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  1. By the way, Paula Abdul did not win a bunch of Grammys. That was either the American Music Awards or the MTV Awards.
  2. M wanted to, back in the day. But Eminem apparently turned her down. I believed it was mentioned in at least one interview she's done. Anyhow, don't see the point of a collaboration now.
  3. Yeah I remember M saying her character wasn't supposed to die in the original script and that was a reason she was attracted to the project. Oops. Anyway, it was not a classic movie to say the least but it's watchable in a guilty pleasure kind of way, and her body looks amazing in it (though the lighting kept highlighting the bags under her eyes and made her look tired). Also, her interviews for this movie are rather sad to me because she seems blissfully unaware of the avalanche of scorn and hatred that's just about to fall on her with the release of the Sex book.
  4. Yup, it happened. I remember her talking about it years and years ago on that talk show RuPaul hosted (way before Drag Race).
  5. It's great that she doesn't hold a grudge from when Madonna's lawyers threatened her with legal action for copying Madonna's image (which Michelle certainly did) as a member of Seduction. At any rate, "It Takes Two to Make It Right" was a JAM!
  6. Why so cynical? Taylor said before the release of 1989 that it was influenced by 80s music, and she specifically named Like a Prayer (the song) in an interview around then.
  7. I've spent too much of my brainpower pondering things like this. Here would be my tracklist: 1. Holiday 2. Physical Attraction 3. Burning Up 4. Borderline 5. Like a Virgin 6. Dress You Up 7. Into the Groove 8. True Blue 9. Open Your Heart 10. Papa Don't Preach 11. Live to Tell 12. Promise to Try 13. Till Death Do Us Part 14. Like a Prayer 15. Vogue 16. Rescue Me 17. Erotica 18. Take a Bow 19. Love Tried to Welcome Me 20. Frozen 21. Nothing Fails 22. Gone 23. Music 24. Hung Up 25. Iconic (for now)
  8. I read the Grammy book that the guy who directs it wrote, and he says that lip syncing was done only by Janet Jackson and TLC, and it was no longer allowed on the show... But then again he writes in the same book that M opened one year with Ray of Light instead of NRM.
  9. She looks great, the concept is interesting, but not enough actual dancing/choreography. Those slo-mo effects just hide the actual choreography. I'm sure the Grammy performance will be a lot more exciting.
  10. I'm surprised there aren't more raves for Bad Night. I LOVE it; the spoken word part is classic M, right out of the Erotica era.
  11. It may be the song that broke her long Top 5 streak, but who now cares? Looking at her career overall, this song remains a huge highlight (more so than many of the bigger hits that came before or since). Great vocals, great lyrics, and of course one her all-time best music videos.
  12. Agreed, it's gorgeous, and it works so well as a closer (I actually like "American Pie" but it didn't really belong on Music). When I make my Madonna playlists, I usually pair Gone with Nothing Fails. Two amazing ballads that flow into each other very well.
  13. I wonder if the musicians are actually playing their instruments, or if they're "lip syncing," too. M's clearly miming, and it's so obvious Orbit's just pretending with his knobs and keyboards, LOL, but not so sure about the musicians.
  14. Christopher said in his book that Madonna didn't like Kate and Naomi, and she disapproved of him hanging out with them (he describes how Madonna and Ingrid stormed out of his birthday party after Kate and Naomi started getting raucous). Guess he either lied, or she grew to tolerate them.
  15. Ranking Time! (Top 3 are flaw-free) 1) Blond Ambition 2) Girlie 3) Confessions . . 4) MDNA 5) Re-Invention 6) Virgin 7) Who's That Girl? . . 8) Drowned World (Too dark, overly conceptual) 9) Sticky & Sweet (The opposite problem, too much of a "normal" concert)
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