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  1. I can watch Iconic over and over and over again. So amazing
  2. Looks like a great crowd in Edmonton . Are those ladies going to get their shirts replaced? LoL!!
  3. Hahaha, I think the front row is shirtless!! Feed has ended now
  4. oh no, Michelle is gone now . any other links?
  5. Have fun everyone. The Queen is coming.
  6. Forbidden love from Bedtime Stories - it's so smooth and soulful. Her vocals Great song. It's difficult to decide though. It's definitely not a matter of quality but taste, affinity or whatever mood your in.
  7. I received my key chain today. The package states that its value is $2 - not kidding. The key chain just has the words RebelHeart and is silver in colour. I have a picture of it but I not able to attach it- not sure how to do that.
  8. Yes great for them, but if that's what it takes to get up there, I would be broke.
  9. still using that JML guy ipad link
  10. I was at the first Montreal show since M. did not visit Toronto that year. The opening was the most epic opening ever! The way the disco ball opened up was amazing. I was sitting right next to the left side ramp. Lots of action went on there . Like a Virgin was fantastic. She came up with her cape on that side too. I enjoyed the choreography. My eyes were kind of glued to Sofia. I loved what she did on the cage - like she was spider woman. And then those guys scaling the arena. The whole show was fabulous - can't beat disco and rock Madonna. Only complaint that night was there seemed to be distortion of reverb or something going on with the acoustics at the Bell Centre. I don't think they got it perfect that night.
  11. Incredible pics!!! Thank you She's so beautiful. My sister's objective opinion is that M's face/body looks more mature - fuller I guess - but in a great way. I think she means that M's face, body and energy are perfectly in tuned with each other right now - perfection .
  12. That Marcelo guy must have felt like the luckiest guy there . "You are a Marcelo" hahaha. He was the running joke. Yes, we need a dvd of each show. I don't even remember all the humour - too much. I love M.
  13. Hi, at the Toronto shows, I bought the black zipper Hoodie which was $80cdn. It's of very nice quality. I like the M. embroidered on the sleeves. I don't like buying the regular t-shirts because they swallow me - even the small size. The women's t-shirts actually fit. So, I bought the Like a Prayer shirt ($45) - really nice subtle looking shirt. My sister bought the red V-neck shirt with Madonna and the bunny ears($45) - nice quality as well. I bought my niece the tour cap($40). The cap is really nice guys. She loves it, she was wearing it the next day . I have the key chains that are being shipped from the Icon pre-sale. I end up buying all this stuff over the years and its all sitting in bins in my storage. So, now I'm just buying stuff that I would actually use. But, I still might buy a couple more items online . From what I observed, she is making a killing again on merchandise. So, if someone got a discount ticket for say $40, hopefully, they might be spending the same amount or more on the merchandise . It seems that all the prices for the items were calculated with the U.S. exchange rate in mind - no discounts.
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