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  1. 1- Madame X I'm in a trance 2- Hard Candy this is my representation of classic Madonna 3- Rebel Heart 4- MDNA
  2. Can't stop thinking about it and listening to it.... never been so obsessed !
  3. I must really be a big pervert because I keep hearing : A mundo is une vagin. I'll come in you... in Killers Who Are Partying
  4. OH MY GOD What a f*cking amazing album!!! I've been in a trance since this morning, can't stop listening to it !!! Faz Gostoso + Bitch I'm Loca (very sexy vocals) + I Don't Search I Find = my holy trinity of disco bangers !!! Looking for Mercy makes me want to cry. I love it !!! I'm obsessed ! OBSESSED !!!
  5. Oh my god this is amazing! Love the Suzan look !!!!!
  6. Yeah it's great. Many pictures are from the Iconic video !
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