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  1. Rebel Heart is my favourite Madonna album since Confessions, in particular, the demos and songs left off. The Beautiful Scars demo I must have listened to multiple times every day for a year I'm sure. Maybe in time I'll get the Madame X 'hype', but I just don't enjoy listening to majority of songs on it. I think (in my opinion) it depends the state of mind/place you're in. The songs on Rebel Heart are where I still feel a huge part of me is personally so I can connect more to them than Madame X.
  2. The VMA's are boring. The best award show that I will always remember watching and in complete awe of how wild the crowd were, was the MTV EMA's 1998 in Milan. The crowd just loved her.
  3. LOL! I agree. I also agree with what someone had said earlier about often the backing track being too loud, whereas we could hear her this time. I would love Madonna to bring back having her back up singers beside her supporting her and a change of band or musical director. I know a lot of us hark back to that amazing Girlie Show band, or DWT.
  4. It was a 1000 x better than Eurovision mess. That should have been Eurovision. I loved everything about it and it wasn't too preachy. American Life is always going to be one of those songs you know is going to be never going to be sung note for note well, the only thing I found a bit off was it was as if she was reminding herself of the lyrics out loud at the start? And when the band member put the guitar on in between such a short gap of singing. She was full of adrenaline, but I do also agree, it could have one been doing with one more oldie but goodie.
  5. You're 100% right. Even I skipped (for first time) through a lot of the released songs (except Medellin) thinking for first time I don't like any of this new stuff. Now hearing the stronger tracks I'm like WTF?! What are they actually thinking releasing mediocre tracks first?
  6. It was the oddest version of LAP to do, out of all the reinventions of it at that type of show, considering S&S, RIT or RHT. And comparing performances at Live 8, Live Earth and even Billboard Awards. I do agree with what a lot of reaction videos are saying about the staging - why no one (or perhaps they did and she didn't listen) advised against singing while trying to walk down stairs sideways with a heavy costume/cloak on.
  7. Well Future has went in at 50 in Scotland, not even charted in other UK charts, and Medellin did well in Scotland too. Come on Madge and ditch London and give us some Scottish dates ffs!
  8. Oh come on, she's already admitted she was bored in Lisbon, she has a contract to complete and whatever anyone says, she is still the original material girl after the almighty dollar. Don't fool yourself by saying she could have given it all up at 60. She could have retired years ago and peddled GH tours every now and then. She's a performer and she loves it. Yes we're all grateful she's still making music but behind the scenes, I don't believe it's for the good of the fans. It's for her obligation to contracts and income. If it was all for the fans then we would see more things like VIP packages including meet and greets etc.
  9. I know people are saying about spreading a message, but Eurovision is known for its camp vibe. Also, it is a non-political show. It's strange why she obeyed Superbowl instructions to the letter but disregarded Eurovision rules. Compare this to Superbowl, or even, LAP at Live 8. It was a flat performance and the sound hasn't been good for BMA and now this. Bring back Stuart Price who was a genius and worked so well alongside her. LAP is a great song to get audience involvement, put your hands together. Instead it was very dire. I get that this is probably her setting up the premise for the Madame X tour but maybe not best suited for Eurovision.
  10. That pic of her attending the funeral - I love when Madonna channels her Bette Davis look!
  11. On the subject of celebs on social media, I noticed Glenn Close has spoke often about how much she admires Madonna. On her official Twitter, a guy tweeted her to say that Madonna said Erotica was a great record and she replied to him saying "read the web chat, loved it-Erotica/Girlie Show-special place in my heart, M is THEE Queen GX"
  12. I love when she channels Bette Davis! However, this look is more Joan Crawford I think....? EEEK, I love it. Madonna needs to be in the remake of a Bette Davis film!
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