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  1. Macau February 20

    Thanks Nemo . Amazing.
  2. ^ Yeah the full picture would make a great cover!
  3. Hong Kong February 17

    Great video. Such a great solo. I could watch LAV all day .
  4. Hong Kong February 17

    Looking forward to the vids on this one - hopefully there are many .
  5. Yes, Rocco used to dress in unisex, now he's rather a "normal" looking -like his father.
  6. She does look amazing. I think a lot of people would be interested in her skin care products - myself included.
  7. Tokyo - February 13

    Burning Up is life. "This bitch is on fire!!"
  8. Tokyo - February 13

    ^ thanks. just watching the periscope links now.
  9. Tokyo - February 13

    Is the show over?
  10. I wish I could afford these . I need to win the lottery
  11. I remember going to be see W.E. with my sister and sister-in-law(not a Madonna fan) and we all enjoyed it. . Really good effort by M. Even if the script was a bit lacking, although the storyline was interesting, everything else was spot on. The visuals, costumes, actors, pacing, score, Masterpiece made it worth watching. If M. gets a solid script, the sky's the limit I think.
  12. I find it a bit disturbing that the Sun is showing a video of a 15 year old. Did they pay for it? It's like he's being followed.