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  1. I read the Grammy book that the guy who directs it wrote, and he says that lip syncing was done only by Janet Jackson and TLC, and it was no longer allowed on the show... But then again he writes in the same book that M opened one year with Ray of Light instead of NRM.
  2. She looks great, the concept is interesting, but not enough actual dancing/choreography. Those slo-mo effects just hide the actual choreography. I'm sure the Grammy performance will be a lot more exciting.
  3. I'm surprised there aren't more raves for Bad Night. I LOVE it; the spoken word part is classic M, right out of the Erotica era.
  4. I wonder if the musicians are actually playing their instruments, or if they're "lip syncing," too. M's clearly miming, and it's so obvious Orbit's just pretending with his knobs and keyboards, LOL, but not so sure about the musicians.
  5. Two more things she needs to do: Look fabulous and WORK THAT STAGE!!! The last time much of the public saw her was hobbling with a cane on the Grammys not looking her best. She needs to erase that memory from people's minds and remind us who Madonna is!
  6. I remember Simon being quoted as saying Madonna used to be good-looking but now looks like a housewife. Make him BEG, Madonna! (But you should say yes in the end, both for us fans and for your career in the UK!)
  7. Lyrics do matter. That is all.
  8. I would like this song I think if not for that lyric about letting her lover have the password to her phone. It's just so... ugh. Not only that, Janet Jackson had already used it for her "Nothing" song.
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