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  1. This John Wayne song is horrible, never heard it before.
  2. Fake, miserable, pathetic parody of Madonna, that is how she will be remembered...or more like forgotten.
  3. Right back where she belongs.
  4. Ugh, is there any efficient way to make this germ go away??
  5. Yet she sticks to her trademark pancakes... She does not look good and never will.
  6. Every time I try to watch her interviews or "performances", I end up turning it off after 30 seconds. Just unbearable.
  7. Entering the album chart in the UK at #2.
  8. Both new tracks are beautiful. I wish there could be a new album coming sometime in 2015 although Ultraviolence is still high on my playlist.
  9. Signed. It still sounds magical to me. We need more videos.
  10. Killer album, I'm enjoying it so much at the moment...go Iggy!