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  1. Top three songs: Devil Pray, Inside Out, Messiah Song that grew on you: Heartbreak City Song that faded for you: Hold Tight Best Lyrics: Messiah Best Vocal: Ghosttown Best Melody: Rebel Heart Best Chorus: Inside Out Most Fun To Play Loud: Unapologetic Bitch Most Overrated Song: Best Night Most Underrated Song: S.E.X. MVP Track: Rebel Heart Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: BIM
  2. This is all really great, keep them coming! I cannot recall MDNA singles or even the album making it to any of the year-end listings. But I may be wrong.
  3. Who cares, it's their loss anyway. At least now there's no reason to watch this boring show at all.
  4. I will get this just because of the dvd, I have to have it. And I'm still hoping there will be an alternate cover, although there's about zero chance for anything like that to happen...
  5. Unapologetic Bitch Ghosttown Inside Out Devil Pray SEX
  6. It's hillarious, I love it! An upgraded performance from Fallon and it looks just like I expected it - a fun mess. I only wish Nicki could have been there actually but even this makes sense somehow. Now let's see the rest of the video!!
  7. In love, one of my faves! Album version is perfection...sick beat, moaning, the grills and the rapping, "raw meat"...everything
  8. Still on everyday rotation for me, I adore this album so much...not that I have not been addicted to her every album in the first months after release, but this is somehow even more intense and special. This time just about everything is on point! And every single song on it has been my favorite at least once...so YES to listening to it every damn day!
  9. It's happening, awesome news! This perfect era will have 3 iconic videos (for now). And please M, make sure to bring both Nicki and Diplo to the set!
  10. Hahaha, we cannot tell because something like that has not happened yet, but you might tell us soon how does it feel when you drop out from this forum...bye
  11. Queen! This is Madonna we all want. Anyone having a problem needs to go. And they look so hot together. RH is the greatest era ever. That's all.
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