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  1. Well-known Bands/Singers covering Madonna's songs

    I love when Tori Amos covers Madonna. She clearly loves the woman. I’d DIE to hear her cover TUTBMP, Oh Father, Rain, or WIFLFAG.
  2. Erotica or True Blue?

    True Blue. Easily. What she did with Erotica as an era is one of the most important moments of her entire career. But what she did with with True Blue remains one of the most iconic and defining moments in all of pop culture.
  3. Kylie Minogue thread

    Her Christmas album is fucking great. I have no shame in my love for it. Oh Santa is on repeat while I decorate the tree. I don’t think she cares about charts anymore. She’s not gonna have hits like she used too anyway so why should she bother. I hope she just puts out a mindless pop record that’s fun to burn the dance floor up with.
  4. Paris Hilton working on a new album

    I loved her poor mans version of The Tide Is High by Blondie. Stars Are Blind was a fun jam. But she’s so deplorable. She ushered in the worst kind of “stars” with her shameless narcissm. I was in college during her sickening tabloid reign. The girls who mimicked her were terrible, but the gay twinks were even worst.
  5. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    I’m not the biggest Christina fan, but it wasn’t the disaster that people are making it out to be. It was fine. Nothing special. She looks great, minus the lips, and sounded like, well, Christina. I can’t believe she’s still trying so hard with her vocals. You would think after almost 20 years she’d tone it down and stop trying to prove she can sing. We get it, you have a voice. One of the best things she’s done in recent years is that Say Something song where she actually sounded restrained.
  6. I appreciate Dear Jessie, but I just personally have never been able to “get into it” Intervention is one of those songs I can’t listen to regularly. It’s just too heavy. Kind of like Oh Father. Gorgeous pieces of music, but certainly not feel good singalongs. Supetstar is easily one of the worst things she’s ever done. Ever. And then there’s Little Star. God I love this song. The lush production is so soothing and warm. Her vocals are soft and sweet. And I find the lyrics so sincere. I find it shocking when people say they’d cut this from the album. I’ve always thought it was the perfect lead in to Mer-Girl.
  7. I guess I didn’t know there was an actual petition 😂 We could sign and send her dump trucks of petitions, but this ain’t gonna happen. Tori Amos announced a 20th anniversary edition of From The Choirgirl Hotel months ago. Unless she’d plan a late 2018 release, this is just a fantasy. I’ll add that Tori has released anniversary editions of every album of hers from 1992-1998. They’re fucking great. B-sides, rarities, remastering. Madonna should sit down with her and take notes as to how to acknowledge ones discography.
  8. Bad Girl or Angel????

    Angel is perfection. Should’ve been another #1. It’s criminally underrated and neglected by both Madonna and, well, everyone. Bad Girl is another forgotten gem of hers. But I wouldn’t put it on par with Angel. The video is really what made that song as special as it is. So, Team Angel here. 🙌🏼
  9. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    That tweet 😑
  10. Taylor Swift thread

    Swift and Gaga are two of the worst pop stars to ever exist. Both play the vicim card while simultaneously trying to act like these empowering feminists. They come across as bully's, bitches, and mean girls with the constant need to address every insult lobbed at them. Just like our current 'President'. It's tiring and trite, not too mention unimaginably immature. The only only thing these two teach young girls (and twinks) is that it's A-ok to be mean, finger waving blowhard as long as they're the one who 'started it'. I have zero respect for them. I mean, can you IMAGINE if Madonna addressed EVERY single insult she's had thrown at her during her career? She doesn't. Which is why she stands out one of the classiest acts around. She didn't even take the bait from the foamed mouth porker, Elton John. And I'm sure that took a lot. As for the album? I don't think it's BAD by any means. There's a few songs on there I may return back to. But it's nothing special. And it certainly doesn't warrant the kind of reviews I've been reading. I find it tragic that she's getting these kind of accolades for being such a great 'songwriter'. Are you fucking kidding me? Taylor Swift? When you write about petty tabloid squabbles, that doesn't make you a poet, it makes a self absorbed narcissist. And this country just eats it up.
  11. This song You'd have to be inhuman not bop to it and at least enjoy it for what it is. Sure, it's not a pop masterpiece like some of her songs, but it sure is fucking fun live. Even non fans love it live. When I first heard it, I LIKED it. But after Madonna seemed to adopt as the #1 song from Hard Card she never had and performed for THREE of her world tours, I now proudly can say I LOVE THIS SONG.
  12. Like A Virgin - 33rd Anniversary!

    I've grown to love this album more and more over the years. It now ranks in my top 5 favorite Madonna albums of all time. The photos and videos are some of the most iconic imagery ever created by a pop artist and the songs rank as some of the best and most important pieces of music created in the last 100 years. Every pop act, male and female, has used this album as a stepping stone for their careers. We wouldn't have some of the current pop acts without this masterpiece.
  13. Taylor Swift thread

    To all of those suddenly praising this narcissistic mess of an album.
  14. Well this is unexpected. But so well deserved. I remember watching this performance vividly as a teenager. I wasn't expecting a performance like this from Madonna at the time. And I remember even my mom was impressed with her voice. I've always loved everything about this. You could not ESCAPE this song in late 94/early 95 in the states.
  15. Jennifer Lopez thread 🌶

    This should’ve been HUGE. I couldn’t get enough of this when it came out.