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  1. I think this is a pedestrian photo from when they were filming Shame in that hotel.
  2. Her fucking team are so inept, they have posted it on her tumblr as a link rather than as an embedded video.
  3. she posted that yesterday and then deleted it, we don't know why.
  4. her face when the phone doesn't work!! Finest acting in her career!
  5. But, if it's a one time stream, people will be talking about it before any casuals can see it, which could increase interest?
  6. What's the issue does it just sound digital? Maybe that's the wrong word but I've found that with some newer pressings, it's most evident on my new pressing of Ray Of Light, everything sounds like I'm listening online at a low bitrate
  7. Monsieur Adi! His mixes of Frozen and Get together which were similar tempos were both amazing
  8. Madonna can't name half of her own songs! But I loved taylor on stage, she was really into it, maybe M should hire her as a full time Monte replacement.
  9. what a boring arrangement, you could do something really cool with percussion and a brass section but it's all strings
  10. do we know they're not? It struck me that the exclusions of Queen and Autotune Baby were so that they could be B Sides to Ghosttown and BIM.
  11. 1) what the fuck? I do think of Applause just because of the contrast between living for love and living for applause but btw?! No. 2) Vande do you know what spanking the monkey means?
  12. It's not really a demo in the sense that you'd expect. If you go back to the first demo it's basically a totally different song over the same instrumental.
  13. you can! It's the intro from Offer Nissim's Living For Drama remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SNyPrGnT9U
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