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  1. I know right? I'm right there with you. I HATE dissenting opinions from other forum members too. I mean, they're just wrong if they don't agree with me. SO WRONG. Like, if they don't agree that Vogue is the best Madonna song ever, I regularly wish death upon them. Oh, and they're stupid too. Like, so stupid.
  2. FUCK YES. I don't care what anyone says. I LOVE this video. There's some haunting and enchanting about it. And she's so gorgeous here it hurts.
  3. I absolutely adore this album. It's so lush and comforting and it's beatifully sequenced. This album was released in November so it always reminds me of the holiday season. I actually put it on when I'm decorating my house for Christmas lol. The repeat of I Want You is perplexing. As is One More Chance. Which is kind of like her Hey You of the 90's. But it's still a gorgeous collection nonetheless. I think she could've had 2 top 10s off of this album had I Want You been pushed and marketed better. You'll See was a pretty big hit for her so she had the right momentum. I remember hearing it everywhere at the time and it was very well liked by non Madonna fans. My mom and sister STILL love that song.
  4. YES. This tour is a marvel from start to finish.
  5. Watched it again and noticed both. Love seeing the nods to all of them in this.
  6. We make fun of "iconic" being tossed out there all the time, but that dress is TRULY the definition of iconic. It's Legendary. Madonna has given the VMAs some of the most memorable moments of its existence. Not only from a performance standpoint, but from a presenter and interview standpoint as well. And did so for over 20 years until they turned into the corporate run tween chasing cash cow they are today. Had she not done that Like A Virgin performance, not only would the trajectory of her own career be different, but the entire trajectory of the VMA's as well. She set the bar of what it means to be a pop star with this, male or female. Some say Madonna owes her career to MTV, I say it's the exact opposite. MTV owes a lot of their success to visionaries like Madonna who knew how to use visuals to draw people in. MTV was the one who couldn't get enough of Madonna. Are there any other VMA "artifacts" in that commercial besides Madonna's dress and the yellow anaconda from Britney's performance? I saw a floating guitar, but that could be anyone. For better or for worse, Britney has really been the only other female pop artist to leave any kind of lasting performance impression at this dismal award show. The "Oops" and Slave performances were easily the two best things she ever did.
  7. Shit song. Incredible performance. Amazing choreography. Still should've been substituted for Beautiful Killer.
  8. It's a terrible list. It's like they just threw the first Madonna album they thought of on it. Erotica, Music, and American Life would've been a much logical choice. How many Arianna Grande listening twinks have even heard of AL? Sit. Down.
  9. Album is being played. Love it. It's my pop album of the summer. It's been humid as hell here in Michigan and it goes perfect with those hot summer nights with some good wine.
  10. And they put "Push" as one of their "best" songs? Over Hung Up and Forbidden Love? Ashley Simpson and Mariah's latest on that list? Those shitty albums were BEHIND their times the second they released those bombs. And while I enjoy Stripped, there's nothing revolutionary about that album whatsoever FLOP list
  11. This performance is hypnotizing. Much like the song itself. Gorgeous in every single way. I'd love to see this make a a comeback on a future tour. Perhaps mashed up with Forbidden Love from Bedtime Stories.
  12. They FLOPPED again. Losers. They know it's a shitty bill and Trump not only doesn't care about healthcare, he doesn't know a fucking thing that's even in the bill. Which just makes them all the worst group of people on the planet. I hope they get slaughtered next year in the midterms. It'd be SO sweet to see that smug grin wiped off of Ryan, McConnell, and Trumps face.
  13. I just watched the video, which I haven't watched in forever, and I forget how much I loved it. Her dancing in it is ON FUCKING POINT. And the fact that she can, in my opinion, out dance Justin, who is half her age, is a testament to her skills as a dancer and the incredible shape she's in. And while this isn't a favorite song of mine, the amount of airplay she got from it kinda makes me sad that gems like Living For Love, Ghosttown and Bitch I'm Madonna were't the hits they should've and deserved to be.
  14. The live vocals from this performance are SO good. So raw and filled with the kind of emotion that only Madonna can deliver. Her energy here is off the charts. The bouncing and dancing and smiling. This is just classic 80's Madonna in every single way. Always brings a smile to my face.