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  1. There's no question that gun control is needed in this country, but even if every gun were to be removed tomorrow, there's still a cultural rot here in the U.S that goes way beyond guns. It was accelerated with the lockdowns, Covid, and all the madness of 2020 and it runs wide and deep within our society. Why are these young males so vicious, so angry? Where's the root of all it? You mix this rot in with accessible and unnecessary firearms and you have this toxic mix of violence that never seems to end and is getting worse with each passing year. It's horrifying.
  2. I've been saying this for years. There have been dozens of school shootings this year alone and most have been blips on the radar. It's like there's a threshold when it comes to casualties for the media and Americans these days. Anything under 10 gets a day or so of coverage. Anything over 10 about a week. 20 or more, maybe a month at most. This will get around 2 months since children were involved. Reporters will cry on air and at the scene. Politicians will give speeches, spend prayers, and put forth some kind of gun control bill that will ultimately fail for the 156th time. Rinse, wash, repeat. It's so disgusting. There is a large portion of this country that will accept these shootings rather give an inch to firearm restrictions. All about FREEDOM. Absolute lunacy.
  3. I was coming in here to say the exact same thing. While the MAGA crowd and the majority of the Republican party are as vile as they come, Liberals have been such pushovers and so complacent - ESPECIALLY when it comes to voting - that they really can't be clutching their pearls and SHOCKED at this decision. The writing has been on the wall that this law would be repealed if they ever got ahold of the Supreme Court, they did, and here we are. Ginsburg and Kennedy choosing not to retire at a time when they would've been replaced by judges who shared their values still astonishes me. Especially Ginsburg.
  4. I think Trump posed a far greater risk to the U.S itself than Biden, while Biden poses a far greater risk internationally than Trump.
  5. These are Trump like numbers. While I certainly never expected him to be the FDR the media wanted him to be, I'm blown away at how quickly he fell from the publics good will. I wonder if this is unfettered rage at the Democratic party as a whole more than him tho.
  6. Thank God. I will admire RBG forever but her staying on that bench for as long as she did is unforgivable. These dinosaurs need to have term limits.
  7. I never blamed Biden for what's going on over there. But Biden isn't exactly the kind of progressive that shy's away from an international conflict either. And with how things are going for him domestically, it just wouldn't surprise me if he pulled the trigger to garner some support. The question is, who in his party would support this? Even the worst kind of republican doesn't want any more unnecessary wars. So I'm perplexed as to what he's doing and why he's interfering in this situation. It's like everyone wants the U.S to intervene until they do and then no one wants us involved including our own citizens. It's how Trump supporters view government as a whole: Stay away from us until we need you but even then we don't really want you here.
  8. Well, Covid isn't the ratings bonanza that it was just 6mos ago. All that is beginning to die down. So I wouldn't be surprised if if the powers that be throw a good ol fashioned war out there to rally the faithful, snag some clicks and ratings, and make a quick buck for all involved. I mean, Iraq was nearly 20 year ago. So the memory of what America does when it invades countries is escaping the collective consciousness of a good chunk of the population.
  9. Ah classic Trump. Perpetuating the notion that poor white folks are the ones truly being marginalized.
  10. I like to think of myself a naturally optimistic person, but I have lost all faith in society after the election of Donald Trump. And that faith hit rock bottom after 2020. If you want to live in a world in which Trump won by millions of votes, the entire election was rigged, and you're looking up to individuals such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, you can. You can, because it's become mainstream. Prior to 2016, these fringe theories regarding 9/11, Global Warming, Sandy Hook, etc were on the total fringe of society. But when you elect the King Conspiracist to the Oval Office, this is what happens to a society. When you elect a man who creates his own reality and facts, you get to live in that world with him. It's horrifying. I mean, this is a guy who literally politicized wild fires in California. WILD FIRES! No matter WHAT goes wrong in this country, Trump and is acolytes WILL find a way to blame the elites, liberals, and democrats for it. Whether they're in power or not, it's never their fault. And 45% of the country will follow them down their rabbit hole. It's horrid. And will only get worse.
  11. For 48 hours it truly felt like a 9/11 type moment. We all were watching the same horrific images on screen and for the first time in a LONG time we were collectively horrified as a nation. Then the Trump propaganda machine kicked into overdrive. And his minions got out there to deflect, blame, and shrug their shoulders. I don’t believe this country is able to come together for anything anymore. If NYC got nuked tomorrow, it’d be politicized within a couple days. If a god damn pandemic and something as simple as wearing a fucking mask is controversial & political, well, there’s just no hope anymore.
  12. Having my white robe dry cleaned for the new year.
  13. Ah the old go-to any time someone calls out Democrats for their nonsense. Yeah, I’m as racist as they come.
  14. I think liberals/progressives have become a party that governs according to what a minority of people are saying on Twitter. They've become OBSESSED with social justice to a fault and listen to the loudest voices on social media versus the voices that need to be heard on Main Street. Bernie was successful because we was talking about ECONOMIC JUSTICE which resonates far more with working class voters than worrying about pronouns, labels, #MeToo, BLM, or any of the rest of this nonsense that the Democrats have signed onto. I'm not saying racial inequality isn't important, it absolutely is. But I work closely with MANY members of our community here in the city I live in. Black leaders aren't worried about taking a Black woman off of a syrup bottle. Latino leaders aren't worried about being called Latnix. LGTBQ leaders aren't worried about adding another fucking color to their flag. People on a local level are worried about their schools, they don't WANT their police defunded - just reformed, they WANT some kind of FAIR border security, they want their infrastructure fixed, affordable housing, and the list goes on and on. The point is, working class people of ALL colors are generally concerned about the same things. But liberals continue to box people in, label them, and segregate them by sex, race, class, education level, and sexual preference. And I am - along with MANY center left people - are really fucking tired of it. Politics is about 50 + 1. It's about winning elections. And if liberals continue to talk like 'The Squad' does, they're going to be in the minority for a long, long, long time after next years elections.
  15. No, he shouldn't be in his position. And I say this with tremendous sadness to be honest. He's a good, decent, and kind man. And I believe that he truly thought he was the only one who could defeat Trump - and he was right. He was the man this country needed in the moment, but sadly, he's not what we need in the long run. But the tragic part is, is that I have no idea who in the Democratic party could step up against Trump. While I despise the man, he has a devoted, cult like following that will walk barefoot across boiling water to vote for him. The only two people that dems have that even come close are the Obamas. And Michelle ain't gonna run. I feel like I'm in the political wilderness right now as I simply can not get behind either of these two parties in any way. I'm voting for D's for the sole reason that republicans are truly a cult right now. But it's not like I'm enjoying much progressives are putting out there. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs here in American right now.
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