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  1. I love Physical Attraction, but I gotta go with Everybody. That song deserved to be a top 10.
  2. What kind of travesty is this to not have Like A Prayer in this group? Blasphemy. Vogue. Hands down. I agree that Holiday, Like A Virgin, Like A Prayer, and possibly Music are all in the upper echelons or pop culture and music royalty, none of them take your breath away within the first couple seconds like Vogue does. EVERY SINGLE TIME that song gets played at a wedding, party, club, the room just stops. The pose. The fashion. The Look, The lyrics 'strike a pose' and 'let your body move to the music' just transcend generations in ways her other songs don't. You'll hear an 80 year old woman say 'strike a pose' vs anything else from her catalog. It's the most definitive song she's ever done. Period.
  3. I agree with those commenting on the production. Or lack there of. It needs more of a. OOMPH to it. Still. She's bucked the pop diva curse that's been trending over the last few years and opened her new era with a bonafied hit right out of he gate.
  4. As for the video. I adore it. It's perfect in every single way. Sadly though, I think much of the symbolism and cultural digs it makes will go right over the heads of the people she's trying to reach.
  5. Agree. I love Rihanna but she seemed to stop enjoying herself over the last few years. While I appreciate Anti for its maturity, it drags on after a while. She hasn't put out anything full on fun pop in years.
  6. And this is exactly what I think of when a female Trump supporter comes to mind..... They probably never purchased a piece of Ivanka's shitty clothing line anyway.
  7. Forget about it being a single or on the main album, it should have been on the mother fucking TOUR. It SHOULD have replaced Revolver in the first segment. Such a shame it wasn't included. As for people hating on MDNA after it was a 'flop', that's bullshit. Sure people raved about it when it came out, but we had a 4 year Madonna drought and were coming off of the high of the Super Bowl. I played the hell out of the album for about a week until I realized how sloppy, incoherent, and poorly produced it was. And I instantly hated Some Girls, I Don't Give A, Girl Gone Wild, Superstar, Best Friend, and I Fucked Up. Which has never happened with a Madonna album. Oh well, one blip in a 35 year career is forgivable. She more than made up for it with the Rebel Heart era.
  8. I think it's probably the most iconic and memorable television performance she's had since the Confessions era. At least in terms of the general public knowing it. And it's one of the most important performances of her career in my opinion. Anyone and everyone who's watched her fall VOCALLY cringes when they see it unfold. I mean, that looked like one hell of a tumble. And for a 56 year old woman to get up, brush her self off, and literally keep going without missing much of a beat is a testament of how fucking hard she works at everything she does. She's a god damn machine.
  9. I love her to pieces but she didn't deserve Album of the Year. Of the choices in that category, Beyoncé easily made the most interesting and complex.
  10. What a complete and total disaster. Mic wasn't on, lyrics were forgotten, they weren't in sync, she appeared to trip. Sloppiness at its worst.
  11. I wasn't a fan of that Grammy performance. While it was visually appealing, it was lacking from a song standpoint. It just didn't go anywhere and had far too much spoken word gibberish. The whole thing was just such a self indulgent dirge.
  12. I adored that Grammy performance! She's really maturing into one hell of a pop artist. The symbolism of the white picket fence was striking.
  13. Katy has been around for 10 years now. 10 years is a lifetime in pop culture and especially in pop music There's NO WAY she can replicate the success of Teenage Dream. That album will go down as one of the most defining pop albums of her generation. It's a True Blue, Thriller, Purple Rain. The fact that Prism was AS big as it was is a feat in its own right. This song should hit the top 10. She may get another one or two from this era. But her days of slamming out 5 #1's in a row are gone.
  14. While I agree that this lacks the instant punch from her previous lead singles, there's a maturity about it that showcases her ear for pop music. Which I think Katy understands more than any other pop artist probably since Madonna. If the rest of the album is like this, then count me as very excited.