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  1. Disappointing. But, Blondie will still forever remain one of my favorite bands. Their music is bigger than anything Debbie will say about Madonna. It's always been perplexing to me that Debbie has alluded to Madonna 'stealing her career' or whatever it is. Blondie and Debbie were never pop or dance. They started out as a punk band and have remained fairly true to their roots since their inception. Madonna never tried to be anything like Blondie or Debbie Harry. Not even a little. And regarding Annie Lennox, I think we're splitting hairs with this one. I didn't take Annie's interview as a slam towards Madonna. I took as more as Annie saying that Madonna does her thing, and she does hers.
  2. I'm sorry, but Britney has absolutely NO place on ANY list of tours unless it's the top 10 best lip syncing concerts.
  3. Yes. Yes. This. It's who he always was. It's who THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. All of those suburban and exurban 90's teens who borrowed from black culture for an entire decade have reverted back to their true form. All of those hillbilly teens who were jamming to the Chronic and Doggiestyle, tinting their windows, stuffing their trunks with speakers, and wearing Starter jackets only did it because it was 'cool' at the time. Now, they're all jamming to country music with confederate flags waving out of their rusty pick up trucks and drinking bud light in their garage, talking about wild conspiracy theories pertaining to our Kenyan Muslim former president. It's sickening.
  4. I'm not kissing her ass. I've seen her live twice and she's an electrifying performer. End of. Name another mainstream pop artist in the last 10 years who's on her level of live performances. Is she the 'OMG BEST EVER!' No, I never said that. But she clearly is someone who takes performing on stage seriously, unlike most of her lazy ass peers. But yes, despite my personal feelings on her as a live performer, her music and albums are criminally overrated. The biggest travesty on this list is the having that asshole Taylor Swift on it. She has absolutely NO place on a list with Aretha, Madonna, the Stones, and the rest of those legends. If her shit voice and clumsy choreography are being rewarded, then I'm gonna hate to see who makes this list in another 40 years.
  5. It's in chronological order lol. I made the same mistake.
  6. Yeah, I'd throw one of Janet's tours on there. The Velvet Rope tour really was fantastic. In my opinion, she was at her best during this tour. I think she was a little shaky on the Rhythm tour. Opinions of Beyonce aside, she's one of the best live performers of this shitty generation. the Formation tour absolutely deserves to be on that list.
  7. There isn't a leader for the Dems right now. And yes, it's a total side effect of our political system after the other side loses. Same thing happened with the Repugs in 2008 and 12. Only they roared back to life in the 2010 midterms after everyone had written their obituary. Same things are being said about the Dems. That they're toast. Gone. Done. Insignificant. On their last breath. You name it. But yes, right now, the Dems are in pretty dire straits. From both a leadership standpoint and a bench to pull from. You've got Bernie out there, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, and Jerry Brown all rattling the cages and making noise, But none of them are the de facto leader in any way. They're all obviously jockeying for front runner in 2020. Except maybe Brown who's like 80. I can't complain too much about the Dems though. For being as far in the minority as they are, they're holding their own. It helps that the Repugs have mastered the art being a circular firing squad on each other though. They're dealing with their own dysfunction. Everything is a complete mess right now in our political system. I've been a political junkie for almost 20 years and I've never witnessed the shitstorm we're in. Something's gonna break. Something bad and it's gonna happen sooner rather than later.
  8. I thought it was listed in order and started twitching lol. This list really the shows how depleted we are when it comes to raw, live talent anymore. It's like someone just said 'Shit, we need at least one more from this dismal decade of music. Let's throw 1989 in there' Utter bullshit. She has no place on this list of legends. And I strongly believe that DWT should have been on this list. That show was ahead of it's time once again when it came out. Steps above the rest of the bubblegum pop concerts that were littering stadiums.
  9. Yeah, I don't have a problem with the setlist per se'. I just wish she would've added 3-4 more songs. And I'm not asking for more hits at all. I wanted more from Erotica. Waiting, Words, Thief of Hearts, Bad Girl. As for Like A Wirgin. It's not my fave. I appreciate the artistic quality of it, I really do. It was a bold performance that only Madonna can pull off, but it's just not my cup of tea.
  10. WHAT a great list of albums from that year. Annie, Tori, Dr. Dre and REM. Just another example of a magical decade of music. Erotica. I was 12 years old when this album came out and ordered it through Columbia House (remember that?!) because there's no way in hell my parents would let me purchase it at the store. And it scared the shit out of me at first listen. Like, truly. In the same way that a horror movie did. Where was Into the Groove? Holiday? Cherish? I was just too young to wrap my head around it. Vogue was my favorite song from her and I used to dance to the entire routine with my sister in our basement, but this album didn't have a Vouge. It didn't have the euphoria that made me fall in love with Madonna as kid growing up in the 80's. So I shelved it. I came back to the album after Bedtime Stories, when I was around 14 or 15. And then it clicked. The themes. The mood. The lyrics. All of it was everything I needed as a confused, closeted, gay boy growing up in rural America. Deeper and Deeper became my Live To Tell of the 90's. Secret Garden enveloped me in comfort. Waiting became my FUCK YOU song to the bullies I dealt with middle school. I finally GOT what Madonna was doing with this album. And I loved every single aspect of it. This ranking is so well deserved and the write up is exquisite. Many say LAP was the album that elevated her from a pop star to an artist, and it did of course, but this is the album that truly took her to places NO pop star had ever DARED to go. No one ever had the audacity to talk about, sing about, write about, or let ALONE release an entire album about what she did with Erotica. When grunge had taken over the musical landscape in 1992, Madonna proved she was going ANYWHERE with this album and still forced the world to talk about her. Had she just released something safe and poppy, she may not have survived the shifting cultural landscape. This woman proved she had balls the size of church bells by releasing this. I love that this album is getting a fresh look after all these years. Took them long enough. ALL HAIL EROTICA.
  11. She's really not even worth getting worked up over at this point. She voted for Jill Stein? She supported Bernie Sanders? Look, everyone is entitled to their political views and has the right to vote for whomever they choose. I take no issue with that. Hell, I supported Bernie over Hillary and stuck my nose up when I went into the voting booth last November. But we don't need to get into that in this thread..... But for this bitch to sit on top of her mangy fucking high horse and preach about feminism and blah blah fucking blah, then turn around and NOT support women like Madonna and Hillary, who have fought the white male establishment EVERY GOD DAMN STEP OF THE WAY, makes her just a devoid, hollow, merit-less, talking head. How she's given a platform anymore is beyond me. She honestly makes me sick with her hypocrisy and blatant ignorance for everything Madonna has stood for more than 30 years. Educate yourself, darling. Educate yourself.
  12. I don't want her to work with Leonard again. I don't want the beauty they created together in the past tainted by the certain knit picking we would hear. The constant comparisons to their past work. There are countless other current producers that would be totally acceptable and exciting to see Madonna work with. I just don't see the point in her going back to him. It's why I wish she would've left Orbit in the ROL era. I enjoy what he did on Music & MDNA but it's not even close to the magic they created on ROL.
  13. OHHHHHH Ok. My bad. I read it as from the 1990's. Carry on.