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  1. All the Cs are awesome, but I will pick Crave just because of the video
  2. Thank you M for another masterpiece and a tour to remember, wonderful era from start to end
  3. The truth has to be told, forever on top of the game.
  4. A masterpiece that keeps on giving. I am sure it will also reach another level for me after the live experience, cannot wait.
  5. Always changing, listening to it daily: 1) Extreme Occident 2) God Control 3) Looking For Mercy 4) I Don’t Search I Find 5) Crave
  6. Oh yes, this just proves how much the whole project is so Madonna and how it ended up being such a fantastic album with matching visuals.
  7. Wooow this era is unstoppable, another masterpiece is coming...magic indeed
  8. This was prefect, I am so ready for all of these to be included as such in the tour setlist
  9. OMG this is like living in a dream for the past 2 months, she is unstoppable
  10. It would be great if she can get back at him in the US. Well, at least she is outselling Bastille.
  11. I enjoyed every second of it, this was pure, essential, 100% larger than life Madonna and she was not there to be liked by her haters anyway. And image-wise this is the closest we get to Erotica era, I could not be happier about that.
  12. My God, this album is massive. After reading everyone’s positive impressions I thought I knew what to expect, but this is so much more...I need to lay down. I cannot stop listening.
  13. Waiting! Future was the last new song I have heard and certainly no snippets for me. Nothing can compare to this kind of excitement...!!
  14. I adore each one of these, so different and yet so connected somehow, although I picked Crave in the poll. My expectations for the album are going through the roof at the moment. And yes, will be listening to Dark Ballet for the first time on Friday with the rest of the songs.
  15. Waiting to hear the song for the first time with the album next week, but these comments are just wonderful read...keep it coming!
  16. Beautiful shots, this must be from a booklet of deluxe edition
  17. Ugh, give us these on 12’’ or at least as cd maxi, I miss those so badly
  18. Wow just imagine all the photos from these sessions just waiting to be seen!
  19. What a perfect interview, she is clearly so involved in every little detail of her work, this dedication is fascinating after so many decades....she is a miracle, unbelievable
  20. OMG at this teaser...dying here, I have not seen the leaked version yet
  21. Awesome news, so excited about everything! And happy that this thread is taking the lead on that doom and gloom Eurovision thread...
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