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  1. Indie? Latin pop? RAP? 😂 Oh man. I'm curious as to what she does next tho. I hope it's something similar to Telepathy. That sound suits her SO well.
  2. So the republican who assaulted that reporter in Montana won last night. Just another indication and more proof that republicans really don't give a shit who they vote into office as long as it's not a democrat. Which is horrifying for BOTH parties. Tragic for republicans because Trump really has changed the game as to who can run for office. Basically, you can beat people up, sexually assault them and be completely open about your misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and STILL win. YOU CAN STILL WIN! This is a terrifying notion in American politics right now. I mean, I know it was always there with the far right, but the fact that there's now enough of a majority to elect individuals who lack any kind of moral compass is just frightening to me. And the democrats.... They've got to figure out how to reach the portion of these so-called white working class voters who simply want to be heard and stop looking down their noses at them. I'm tired of progressives glorifying Black Lives Matter and shouting RACISM at every comment and joke. Comedians can't even do a routine without some of the left claiming their 'offended'.
  3. I hate that she did this. And has done it in, what, 2 or 3 of her tours? And I hate it because if a man were to do that onstage, say Justin Bieber, the world would explode. I just think it's such a disgusting double standard that it's even remotely acceptable for a woman to think she's able to do this. I worked with this cow of a woman, literally she looked like a cow, who would constantly and blatantly sexually harass men. Say things like 'Oh honey, those jeans, I wish you wore them every day' And she was especially vulgar to me because she probably thought I enjoyed because I was gay or something. I finally said something to her after she said something along the lines of 'Those pants fit you in all the right places!' I just turned around a simply said 'Nancy, that's enough, please'
  4. YAYAYA! She's back. And it's everything she's best at: fun, unpretentious, fluffy pop music I love. And the first couple seconds of the song sample Lucky Star ⭐️ **Couldn't find if Carly had her own thread. If she does, feel free to merge. If she doesn't, feel free to celebrate this incredible yet criminally underrated pop princesses. http://www.spin.com/2017/05/carly-rae-jepsen-cut-to-the-feeling-stream/
  5. 🙄 Tell me about it. It's sad the RH era can't be celebrated for what it was without the leaks and demos being dragged into the conversation. Then the never ending battle over if a demo was better than the final product. Then the battle over who's a better fan, the demo listeners or non demo listeners. And of course the never ending saga over Wash All Over Me.... In the words of Tori Amos.. "circles and circles and circles again"
  6. Whoever did this did a fantastic job! Impressive. While this will always rank as one of my favorite performances of hers, I will always and forever wish she had the BA curls. Was never a fan of her hair here.
  7. I happened to watch this and thought it was great. He's a really good interview. And he's almost just too good looking. He has stunning features.
  8. Unbreakable is a fantastic album a true return to form for her. One of my favorite albums from 2015 actually. But, the promotion was so unbelievably lazy and lackluster. Night should've been the first single from that album. And could've been a modest hit. The entire era reminds me of MDNA: A colossal failure and missed opportunity on just about every single level.
  9. WOW! She was so blunt and honest about without coming across as a catty bitch. I love her more than ever now. I don't think Taylor can give any kind of reasonable response to this. Which makes it even more delicious
  10. 'Evil Losers' This guy......... He speaks like a 7 year old playground bully. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/05/23/other-people-besides-manchester-bomber-trump-has-called-losers/102047624/
  11. One only needs to go to Janet's Wikipedia page and look at how her songs charted in other countries to understand she wasn't a global star. Sure, she had some hits here and there. But as others have said, she wasn't even close to her brother's fame and certainly not on Madonna's level. That's just a fact. I think what's frustrating to hear in this thread are some who try to diminish her legacy and impact here in the states. That's just going a bridge too far. Janet was absolutely MASSIVE here from 1986 through 1995-ish. And she stayed on top of her game from Velvet Rope until All For You. But in the early 90's, after Erotica, Janet absolutely surpassed Madonna in terms of radio play. Obviously, she benefited from the backlash against Madonna, but regardless, she had some incredible songs and videos during that time. In fact, she had some of the best pop and R&B videos of the 90's. Now, I'll be the first to say her output after All For You was mostly garbage. And she has certainly gotten lazy in terms of performing. But I still hear her songs on the radio and they've stood the test of time. It's completely unfair to say she didn't have an impact on pop culture and music. And it's bullshit to say she's this forgotten pop star that millennials have no idea of. I enjoy the humor around here regarding Janet. And the meme's are hysterical. But if you're getting angry over the media trying to rewrite history on Madonna, then don't do it with Janet.
  12. I know Believe was a massive worldwide smash that you couldn't escape when it came out, but I didn't love it at first actually. I thought it was fine. A fun song. But I never understood HOW it was just SO huge. Over the years, I've fallen in love it. Maybe it's nostalgia, Maybe it's because I compare it to the garbage that has infiltrated the radio in the last 20 years. Who knows. But I seem to have it on just about every playlist these days. A true modern day classic.