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  1. Thanks everyone for the great contributions and positive vibe in this thread, this tour is obviously another masterpiece from the one and only... I'm still torturing myself with not clicking on the videos, I so want to be blown away live in less than 2 months...it cannot come quickly enough!!
  2. I can't at her face in these photos, how can she be so flawless?!
  3. Count me in on the first night in Cologne...hopefully to be continued!
  4. This anticipation is killing me, yet it feels so great while waiting to be blown away with the new images and sounds coming our way... I cannot recall if the hysteria was as intense back in 2012... I'm soooooo ready!!
  5. Yes, I also got the same e-mail, the new team behind it must be getting busy. We may even receive those in the end.
  6. That's nice, but seems like they are apologizing for having her at number 1. Weird.
  7. Now this seems legitimate, another masterpiece tour is just around the corner...
  8. Yesss, just about 3 months until my early access entry to the greatest show in the world! Getting so close!
  9. Unapologetic Bitch Ghosttown Inside Out Devil Pray SEX
  10. Is it Christmas already? The most beautiful woman in the world.
  11. This is all too much, incredible!!! I'm in shock
  12. This is incredible, I'm re-watching NKM a 100 times..
  13. It's hillarious, I love it! An upgraded performance from Fallon and it looks just like I expected it - a fun mess. I only wish Nicki could have been there actually but even this makes sense somehow. Now let's see the rest of the video!!
  14. In love, one of my faves! Album version is perfection...sick beat, moaning, the grills and the rapping, "raw meat"...everything
  15. Still on everyday rotation for me, I adore this album so much...not that I have not been addicted to her every album in the first months after release, but this is somehow even more intense and special. This time just about everything is on point! And every single song on it has been my favorite at least once...so YES to listening to it every damn day!
  16. I love them, it's so Madonna...and she has to wear them on tour, we need live Lesson in Sexology, that's like the best rap ever..
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