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  1. Who cares what her haters think, they have been saying that she cannot sing for the last 36 years, so what...she delivered her strong message against all the rules as always, she looked stunning and the visuals were great. Long live the Queen!
  2. So beautiful, just wow, she keeps delivering every single day!
  3. What a great surprise, unlike Kanye or Nicki he really appreciated the opportunity to have M on his album..
  4. Can she get more perfect than this??!! She’s killing me really, I am getting dizzy just thinking of everything that is still coming up in 2019...
  5. The video is awesome, so cinematic, I need to rewatch it for like 100 times
  6. Eye patch is related to the cha cha instructor character I think, it may not be appearing in relation to other songs’ visuals...we will see anyway
  7. Having a new M song almost every week, possibly even with visuals, sounds like a dream
  8. I love, love it!! Got chills just listening to her voice after such a long time and they sound great together, video will be fire!
  9. This is insane, I cannot leave this thread with all the goodies arriving every minute, everything is so on point, just flawless
  10. No sleep tonight, I am lost....this is a dream...and it is only the beginning!!
  11. OMG she is so ready! We are living in the new era and it is shaping up to be the greatest one in a loooong time, so exciting
  12. Behold, she is coming with the clouds. Great, great news, all of it!!
  13. Yes! At least we have some kind of new recording from M while we are waiting...and the video certainly helps the song which I did not like at first.
  14. I just love opening the forum and seeing this thread turn Red Hot!! “Something’s comin’ over...”
  15. What a missed opportunity.
  16. Yes, finally the gifts from the first date in Cologne are being prepared for shipping, I just got the confirmation e-mail!
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