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  1. Is thisit? sorry if it was posted.
  2. MeravA

    Superstar Artcover

    OMG luv it!!!
  3. MeravA

    Superstar Artcover

    I didn't like Superstar at first, but I like it now. It's not crappy at all. People and even the fans are not used to that 60's surf theme music when it comes to Madonna, which is why I hated it at first.
  4. Madonna is a mother of 4 children. As much as i'd like to see another controversial video, Im sure she would not want to face threats from religious fanatics and put her kids at risk, even at the price of sacrificing her artistic integrity. That can't be an easy decision for her. She didn't back out in Russia, but facing potential threats from Muslim fanatics is a whole different story. Assuming this story is somewhat true.
  5. MeravA

    "Turn Up The Radio" Video Premiere

    OMG guess who was "inspired" by the video???? Did you see lady copycat grand entrance to her perfume launch yesterday? shameless bitch. BTW who is playing the gus attendant? Is he a dancer cause I haven't seen him on the show