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  1. That's amazing. And regardless of what you may think of the other women in that picture, they do have far more talent than Taylor Swift. Far more. I'm gleefully waiting for 2 things in 2017: Taylor Swift's inevitable downfall Donald Trump's impeachment Taylor's situation appears to be far more likely.
  2. Love it. The look is VERY Erotica from Confessions.
  3. Right. Exactly. They're such a mess right now. They don't take an iota of responsibility for their losses. It's Russia. It's Hillary. It's Pelosi. It's Deplorables. No, it's you fuckers. It's your constant focus on identity politics, on race, on issues that marginalize the large swath of America that WANT to vote for Dems, but they can't look past the fact that there's a national party who BACKS a movement that blocks an expressway, with innocent people, to get a message across. Bullshit. Democrats have literally given up on Unions, on the working class, on anyone and everyone who trudges through to make a living. And it shows in their electoral disaster.
  4. And she's just as vapid and hollow as her too. But at least Mariah had a voice. That allowed her to float along longer than she should've. Now she's nothing but sparkling wine drinking puffer fish. Taylor is keeping her country audience tucked in her back pocket. It's why she doesn't take a stand on anything. She'll need them after her inevitable fall from the pop charts. Then she'll release an album that will be promoted as "going back to her roots" 🙄
  5. Swish, Swish should've been the 2nd single with a big radio push and video release. I love Bon Appetite but I can absolutely see why it didn't do well. The video is about cannibalism for Christ's sake. This song never should've been released as a single. Not with gems like Deja Vu, Roulette, Tsunami, and Witness on the album. Swish Swish could've been the Dark Horse of this era. It's funky, it's got a KILLER chorus, and it's quotable. Shameful that it didn't do better.
  6. I don't know, that district just couldn't overcome its republican lean. Once again, the pollsters underestimated how many republicans would come out to vote, and she won by a larger margin. There weren't enough democrats and independents to push him over the top. What the democrats need to stop doing is courting republicans. That's how he lost. The DNC and his campaign were banking on republicans deflecting and moving over to vote for Osoff but they're not giving up on their supreme leader. Not yet anyway. This is exactly how Hillary lost. Stop banking on republicans to come to their 'senses' over Trump. They're either willfully delusional fucks who worship his alter, or their just turning the other cheek with their hands over their ears pretending nothing is happening. So, you're right in the sense that democrats need to go ever harder at him, but I don't agree that a progressive firebrand would've won this district. At least not yet.
  7. I think the album is pure GOLD. It's so refreshing when you compare it to what's on the radio right now. She's easily one of the most interesting pop stars out there right now in terms of what she's releasing. She's holding on to her signature sound yet modifying it just enough to show progress and growth. The Louvre, Homemade Dynamite, Hard Feelings/Loveless are my faves. Perfection.
  8. Tweeting about a daily tracking poll in which had him down 14 points a week ago. He probably got a 'bump' in this poll for not acting like a petulant child after the DC shooting. And today, Rasmussen has him down 3. So he can fuck off. He's so repulsive.
  9. The album is a total smash in my opinion. It kind of reminds me of Confessions in a weird way. There's a trance-y, spacey, trippy flow to it that I just get lost in, much like I do with Confessions. I'm surprised to see Deja' Vu isn't getting more love. It's been on repeat for days. I don't think she made this album to be the monster hit that Teenage Dream or Prism were. In fact, I don't think she EVER thought Teenage Dream would be what is was. That was an organic smash that came out at the right time. Whereas Prism was almost try-to-hard in my opinion. No, I think she made this for herself. This sounds more authentic, as an album, than anything she's released.
  10. So, this shooting yesterday on the baseball field by a Bernie Sanders volunteer and supporter who singled out republicans. And, predictably, they're beginning to blame democrats for their <GASP> 'toxic rhetoric'. Give me a fucking break. Hannity, Beck, Coulter, Yiannopoulos, Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and the like have been bathing in toxicity for decades and spewing some of the most vile, hate filled speech I've ever heard. I have NEVER heard progressives sound even close to these pieces of shit. And the fact republicans are against any kind of common sense gun control on just about any level just puts the cherry on top of the cake. I have sympathy for those involved in this incident, but I think it's pretty obvious where this 'toxic' brand of politics originated from. And it wasn't from the left.
  11. Well, there's just one more reason that I love her. You know a 'real' Madonna fan from a casual one who just throws out Material Girl or Like A Virgin.
  12. Wow. I never knew that live performance existed. What a beautiful performance. What a beautiful song. I love Annie Lennox, but agree that she lost her spark after Diva. I actually LOVED Medusa though and thought she did an incredible job with some of those covers. I feel like she really made them her own. Medusa and Tori Amos's Strange Little Girls are how you DO an album of covers. Bare had a few good songs on it, but left me cold. Songs of Mass Destruction was just weak. On a side note,Bram Stoker's Dracula is easily one of my favorite horror movies of all time. I just love it.
  13. This is easily her best, most cohesive album. I'm loving the dark undertones to it. Finally, more depth from her as an artist. This will easily be one of my most played albums of the summer.
  14. This quote reminded me of this classic line lol.
  15. Historically, this testimony would've brought any other presidency crashing down. But I doubt republicans have the dignity to move forward with any kind consequences.