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  1. Ray of Light (forever my #1) Bedtime Stories Music Confessions on a Dancefloor Rebel Heart Erotica Like a Prayer True Blue Like a Virgin Madonna Hard Candy American Life MDNA What's strange, is that in the last year or so, the earlier albums have actually moved UP on my list while AL and HC have moved down. It's not that I didn't enjoy or appreciate her earlier work, but something about the Rebel Heart era made me nostalgic for some 80's Madonna and I started to hear them in a completely different light. It was @jazzyjan who stated that Like A Virgin is on the same level as Thriller, and she's absolutely right. It's pure pop perfection.
  2. I Fucked Up is one of those songs that 'could've been'. In fact, It 'could've been' great on American Life. But the production is SO awful on MDNA. I mean, it's tragically awful. This song could probably come alive acoustically some day, but as it stands, it's a dirge and a bore on MDNA.
  3. I hope the term 'loser' is thrown around like candy at this son of a bitch. Because that's what he is, a fucking loser. These assholes control every single lever of government, have been SCREAMING about repealing this for 8 years, and the HOUSE actually HAS attempted to do so like 25 times. Yet, they can't do it. Why? Because they're scared as hell about taking healthcare away from millions of Americans. They just wanted to repeal Obamacare because of Obama. SAD!
  4. While Sky Fits Heaven, Skin, and To Have And Not To Hold are three of my absolute favorites from that album, I voted for Swim. I actually believe that Swim should've been the third single after ROL.
  5. Agree with all of this. I LOVE the production on those two songs. LOVE. I wish she would've ran with that sound for the entire record to be honest.
  6. Oh MDNA. I'll never forget the first time I listened to and halfway through I wanted it to end. That's never happened with a Madonna album. I think it's an astonishingly lazy album from her. The only song I go back to is Beautiful Killer and sometimes Love Spent. Easily at the bottom of my list of Madonna albums and one of the biggest musical disappointments of the decade for me.
  7. http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2017/03/23/trumpcare-vote-collapses-will-not-happen-tonight.html?via=mobile&source=copyurl Fucking losers. They control all of Washington and can't do what they're screaming about for nearly 10 years. It's been a great week.
  8. Madonna absolutely would have been the biggest YouTube star of her time. And I mean she would have mowed down peers such as Michael, Whitney, and George Michael. If anything, she would have caused THEM to step up their game when it came to visuals, with the exception of maybe Prince, who had a grasp on the artistic synergy between video and music. Mtv and Madonna did go hand and hand, that's indisputable. But while the majority of artists during that time were figuring out how to incorporate video into their songs, Madonna had it figured out and was MILES ahead of anyone else during the 80's and only got better in the 90's. There isn't any reason at all to think she wouldn't have been miles ahead of everyone else if YouTube had existed during her reign. Period.
  9. Inside of Me is one of the prettiest, softest, most tender songs she's ever done. It's stunning. I think if she wanted to go down the "safe" route when it came to singles off of this album, it should've gone like this. Secret Take A Bow Forbidden Love Don't Stop Inside of Me So yes, it's absolutely single worthy 😊
  10. BEAUTIFUL. I'm just so happy she chose to perform this. So happy. It's such a gorgeous, sweet, lyrically beautiful song that never seems to get the appreciation it deserves. I'm really hoping she does this in grand production form on the next tour.
  11. Don't Stop WOULD have made a fun single regardless of my personal feelings for it. I think it's one of the weaker tracks on the album, but when you look at what it's up against in terms of lyrics and vocals, it's not the fault of the song really. BS is a lush, lyrical adventure and I think DS just kind of stands out as that awkward Madonna song that's on all of her albums. Coming off of the success of TAB, it could've been the new Cherish or True Blue. Non fans that have heard it just love it.
  12. I mulled over Survival or Forbidden Love. I ended up going with FL only because I think it could've been this albums Rain after releasing the unconventional Human Nature and Bedtime Story. Plus, it was mainstream and very current at the time and Madonna's ballads were on fire in the 90's.
  13. OMG this is amazing! She's seriously one the BEST celebrities EVER. Love her.
  14. These FBI hearings are a beautiful thing to keep tabs on today. They shut down Trump's absurd wiretapping claims and confirmed there's an investigation into the whole Russia fiasco. The fact that Comey is so tight lipped about it makes me wonder if they really do have some concrete evidence on any dealings. Overall, it's a really bad day for Trump.
  15. Perhaps we can sit next to each other in class.