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  1. The chest thumping from Trump and his party over all of this is sickening. The fake patriotism and flag hugging from these deplorable's who are willing to sacrifice American lives in the name of FREEDOM (!!) is same kind of spin that was used in the build up to the Iraq War. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. PRAY FOR AMERICA. THEY RISK THEIR LIVES SO YOU CAN HAVE FREEDOM. It's all so sad and predictable. Having Bush in charge of another conflict in the Middle East was dangerous and horrifying enough. Having Trump in charge of one is downright apocalyptic.
  2. Good. Beto may have been a fantastic Senate candidate against a shit stain like Cruz in Texas, but he was a horrendous presidential candidate and came across as an arrogant, entitled, tool. Good riddance.
  3. This idea that Bernie and Bernie alone is some kind of national savior and will magically fix all of the rot that's been plaguing our country for decades is just laughable. The president is not a king, as Trump is finding out. It's kind of like when Obama was running around chanting YES WE CAN and HOPE AND CHANGE and so many people thought he'd get into office and republicans would just throw their hands in the air and say 'OH YOU MADE US HOPE AGAIN! WE'LL WORK WITH YOU!' It doesn't work like that. What Bernie has done (brilliantly) is give this fake hope and change bullshit to so many of his followers that they won't settle for anything less than him and they believe that HE and HE ALONE can make things normal and better again. As a sitting U.S Senator, he should know better than that and it's grossly misleading of him to run a campaign as a false prophet who promises the world to his followers. I'd trust a billionaire like Bloomberg over a politician like Bernie any day of the week. And at the end of the day, that's exactly what Bernie is. A politician who wants to win a race he felt was stolen from him by the DNC back in 2016.
  4. He probably won't. I can see some third party candidate siphoning enough votes away to let him squeak by again with 40-45% of the vote and win the states narrowly enough again to hit 270 in the electoral college. Plus can you honestly see anyone on that stage taking it straight to The Donald? Yeah, exactly. And as long as the Dems continue their absurd purity test in the primary and allow the likes of AOC and her insufferable Squad to lead their party with moronic ideas like the Green New Deal gun buybacks, eliminating the private healthcare system. and giving free everything for everyone, they'll lose. And lose BIGLY as Trump would say.
  5. I think she trolls and emasculates him so brilliantly. She REALLY gets under his skin and seems to be the only person that genuinely knows how to outmaneuver him. I’m aware she’s not a favorite of some on the far left but I think she’s the ONLY one we have right now that’s keeping him somewhat in check. I just can’t imagine another politician in the House who could lead the Dems as shrewdly as she does.
  6. Well apparently he's still going to make the debate next week. He's too old. Period. 79 years old if he wins on inauguration day. 88 years old if he makes a full 8 years. Sorry, there's nothing ageist about saying that. Most people are long retired at that age or have cut back considerably at their jobs regardless of what occupation they have. Even Carter, who's like 95, said he couldn't have done his job properly as president when he was in his 80's.
  7. Except she didn't win. She lost. And she lost because she ran an inept campaign. And 'no reason to believe she lost those states'? Are you kidding me? Michael Moore was screaming at the top of his lungs in JULY that she was on track to lose Michigan. Bernie WON Michigan in probably the biggest upset of the Dem primary. That ALONE should've set alarm bells screaming inside of the Clinton campaign. Christ, Slick Willie was even saying GET TO MICHIGAN which is why a cavalry of Dem heavyweights (The Obamas, Bill Clinton, and Hillary herself) all descended into Michigan just days before the election. And where was she the EVENING before the election? IN PHILADELPHIA! As if that city was in any danger of flipping to red. I mean, c'mon. I'm well aware of the outside factors that CONTRIBUTED to her loss, but when it's all said and done, had Clinton CAMPAIGNED in the right states, with the right message, it would've been HER that eked out a narrow margin in PA, MI, and WI.
