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  1. Mayor Pete is indeed a charming, intelligent, well spoken, and witty guy. He's adorable. I'm just not entirely sure he'd be able to go toe to toe with Trump - if he even comes close to winning the nomination. Obviously he could run circles around in him in policy but that's not what gets anyone elected anymore nationally. And this whole Biden as the Trump Slayer is just mind boggling. Don't get me started on that. I see him as a John Kerry/Hillary Clinton type already.
  2. Every reptile, mammal, amphibian, and insect on your continent fits that description, Jan.
  3. Why was a wild bird like this being ‘raised’ as a pet anyway? Why is this practice even legal? These are wild animals. They belong in the WILD. How many incidents like this need to happen for humans to understand this?
  4. Hillary was what a majority of us were prior to Election Day in 2016: Cocky and over confident. Because a majority of us couldn’t possibly imagine that a failed businessman and 3rd rate reality televion Star who pandered to the underbelly of American society could ever become president. You can’t fault her for that. Anyone going up against Donald Trump would’ve probably been the same way. But Hillary wasn’t exactly anyone. She had perceptions of her baked in. Just as he did. The biggest difference is that HIS supporters were rabidly loyalty and inspired by her. And he had more of them. And they came out in droves. Lets remember he only win by about 80,000 votes between two states. Mine (Michigan) being one of them. And let’s also remember ALL three of those states (MI, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) voted in democratic senators and governors in 2018. These are not red states. They’re very pragmatic, fluid states that bend with the political winds. The rust belt was willing to give Trump a chance. Depending on who the Dems put up in 2020, I’m not so sure these states are willing to do so again. Even despite a good economy.
  5. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nancy Pelosi, I have to say, I’m impressed with her grit and how masterfully she played Trump. Finally, after nearly 4 years of him plowing over his rivals with name calling and tweets and using the right wing media mega phone, he got beaten BADLY and out maneuvered beautifully by her. She is having none of this guys bullshit and has proven to be the only person to make him look like the sniveling, thin skinned, loser that he is. I’m looking forward to seeing how their dynamic plays out while she’s Speaker. So far so good, Nancy. You keep dog walking that motherfucker.
  6. Nah. The Republican base is completely wrapped around his fingers. He rules them with an iron fist. They’re terrified of crossing him because they’ll more than likely garner a primary opponent in their next election. Or face his wrath on Twitter. I was naive to think his own party would keep him in check legislatively. Not even a little bit have they quelled this monsters impulsive and wreak-less behavior. If anything, there are those in congress who fan his worst tendencies. It’s a fantasy to think Mueller’s report will be this saving grace and all of sudden get republicans to grasp their pearls. If they haven’t done it by now, nothing is going to turn the tide.
  7. Jesus CHRIST. What a cheap piece of political theater. You’re telling me there wasn’t a single restaurant, catering business, or chef that would’ve gladly obliged to feeding a sports team visiting the White House? And the way he says he had to pay of this on his own. Despicable and disgusting. Every single week it’s a new low.
  8. I wish the democrats would be a little more jubilant with their wins last week. The whining that they didn't run the tables in every race is ridiculous. They were NEVER going to have a blowout election with the cult like mentality Trump supporters. They believe EVERYTHING and ANYTHING he says and will vote for whomever he tells them to vote for even if it means voting against their own personal interests. I get the losses in Florida, Georgia, and Texas were quite painful. I was pretty disappointed that Stacey Abrams, Beto O'Rourke, and Andrew Gillum lost. But taking back the house by almost 40 seats and winning back 7 governorship's is nothing to sulk about. Plus, Dem's are sending over ONE HUNDRED WOMEN to the U.S House. That's HUGE. On top of the diversity that was elected and the ballot proposals that won, I'm cautiously optimistic that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he can be defeated in 2 years. Plus, how glorious it will be to see Nancy Pelosi sitting directly behind that piece of shit during the next State of The Union address in January.
  9. We have a sitting U.S President that's calling a porn star he allegedly had an affair with, Horseface, on Twitter. Let that sink in for a second.
  10. He did. He sounded like a modern day Trumpian Republican and was giving a performance aimed at ONE crowd and one crowd only: Fox News and Trump himself. And he succeeded in a spectacular fashion. After this pitiful, whiny, performance, what happened? Every single MAN on that judiciary committee RUSHED to his side. Defended him. Lashed out at the Democrats. Screamed and stomped their feet. He set the tone and they fell in line. It was a disgusting display of patriarchal domination and white male rage that will probably get him on the Supreme Court. They WANT him on the Court now more than ever. Because he will have an ax to grind. He will move so far to the right on ANY and EVERY progressive cause brought before him. It's a horrifying prospect.
  11. He's a beautiful human being. The attacks on him are absolutely disgraceful. I never in my life thought I'd witness such outward racism towards someone that's played out on a national stage. That's PERPETUATED and ENCOURAGED by a sitting U.S President. I hang my head in shame lower and lower every day with what is going on in this country.
  12. It was also predicted that Hillary was going to win. We all know how accurate that was.
  13. Trust me, the majority of us are embarrassed beyond words at the state of our country. And I don't see a way out of this mess any time soon. Impeaching Trump or voting him out in 2020 won't solve anything. This political tribalism on the right that encourages and promotes racism, sexism, and nationalism is going to be with us long after he's gone. I always said that electing him would open up a Pandora's Box of bullshit that we wouldn't be able to stomp out for at least a generation. It's worse than I ever imagined.
  14. Oh you should see my social media feed. It’s simply incredible how upset people are over this. The blatant racism coming from people I’ve known for years is breathtaking.
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