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  1. I have bought Young Americans 2017 reissue, which was missing from my Bowie collection and I love it.
  2. insilico

    Your top albums of 2017

    Fake Sugar - Beth Ditto Other - Alison Moyet ununiform - Tricky Heaven Upside Down - Marilyn Manson Native Invader - Tori Amos Spirit - Depeche Mode
  3. insilico

    Alison Moyet - Other (new album)

    What an amazing album...the best of the year so far for me
  4. insilico

    Pete Burns R.I.P.

    Horrible news. Pete indeed was a Special Star. I can't believe this. Too many heroes gone in 2016.
  5. insilico

    Eurythmics/Annie Lennox thread

    Touch is one of my favourite albums ever. And their early videos are timeless masterpieces, they were pop video pioneers.
  6. insilico

    New MIA

    Cannot wait for this, I hope Borders will be included.
  7. insilico


    I loved Goddess, Beggin for Thread was my jam. The new stuff sounds very good, looking forward to it.
  8. insilico


    I really like what I'm hearing, I will check out her album. Sounds like a combination of Jessie Ware and Ladyhawke debut to me, so I have to like it of course
  9. insilico

    Garbage thread

    I always find the MNation verdict to be very accurate so I guess I will be getting this one. Although I have ignored their previous effort.
  10. This was my favourite song on that album, awesome
  11. insilico

    Prince Dead at 57

    I am so not used to it and it is not getting easier. I also miss Bowie but for me personally Prince's music was much more important and I will never forgive myself for not seeing him in concert...such a loss
  12. insilico

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    4 The Tears In Your Eyes Alphabet Street Raspberry Beret Gett Off Cream 7 Purple Rain Mountains Sign 'O' The Times She's Always In My Hair
  13. insilico

    Prince Dead at 57

    No, just no, I cannot believe this, horrible news
  14. insilico

    Depeche Mode

    My favourite band of all times, the latest album was amazing.
  15. insilico

    Everything Eurovision

    Which reminded me that Croatia's back to the competition this year with our winner of the Voice 2015. The song will be presented in early March. Not too keen on this singer and the talent show stars in general, we'll see how it turns out..
  16. insilico

    David Bowie thread

    This is horrible, I had no idea he was sick. A terrible loss indeed. He was genius.
  17. Top three songs: Devil Pray, Inside Out, Messiah Song that grew on you: Heartbreak City Song that faded for you: Hold Tight Best Lyrics: Messiah Best Vocal: Ghosttown Best Melody: Rebel Heart Best Chorus: Inside Out Most Fun To Play Loud: Unapologetic Bitch Most Overrated Song: Best Night Most Underrated Song: S.E.X. MVP Track: Rebel Heart Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: BIM
  18. This is all really great, keep them coming! I cannot recall MDNA singles or even the album making it to any of the year-end listings. But I may be wrong.
  19. insilico

    New Mylène Farmer/Sting Collaboration

    Wow, this surely looks like some oldschool classic of hers, it has been a while since she did anything like this... Thanks for posting
  20. Who cares, it's their loss anyway. At least now there's no reason to watch this boring show at all.
  21. I will get this just because of the dvd, I have to have it. And I'm still hoping there will be an alternate cover, although there's about zero chance for anything like that to happen...
  22. insilico

    New Mylène Farmer/Sting Collaboration

    She looks like "the cheeks gone wild" for quite some time, unfortunately. Otherwise, I like the new video.
  23. I added some views today too, this video never gets boring...100 here we come!