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  1. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    M in Lisbon on Monday I think? At least that's what the captain says. Must be nice to be able to take a walk with her kids without the papz chasing her... if thats really her, lol
  2. So shes going. I cant wait. Thanks Jazzy Jan!
  3. Thank you Hector! and Yessss hopefully that she's going :-)
  4. Hi guys I came across this story from Page Six from last month and I havn't seen it posted anywhere here on Mnation. So kinda thought it's interesting and may have some truth to it (don't know how reliable Page Six is with these things. I can't create a new thread so think to post it here... maybe other kind members can create a thread for this so we can dream for at least a few days for maybe another chance to see new M pics, looking all glamourous :-) The thing that made me think is quite possibly true is the fact that M is still in Europe and that Leo is credited as one of the major contributors for MJC in Malawi as one of the posters here mentioned? So that could be kinda "return the favour" thing? And the people listed to show up she knows most of them personally. Anyway I hope she does show up because I'm desperate for new M pics :-) PS I need a pic of M and Cate Blanchett :-) Lenny Kravitz to perform at Leo DiCaprio’s annual gala By Ian Mohr June 20, 2017 | 9:39pm Leo DiCaprio has landed Lenny Kravitz to perform at his annual Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala in St-Tropez, Page Six has exclusively learned. We hear that Madonna will make a special appearance at the July 26 event and will be a chair along with Prince Albert of Monaco, Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Tom Hanks, Jared Leto, Kate Hudson, Tobey Maguire and Edward Norton. Simon de Pury will preside over an art auction curated by Lisa Schiff. http://pagesix.com/2017/06/20/lenny-kravitz-to-perform-at-leo-dicaprios-annual-gala/
  5. Wow, they go above and beyond to paint her as a bad person huh? I suggest any member who reads the Daily Mail and want to post their article here, please copy and paste it and do not post the link, we don't want to give them click do we?
  6. Madonna 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year

    Hi guys, I'm a regular lurker here, lol, but just have to jump in on this topic a bit. I have to say I agree with a lot of posters here about the fact that none of the big name pop stars of today have come out and supported M's speech. I'm sure they're all aware of it. Have to say though that I'm not surprised because they're actually all playing that 'game' that Madonna mentioned in her speech so they don't dare to come out and say anything. I'm pretty sure though that they are all waiting to benefit from this 'Madonna fight' years from now. The fact that M has achieved the ultimate success the way she has while being true to herself is a testament to her greatness, star power, intelligence and resilience that none of today's pop girls have. M is simply the chosen one. Another thing that kinda bugged me in her montage/introduction, it's Rita Ora of all people? seriously? Of all the big stars that have gone on record to say how much Madonna has been an inspiration for them, all Billboard could get to pay tribute to her is Ms Ora? Now I have nothing against her and I love that she's one of the few who has actually defended M on occasions but at least they should get all the pop girls to say something about how M has inspired them.. rant over!
  7. Terrorist attack of the day Nice, France

    Watching the news. This is so horrible.
  8. I guess no one knows her true net worth except her and her lawyers and accountants and I guess she likes it that way. But how rich she really is I guess we only need to look to how much she paid off her movie director ex. I read a week or so ago about this ex model who reportedly got $75 or so from her saudi ex husband and its reportedly the biggest divorce payout in British history or something as the story says. I wanna scream its not. And why isnt there a story like this written about how much Ritchie got I wonder. Anyway i guess this is not on topic. I just think shes worth way more than Forbes reported.
  9. Just had to say how much I love the performance. Thought it was very well done and she looked and sounded amazing. Opening shot of her hand, the cross, the purple chair. LOVE ALL OF IT. Oh I love the outfit too, just the right shade of purple and it looked so beautiful on her. Only complaint I wish it was longer, didn't want it to end. Overall 10/10 in my eyes. Haters can fuck off, lol.

    Happy Birthday Madonna... you're the greatest!
  11. I've come to this site nearly everyday, mostly just reading but I just have to comment on this LAV performance at MSG. This woman is everything. OMG she can be sexy, bitchy, playful, funny and witty all at once.. what a performer! If I were there, I would have thrown my wallet at her. LOL
  12. The MDNA Tour pictures thread

    I think that's after Open Your Heart (i'm not sure from which show though) and those long dance of the Kalakan's song. She took her hat off because it was so hot. Then she asked the fans to raise hands if she should put the hat back on and I think only a few in the GT did (only because she looks so gorgeous without the hat), so she kinda made that funny face and said: "Wow that bad? (as in 'Did I look that bad with a hat on') and then she threw the hat away and the crowd cheered. Hope this helps clarify that lovely gif
  13. Big, Fat Flop Tour

    I'm a newbie to this forum but I have to say you guys are hilarious and I love this thread. LOL