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  1. Medellin Faz Gostoso God Control Crave Looking for Mercy
  2. Anyone notice that towards the end. When she says “body” it sounds like “party” from the celebration paul oakenfold remixes.
  3. Maybe Madonna hasn’t posted anything because she was disappointed with the Game of Thrones Finale
  4. They actually play new madonna? I'm in manila too so this is a shock.
  5. the pre-chorus is stuck in my head [Pre-Chorus: Madonna & Swae Lee]'Cause you're the one I craveAnd my cravings get dangerousThe feelings never fadeI don't think we should play with thisSaid come, come get me straightI don't think we should wait for this'Cause you're the one I craveAnd my cravings get dangerous[Chorus: Madonna & Swae Lee](Ooh), My cravings get dangerous (ooh)(Ooh), I don't think we should play with this(Ooh), My cravings get dangerous (ayy, ooh)(Ooh), I don't think we should wait[Outro: Swae Lee]It's on the line girl, you're risking everything
  6. I wonder what a Madonna X BTS song would sound like. It should feature traditional asian world music produced by mirwais to make it futuristic and have that glitchy style. That would fit in with her theme of the album. World music and that music is the soul of the universe. We can undertsand the music even without understanding the lyrics (what she said during the MTV interview for Medellin Premiere). BTS is notorious for not making their songs fully in english.
  7. Sorry, I didn’t see that someone quoted my earlier post
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