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  1. cool_cris

    Terrorist attack of the day Nice, France

    Watching the news. This is so horrible.
  2. I've come to this site nearly everyday, mostly just reading but I just have to comment on this LAV performance at MSG. This woman is everything. OMG she can be sexy, bitchy, playful, funny and witty all at once.. what a performer! If I were there, I would have thrown my wallet at her. LOL
  3. cool_cris

    The MDNA Tour pictures thread

    I think that's after Open Your Heart (i'm not sure from which show though) and those long dance of the Kalakan's song. She took her hat off because it was so hot. Then she asked the fans to raise hands if she should put the hat back on and I think only a few in the GT did (only because she looks so gorgeous without the hat), so she kinda made that funny face and said: "Wow that bad? (as in 'Did I look that bad with a hat on') and then she threw the hat away and the crowd cheered. Hope this helps clarify that lovely gif
  4. cool_cris

    Big, Fat Flop Tour

    I'm a newbie to this forum but I have to say you guys are hilarious and I love this thread. LOL