that I don't even think she thinks her music should be lauded the way it is. Which might explain her attitude towards touring. I just think part of her is like 'I can't believe I'm winning album of the year for my middle of the road music'. Whereas Gaga, Swift, and Beyonce' all seem to feel entitled to the awards they get, Adele seems like she doesn't give a shit. I think she'd be fine touring small clubs, theaters, instead of arenas. I have never understood how someone can enjoy music like Adele's in a setting like that. It's like when I saw Tori Amos during her zenith at large scale venues and then saw her in a smaller theater years later. It was FAR more enjoyable. And you could tell she was FAR more comfortable in a setting like that. I'd much rather see Adele perform in an intimate setting, telling stories and jokes than having to listen to people scream Rolling in the Deep and spilling beer everywhere.
  18. I think Katy appears to be in her element here. This suits her better than a hosting gig. She’s easily one of the most intelligent pop stars currently out there right now. And it shows on AI. Good for her. Hopefully this will help her turn the page on the whole Witness era. Which will forever be one of the most underrated and under appreciated eras in pop music. Fuck the media and the general public for dragging her over the last year.
  19. Britney Spears thread

    She did some serious damage to her skin when she sleeping in tanning beds in the 90's and early 00's. Jesus. I remember when she first came out, she was ALWAYS SO TANNED. And in turn, so were dozens of girls I knew in H.S. Britney basically helped give skin cancer to a generation.
  20. Madonna was trolling Kylie and Britney by wearing those shirts. Not in a malicious way, but she was gently saying “you girls may be pop princesses, but I’m the mother fucking Queen” Britney was riding high on her Oops I Did It Again album and Kylie had released Spinning Around in June of that year which was massive in its own right. Then Madonna comes along with Music and just obliterated the pop “competition” once again. So yeah, Madonna can be even be considered a trailblazer in trolling.
  21. Well, he's rich. He's white. He got the best lawyers money could buy. I'm shocked he's even getting 7 years tbh. Scum or the lowest level. I hope he's 'taken care of' in prison.
  22. I was literally coming here to say the same thing. She was FIRE.
  23. Yeah I absolutely agree Britney WAS by FAR a better performer than Kylie. I mean, it was no contest. I'm not a fan of Britney's voice, but I do feel she knows how to use the thin voice she has. At least on her records she does. No one would know what her live singing voice even sounds like at this point. Kylie's voice has never really annoyed me. But I do think it's gotten worse with age. Especially on these last two songs.
  24. Paula obliterates todays pop princesses in 2 mins.

    Sweet God. I haven't watched that Vibeology performance in YEARS. It's actually worse than I remember. Those megaphones Atrocious. It is 'timeless' in the sense that people actually still do remember this shitshow.