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  1. Bananarama

    The Nanas are legends!
  2. Loving it all, she is so happy and beautiful! Keep it coming, thanks everyone for posting these
  3. This latest review was such an enjoyable read. Not that I have any intention to click on this rubbish on my Netflix any time soon.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Her beauty is stunning. The Queen of everything!
  5. Happy Birthday M! I love you!
  6. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    Awesome, I loved everything about this look! The face is on par with 2015 and that is all that matters to me. Sooo beautiful And of course the grillz were expected with her combat theme.
  7. OMG this is incredible, is this real!?! Each session is even better than the previous one...
  8. Happy birthday REBEL HEART

    Still in love with this amazing album after 2 years, definitely in my Top 3 ever...everything about this era is perfect
  9. Madonna covers Vogue Italy Feb 2017

    OMG, just checked her Insta and saw these...amazing!! Giving some great M realness
  10. This John Wayne song is horrible, never heard it before.
  11. Madonna at Women's March

    So proud of her, she was awesome. I am sure she is aware of everything she said and that is exactly how she had intended to say it.

    Voted for Mer Girl...closely followed by Easy Ride