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  1. All these comments made me play the album at this very moment!! It certainly is her best album, IMO. I remember being 9 when it was released and how everyone just LOVED everything she did during that time. It was my sister who bought the cassette and played it non-stop. I remember watching for the first time all the videos when they were premiered on MTV and both of us were like 'WOW, this is my new favorite track!' She was SOOOOO respected at that time and she was so cool, she made the news all the time! Just a curious fact: Frozen, My Heart Will Go On and Getting' Jiggy With It were in the Top 3 of MTV's most requested videos for months, my sister and me had fun trying to guess which one would be #1!
  2. $489,708 with 8,705 people in attendance. Could you imagine Madonna pulling those lackluster numbers, to say the least? It is kind of like really??
  3. Actually it is $172,403,622 with 1,326,111 people in attendance (49 shows) vs. $118,723,375 with 1,034,143 people in attendance (59 shows) for Lady Gaga.
  4. What did Liz said?? I haven't heard about that...
  5. I think we will get some next week...they are just waiting to make it look even more grand.
  6. She's doing great! This time around she's visiting a lot of US cities she hasn't since almost The Virgin Tour!! I think a lot of Americans are doing what Europeans did with S&S: watching The Queen live for the very first time! So having said that, I'm not worried at all about her Boxscore numbers...she'll probably have the biggest tour of 2012 by the end of the year.
  7. Overall she's getting very good reviews from the main newspapers & magazines! That's great And wow at the photos all of you are posting! You seemed to be all SUPER close!
  8. Huge numbers, considering she milked the European market with S&S. I had a lot of friends going because they wanted to experience a Madonna tour. Also, we should take into account that she visited some cities for the first time in years or for the very first time. I went to Madrid's concert back then and it was ALL OVER the media, every TV channel was there and lots of celebrities, so it was seen like this huge summer event...it was her first time there in almost 20 years!
  9. They will release them probably tomorrow...it's on Wednesdays when they update the Boxscore figures.
  10. Wow, big numbers...this was just released: "The tour, which began May 31 in Tel Aviv, has grossed $115,701,909, with attendance of 985,340 to 33 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. For North America, Madonna has sold $111 million in tickets for 44 shows in the U.S. and Canada, according to Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation Global Touring and producer of Madonna's tours" http://www.billboard.com/news/madonna-s-mdna-tour-hits-north-america-1007902812.story?utm_source=most_recent#/news/madonna-s-mdna-tour-hits-north-america-1007902812.story?utm_source=most_recent
  11. Please name the shows u attended & rank 'em 01. Zurich 02. Barcelona (06/21) Please state ur Top 5 performances 01. Girl Gone Wild 02. Express Yourself 03. Revolver 04. Candy Shop 05. Like A Virgin U could have done without (just one please) I'm A Sinner (not a fan of the song and to perform it in the last section was a complete turn off) What caused u 2 gay-gasp/get all verklempt. - The whole performance of Girl Gone Wild, the breakdown is heaven! - The choreography during Lil' Wayne's rap on Revolver was WOW! - I Don't Give A's ending...just two words: LIVING LEGEND - The smile on Madonna's face after hearing/watching the audience's reaction to her 'homage' to Lady Gaga - 'Music, makes the people come together' and then the whole stadium chanting 'YEAAAAH' just before Turn Up The Radio - Justify My Love...sooooo good - Candy Shop: the whole performance is just so classy yet so sexy at the same time - Madonna-DJ at the end of Celebration! Message 2 Australian fans Try some US date if you have the money/time/possibility. It's so worth it!! Trivia: During the video intro to TUTR in Zurich, the guy standing behind us started to pee, TO PEE, into his empty glass. My sister couldn't believe it, she pushed everyone around us and when they realized what happened everyone wanted to kill him, I can tell you. There was a couple with two kids next to him...I thought the father was going to punch him in the face, he deserved it. My revenge: once the concert was finished and pretending it was just an accident I kicked all the pee-filled glass into his feet...be careful where you leave it next time, BITCH! his face...
  12. Wow! She really cares about her skin, good for her! I'm glad that after all the talk she's still friends with Steven Klein... HAVE FUN EVERYONE TONIGHT!!
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