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  1. Madonna is working on new music.

    Orbit took her to place of seriousness and prestige in the music industry. Mirwais took her to place of pure and total “coolness”. Music, in my opinion, was Madonna at a higher peak than the ROL era. EVERYBODY loved that song. While I prefer ROL, DTM and the title track were arguably bigger hits than anything off of ROL. At least here in the U.S. The production on Music and AL are pristine and crystal clear. If she can make another album with him in which he brings out the kind of creativity he did with those two, sign me the fuck up. I’ll take an I’m So Stupid with Mirwais over a Spanish Lesson with Pharrell any day of the week.
  2. My dream is to hear Rescue Me live. But I just don't think she'll ever do it. Realistically, it's I'll Remember. A song that I DO think she'll perform on a future tour. And for whatever reason, I'm kind of hoping she does American Pie. I think it'd be such a fun singalong.
  3. Madonna on VH1's Divas Live

    Yeah the first year with Celine, Aretha, Mariah, Shania, and Gloria was pretty epic. Cheesy, sure. But the duets were put together very well and the song choices were perfect for their respective voices. I couldn’t even tell you who was on the second one. They all started to blend together into one giant shit stain with ridiculous “guest stars”, atrocious picks for divas, and some of the worst duets ever put together. And some their picks for divas were just downright laughable Jewel? Jessica Simpson?! Madonna was never suited for a show like this. Ever. She’s too big and would over shadow everyone else on stage. God. Can you even imagine Madonna on stage with Carol King and her overly emotive expressions singing “You Got A Friend”? No fucking thank you.
  4. 1. Vogue (Always) 2. Borderline 3. Deeper & Deeper 4. The Power of Goodbye 5. I’ll Remember 6. Music 7. Rain 8. Get Together 9. Express Yourself 10. Secret
  5. That performance of Everybody was EVERYTHING. And only Madonna would have to sneak in I Love New York into the setlist. Deeper and Deeper would've been such a great inclusion instead of that train wreak.
  6. NPR: The 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women

    NPR is National Public Radio which reaches a pretty massive audience in the U.S. Just shy of 15 million people and serves as a national syndicator to a network of over 1000 public radio stations. So it's not exactly obscure by any stretch of imagination. Yes. To all of this. Madonna should be in the top top on any and every list that pertains to pop music. Period. There wouldn't be a Lemonade or 1989 without her contributions to the genre. It's unspeakable that there's an entire generation that seems willfully blind to Madonna's entire career. But as Jan said, half of this can be traced back to the complete disregard of her immense back catalog. And as much as I hate to say it, much of the blame can be pinned squarely on Madonna herself for slagging her own discography for the better part of two decades, not performing well known classics, and not embracing the hits that made her the star she is. I'm not going to turn this into another discussion about how arrogant and foolish it is to not have been releasing reissues or anniversary editions of some of the best pop records of all time, but I think we can see that some of these chickens are coming home to roost. Artists like Tori Amos, Garbage, Stevie Nicks have ALL been on top of celebrating their discography for years now. They've been keeping their 'base' happy. And instead of discussing how incredible the 20th anniversary edition of ROL this year, there's a thread of 10 fucking pages of Michael Jackson vs. Madonna.
  7. NPR: The 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women

    I was just coming to make a thread about this list. What an abominable mess. The fact that Taylor Swift is listed FOUR times says a lot about the dire state of music right now. FOUR TIMES. And with Reputation being at number 19? Just tragic. Her fans remind me of Trump supporters in the fact they eat up ANYTHING she puts out and rave about it as being BRILLIANT. She can literally do no wrong to them. The silver lining in this list is the fact that Tori Amos is listed four times here. That makes me smile. I loved seeing Little Earthquakes in the top 10 and love that she seems to moving into legend status with so many publications as of late. As for Madonna not even being in the top 50? It's inexcusable. The fact that READERS voted for these albums and not a single one from the most famous female pop star of all time is pretty telling.
  8. The imagery this song conjures is just magnificent. It's so achingly gorgeous. I can't imagine ROL without it and it ends the album perfectly. That all being said, I rarely listen to it. It's just so uniquely personal that I almost feel uncomfortable listening to it. It's the same thing with Tori Amo's Me And A Gun.
  9. What song would you love Madonna to cover ?

    I tried thinking of a Tori song for her to cover but nothing seemed to fit. Girl would be great tho. Maybe Raspberry Swirl.
  10. What song would you love Madonna to cover ?

    This might be a weird one, but I always thought she could do a killer rendition of Celebrity Skin by Hole. Lyrically, it reminds me a little of a Madonna song. Maybe because it's lyrically similar to Hollywood. I thought a mashup of those songs would be great on tour. Or at least a snippet of Celebrity Skin... 'Wilted and faded somewhere in HOLLYWOOD' I think she could also do a beautiful version of Patti Smith's Because The Night with the right arraignment and if she sang it all in her lower octave.
  11. Madonna Rewind: Beautiful Stranger

    I absolutely remember straight guys commenting on how hot she was when the video came out. It was when the term MILF came out of the movie American Pie and they were calling her that left and right. The song itself is pure JOY. When I had the DJ play this at my wedding, I was SHOCKED how fast the dance floor filled up and by how many people knew the lyrics. Young AND older. It was heartwarming. I sometimes forget how big this song really was in the summer of 99. Shameful she hasn't performed it on a tour since DWT.
  12. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    I'm hoping for Candy Shop.
  13. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    I can't believe this thread has gone on for 6 pages questioning if MJ as big of a star as Madonna. Apparently there's also alternative facts when it comes to pop music as well.
  14. Beth Gibbons voice is haunting. It just pierces through the speakers. Stops you in your tracks. Dummy is one of the best albums of the 90s.