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  1. Love her look in Music !!! She is so hot in that dress !
  2. Moonray

    REBEL HEART Tourbook thread

    Yeah it's great. Many pictures are from the Iconic video !
  3. I think it was her least "pretentious" show. She was having so much fun and so did I ! I was going to faint during Deeper and Deeper, it was so amazing !
  4. Moonray


    I went to the 2 Montreal dates, and everything was perfect ! Oh and Candy Shop (+ Deeper ad Deeper) was the best... the new beat is amazing !
  5. Moonray

    Madonna in QUEBEC CITY

    It's not sold out at all... des bons billets sont encore disponibles (en très grand nombre), tout comme pour le 10 à Montréal
  6. This is so weird! Good tickets (floor) are still available … It's not sold out yet !
  7. lol.. monday? That's specific and soon !???
  8. What's taking so long ??? Did we wait that much time before getting more info on MDNA???
  9. Moonray


    Wow the stadium is full.. but what the hell do you see when you are that far??
  10. Moonray

    GGW Audio Remastered MDNA Tour

    Wow thank you! It's so different from when you hear it live. At the Bell Centre in Montreal, I thought her voice was too high-pitched... squeaky when she was singing GGW.
  11. Moonray

    Montreal august 30th, Bell Center

    Yeaaah I'll be there too... Evenko is still selling tickets (350$).