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  1. I think this is a pedestrian photo from when they were filming Shame in that hotel.
  2. does anyone else find it odd she wasn't with Gaultier at all? he was there
  3. yess!!! One of my absolute favourite photos of M, I love whenever you post I see it as your avatar. Her face reflects the face on the hat. Did anyone see the cropped version of it where it was more portrait, and had a border of tiled crops of just the hat?
  4. Noo, that's an A1 roll, the wall paper looks like A4
  5. Such a ROL look here! It's like the Inez & Vinoodh shoot
  6. Ahh! Of course, then who did I post? Is that Esther? and who's this <
  7. Madoner? Is that a cross between Medoner and Madooner? Medoner Is this Madooner? She's the one I can't quite figure out
  8. Yes! I have never heard of this Betty but she gave M her coat once and M was seen wearing it a lot. I think it's this one
  9. it's amazing the videos of him spacing out and M in the background GIVE ME MY PHONE ROCCO! NOW! GIMME!
  10. I don't know I would argue '98-2000 and 2008 she was as well. I know 2008 sounds odd but she was sort of sliding into legacy territory and everyone seemed fine with that and she did lots of festivals on the promo circuit and got loads of casuals in off 4 Minutes. Lest we forget S&S is the highest grossing tour ever by a solo artist.
  11. Her fucking team are so inept, they have posted it on her tumblr as a link rather than as an embedded video.
  12. It is the height of her commercial peak (the only one we can't actually have arguments about because it's in the numbers), and damn you! I would kill to have nosebleed seats for one of those shows, I think it's my number one imaginary tour to go to. I get the biggest smile on my face when I listen to the audio HEEYYYYYYYYYY Italy!!!
  13. she posted that yesterday and then deleted it, we don't know why.
  14. her face when the phone doesn't work!! Finest acting in her career!
  15. I've never seen Who's that girl, but we wouldn't have the soundtrack or the advanced aesthetic that lead to the tour. If the tour was just true blue it would have been very different
  16. I was singing a slow cabaret version of GGW the other day with the chorus of Bad Girl, that's my dream
  17. But, if it's a one time stream, people will be talking about it before any casuals can see it, which could increase interest?
  18. What's the issue does it just sound digital? Maybe that's the wrong word but I've found that with some newer pressings, it's most evident on my new pressing of Ray Of Light, everything sounds like I'm listening online at a low bitrate
  19. I don't remember that but she went on a rant during the speech and then went off about seats and told us "seats are for asses", "fuck yeah!" and we had to write to our local congressman
  20. Monsieur Adi! His mixes of Frozen and Get together which were similar tempos were both amazing
  21. she wasn't, but no one had a clue what she was talking about because they handled it so well. I remember thinking that maybe they had decided to do it without and had rehearsed it because they were all so on top of it.
  22. Madonna can't name half of her own songs! But I loved taylor on stage, she was really into it, maybe M should hire her as a full time Monte replacement.
  23. what a boring arrangement, you could do something really cool with percussion and a brass section but it's all strings
  24. Does the Licence Fee pay anything but the BBC? I've never quite understood the legality of it all, as it's not a state run institution
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