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  1. Truly a devastating tragedy. The lack of action on gun control in the US is absolutely stupid. How long more can this go on? Heart breaks for the families and friends of those who were murdered. Glad for the safety of our Florida based members.
  2. OMG. Just saw the news. This is terrible. Nikki, I hope that your brother is ok. Stay safe.
  3. UB Mark from Santa Barbara. What is it with all you people who don't know how to lie?????
  4. Medley and maracas segment (starts at 3:00), cuts off just after she gets audience to count in Spanish. She's so chatty!
  5. Glad that you and all who attended had a wonderful time!! Frozen!!
  6. ^ Thanks, Nikki. UB thread updated. ... and you're welcome, Spotlight!
  7. ^ You're welcome! Thanks, Madonnamexico. I'll put your link in the UB thread. Many of Odette/Frida from the first show but still only one from the second show on youtube.
  8. Back on topic. Fantastic first show in Mexico. Thanks for the Mexican press post, graffitiheart! René caught the bouquet.
  9. ^ You're welcome. Another LAP vid, with full preceding speech. The first vid I posted on page 11 was shot closer to M, this one has a bit more recorded at the start.
  10. You're welcome, Goddess. Perhaps a better vid will surface soon or people are just refusing to upload because he was such a horrible UB!
  11. Here you go, TrueBlue. Great video. So eventful and the crowd is just fantastic. Starts with the maracas bit. Frida jacket from fan starts from 3:18. As shared in fab review from Ulizos, she poked her eye with the hat, fans sang Cielito Lindo, chanted her name, she asked hat/sombrero on or off, and sang WTG (full song in this vid). ENJOY!
  12. Agree with you both. The only one that has surfaced so far but not shot from a good angle and distance. UB Oscar handsy bit from 4:46.
  13. ^ Ah, that's what you were looking for. I can't watch her close up without crying again. Let's hug her together.
  14. You're welcome, Anastaza. I've only seen that RH vid that you mentioned for the first show, and it's not a good one. It's as you've described, and the uploader's singing along is not very good either.
  15. You had too many other details to remember! Glad you managed to see the show on both nights, and thank you for sharing all the details. Fabulous!!
  16. Getting rid of maracas segment. At 2:10, "ADD" convo with an audience member, and her definition of it.
  17. WTG, with pre-song banter, talks about Frida Kahlo and dedicates song to her. Song is partial.
  18. ... and she throws it off the stage without missing a beat.
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