  8. I agree with 90% of this. Very, very, very well said. I throw my head back in laughter when people say Bernie would've beat Trump. Not a chance. Not only would he have lost PA, MI, and WI. But I believe he would've lost Minnesota, New Hampshire, and possibly Nevada. What I DO NOT agree with is that Hillary ran a solid campaign operation. That is just not true. While Hillary was wining and dining in LA and NYC doing posh fundraisers with those big, bad, 'elite' big donors, Trump was a road warrior holding his fascist 'concerts' for his band of deplorable's EVERY SINGLE DAY. Say what you will about him, but the guy campaigned HARD in the 3 states he flipped to become president. I knew many of the field managers who worked in various parts of Michigan who were LIVID with the Clinton campaign and at the lack of attention she was giving my state. I make a 3 hour drive north, to Saginaw, to see my family every 6 weeks. The last hour and half is basically though farm country and never in MY LIFE had I seen so many yard signs during an election year. For anyone. Ever. All Trump. And if this is how rural Michigan was, I can imagine it was exactly how the rest of the rural Mid-West was. It was in mid October of that year, when the signs became more plentiful, that something hit me and for the first time I thought 'Shit, she's gonna lose this thing.' It was a negligence and arrogance of a special kind to not campaign harder in the Mid-West and instead, direct resources to Arizona, North Carolina, and even Georgia I think. She should've been listening to campaign managers in the states she lost instead of campaigning in the Sun Belt. Especially considering the margins she lost by in those 3 states.
  9. Hillary was an atrocity. We can agree there. I’ve said for years that it took work to lose to a buffoon like Trump. Her campaign was astonishingly lazy, arrogant, and aloof. I didn’t vote for her in the Michigan primary - which ended up going to Bernie in an big upset and should’ve been a harbinger to the Clinton campaign. But Trump was the absolute last choice Republicans wanted as their nominee and they almost abandoned him entirely after PussyGate happened. But you know what? They still held their nose and voted for him. En masse. And to say his xenophobic and racist rhetoric didn’t garner him votes is foolish. That rhetoric is endearing and appreciated by many of his supporters who view it as “telling it like it is”. Democrats (especially Bernie supporters) threw a tantrum, bitched, claimed everything was rigged, and put their middle finger up to big, bad, war loving HRC. Who despite her MANY faults, would’ve been better than the ongoing freak show we have right now. Republicans win because they show up. Democrats lose because they’re far too interested in purity. And I see it happening all over again in 2020
  10. I've watched these two 'woke' liberals and find them to be completely insufferable They're so far up Bernie's ass that they can't see straight. The whole idea Bernie would've won in 2016 is laughable. Trump won because he used xenophobia and racism to lite an inferno underneath the white working class who have been made to believe by Fox News that the browns and blacks have ruined our country. Bernie wanted to give away free stuff. These people didn't want free shit from a socialist. They wanted to burn down the entire system and wanted Trump to do it.
  11. This is absolutely accurate. I suppose my hope was a pipe dream. What I truly wanted to happen in 2020 is for someone to beat him so decisively and resoundingly that there wasn't a shadow of a doubt the American people were tired of his bullshit. But despite everything, he has continued to prove himself so severely unfit for the job of the presidency that Congress truly has no choice at this point. I just continue to hang my head in shame for how far he's dragged this country into the mud.
  12. Personally, no I don't. It'll galvanize Trumps rabid supporters and maybe even put some soft republicans back in his corner going into the election. It will also galvanize the other side, but republicans notoriously vote more consistently than democrats do so all of this could very well give him another term. Pelosi KNEW how risky this was which is why she's held out on doing anything for the last year. She's shrewd. She knows how divisive this will be. She knows the votes aren't there in the senate. And she knows ultimately, it's a fools errand. SHOULD he be impeached? Abso-fucking-lutely. He should be forcefully removed from office. He's been a unmitigated disaster on so many fronts and has blatantly lied so many times that the press can't even keep track anymore. It's caused a lot of us to just tune him out completely. However, it does send a message that the U.S Congress WILL act if you intentionally lie or deceive or commit fucking TREASON. So it's a necessary step. I just think it's going to cause an inferno between the two political parties of which none of us have ever seen. We're going to look back at 2016 as the good 'ol days compared to what the 2020 election is going to be.
  13. Once again, his supporters see this as: STANDING UP TO THE ELITES. SAYING IT LIKE IT IS. PUTTING AMERICA FIRST. They just run to his corner when he does shit like this. I agree that if he were to keel over from a heart attack from gorging on fast food his whole life that I wouldn't shed a fucking tear.
  14. I think he's gonna squeak by again with less than 40% of the vote regardless of who the dems put up or where the economy goes. His team is already screaming FAKE NEWS and placing blame on China, the media, the dems, immigrants, and your grandmother when it comes to any recession that may come. And it'll work. His cult will proudly follow him into the pits of hell and believe every word he says while doing so. A lot of people laughed at the notion of Oprah running for president, and she's certainly not my first choice. But in terms of sheer media domination, she's the ONLY one who can suck the air out of the room he's in. He needs the media. It's his oxygen. Without them, he'll wither up and die. And as far as I'm concerned, no one else can come close to do eclipsing him on that front. I don't care if she's another celebrity. She can win. And at this point, I just want beat him and his followers and salt the earth after the victory.
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