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  1. I've had a shitty week. Nothing serious. Just one of those weeks. Not too mention the atrocities on the news and what's going on around our country. Her Instagram posts were such a light. A break. So fun. So sweet. I'd come home and watch her stories wth her kids. Watch her dance and sing, get up and do her thing. She's one of a kind. In a million ways.
  2. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Total Trump supporter.
  3. Happy to see she's going to start performing again. I'll take that as good news hopefully. Shes a total treasure. An underrated one at that. When she's gone, I guarantee her discography will be celebrated in ways it SHOULD have been while she was alive. She literally has THE perfect voice for pop music. I would just love if she put out one more pop album before she retires.
  4. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    Yes the Guinness record takes to another level! However, I do wonder what Music would've done digitally had it been released in 2005. Regardless, they're her defining hits of the 2000's
  5. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    You forgot Tomi Lahren.
  6. P!nk

    Oh I'd say that Katy went much further outside of her box than Pink did. Neither are really 'edgy' per se, but at least Katy succeeded with doing something different than she has for the past 10 years. Pink is 'fine' and will always be 'fine'. She's so inoffensive that it's offending.
  7. I personally don't MIND it. Def not towards the top of list of Madonna songs. But it CERTAINLY doesn't sound good playing in a club!
  8. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    72% of FEMALE Trump supporters would never change their mind? WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE WOMEN? Someone needs to sew their vaginas shut so they don't reproduce. The last thing we need is children being brought up by these women to idolize a man like this.
  9. I think he may be manic. I really do. Disgusting.
  10. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    I would say Hung Up and Music are on par in terms of global success. With Music perhaps edging out HU ever so slightly since it was absolutely MASSIVE here in the states.
  11. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    I adore that dress she wore during that performance. So Donna Summer yet so Madonna. I'd love for her to dive back into a disco themed album. Everyone talks about COAD being so disco this and disco that. I found it far more pop/dance than disco. There are so many different elements she could explore, advance, and heighten from the disco era that she didn't touch on COAD. And as said in here, there aren't any BAD performances of Hung Up from this era. She waited for future tours to butcher and dismember this glorious song.
  12. I remember back in 2004-ish when gay marriage banning was all the rage. I was 23 and still in school, there was a discussion at a table with a group of people and a girl, who was pretty religious, casually asked me why the gays just couldn't settle for civil unions and proceeded to tell me how gay marriage made her 'feel'. And how if gays settled for unions, then the MAJORITY of Americans could get on board. Da Fuq? How it makes YOU feel? Imagine how I FEEL. I'm a pretty calm dude and welcome debate and discussion, but that statement made my neck red and I was just appalled at this bitch trying to tell me how to feel about gay marriage. Are you fucking kidding me? You can walk down to the courthouse any 'ol time and get hitched while we actively have to deal with entire states banning a fundamental right from us. I try to always remember that moment when discussing race. While us white folks can stand side by side with those fighting racial inequality, we always have to remember that we're not the generals or commanders in this battle, we're foot soldiers.
  13. Dear Jessie can exit to the left from this list. Yikes. I was at Madonna-Rama at Berlin in Chciago for Market Days this past weekend and when that came on my friends looked at me like WTF. Overall, very solid list. Love that Hollywood was included as well as Bad Girl. Get Together should have been the SECOND single from COADF. With the right timing and promotion, could've been a minor hit here in the states.
  14. Actually, in some polls, it's ticked upwards ever so slightly. I'm not sure if the dates were prior to this meltdown, but still, they were taken during the insanity he was espousing at North Korea. His numbers will NOT go below 30%. He will retain about that much during the duration of his presidency. There is a large segment of this country who LOVE what he's saying about 'white power' and attacking the 'alt-left' Have we seen any kind of mass exodus of republicans abandoning him over this? Nope. Some still aren't even tweeting about him by name. It's tragic. And you can feel the exhaustion setting in amoung dems and the media. Hell, even I'm exhausted. Governing by dividing may very well be working in his favor to some extent.
  15. Madonna’s 12 Most Memorable Awards Show Performances

    What on earth is that Macklemore performance doing on that list? That entire performance was excrutiatingly bad. Not even Madonna could save that mess. And she wasn't even the worst part of it.
  16. What a backhanded birthday present. The takedown of Bedtime Story is particularly vicious and wildly unfair and inaccurate. A "flop" by commercial standards I can agree with, but embarrassing? Not even close. Can't this woman catch a break on her fucking birthday? My god.
  17. I'm just stunned by that press conference. Stunned and completely disgusted. I never thought I'd live to see the day a sitting U.S President can't forcefully condemn Nazi's, white supremacists, and anyone associated with them. It truly took my breath away.
  18. Spare me. You don't know me. You don't know the years I've spent working with local community organizations, volunteer organizations, and countless other advocacy groups INCLUDING the BLM movement which I applaud and have never spoken negatively about. You're not aware that I've actually taken the time to educate myself on these issues by attending local forums and discussion boards that deal with oppression, systemic racsism, and social injustice. And I can tell you this, no one that I've ever been around during these discussions have spoken about "warning us about white people" or uses the term "whitey" even in a sarcastic way. It's unnecessary and counterproductive. Am I perfect? No. But I'm intellectually curious enough to want to better myself with these issues and be the best best ally I can be with social injustice across the board. I am genuinely disgusted by the amount of casual racism and oppression from the MAJORITY of white people in the year 2017. Including people within my own social circle that I have and will continue to call out. I am genuinely disgusted that the MAJORITY of white people voted for a white nationalist who used a dog whistle to heard his neo nazi, racist deplorables to the polls. Your posts in this forum, especially regarding the situation in Syria, were intelligent and thought provoking and caused me to dig deeper into what was going on. As have many other posts from you in the past. I respect your point of view and actually look forward to your responses, but I'm not going to sit back and allow you to say I'm more disgusted by your words than the atrocities that occurre in Charlottesville. That couldn't further from the truth.
  19. Thank you. Some of the responses in here are disappointing to say the least. I'm right there with you when calling out this deplorable behavior. I'm anything but silent on these types of sitauations or any situation that has to do with discrimination of any kind.
  20. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Deeper and Deeper Erotica Rain
  21. Ke$ha

    I love Woman and Praying is nice, but overall, I'm not really impressed by the album at all. I find it repetitive and her voice is as grating as it's always been. But, Good for her that she's getting positive feedback and some minor success out of this era. She's been through a lot and deserves a break. But as harsh as this might sound, I think a lot of it is coming from a place of sympathy and had she released a proper follow up sooner, there's no way in hell everyone would be tripping over themselves to praise Kesha. She was never taken seriously and had flash in the pan written all over her. I doubt she'll be able to maintain this with future releases. Katy still takes the win for best mainstream female pop album this year.
  22. P!nk

    At those who said she wouldn't hit #1.
  23. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    The shade of it all.
  24. Katy Perry thread

    It's a fantastic song. I love just as much as I did when it came out.
  25. P!nk

    I like it. I'll probably start to enjoy it with more listens. I agree that it doesn't really GO anywhere. But it's Pink. Pink is Pink. All this talk that she's still 'doing the same thing' blah blah blah is kinda silly. Stevie Nicks has been doing the 'same thing' for over 40 years! I don't WANT Stevie to all of a sudden start doing disco or dance. Same with Pink. I've always just enjoyed her for what she does and who she is. At least she's consistent. And most improtantly, she's one of the least pretentious pop stars out there. I love how down to earth she is and how she's not constantly posting on social media. She pops up here and there with solid songs and that's that.