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  1. Even if they’re only adding a “warning” or “discussion” to the film rather than banning it completely, that’s still unwelcome and infantilising. I don’t need to be told what I should think about old films or TV. Racism or other outdated stuff is so obvious it jumps out at you.
  2. The medal table is officially ranked by number of golds, then silver etc. Sometimes countries re-order the table based on total number of medals to make themselves look better, as China seems to have done now
  3. I don't think that man's behaviour is acceptable at all, but clearly he's not right in the head. And the fact that somebody filmed this incident and it became news tells you that it's not a common occurrence. I've lived here most of my life, and the only time I've ever seen anyone confronted on public transport for speaking a foreign language was when tourists from, let's say, a "louder" culture were making a racket on a train and someone politely told them to be quiet, so the noise level was the issue, not the fact that they weren't speaking English. It's just a case of different cultural norms. In the case of this video I think they were just unlucky to be sitting near a nutter.
  4. No excuse for racism of course, but I find Spanish tourists can be a little loud. Perhaps that's what sparked this off?
  5. Seeing the live version has made me appreciate this song a lot more.
  6. Or you could say she kind of stripped the lily of its beautiful petals and made it something plain.
  7. It says "What's your name?", appropriately enough. It's going to be difficult to pick a winner!
  8. Joan of Arc is becoming one of my most played songs ever according to my iTunes. I really love the stop-start backing track of the finished album version.
  9. Are those who think she was "pissed off" not native English speakers? I don't mean that in a patronising or critical way - I just wonder if that's why her humour doesn't come across for some people and they misinterpret her.
  10. I love the final version. One of my favourite Madonna songs ever.
  11. You're like a dog with a bone. Give it up. Your desperation to be "right" about everything is quite pitiful. I told you, you won: those of us who saw all the negative/lukewarm comments about LFL among the praise are liars or fantasists (and apparently we hate the song now, too).
  12. I actually didn't mind "Revolver". At least it was a single. Better than a random MDNA album track, anyway. But I agree that her wonderful canon of hit songs is nothing to be ashamed of or avoided when compiling a setlist.
  13. Thanks for confirming this. This is exactly as I remember it. I started to avoid the threads that were filled with the negative comments as it was beginning to dampen my enthusiasm for the song. And I would say outside of this forum, reactions to LFL were even more mixed.
  14. Fine, you "win" - I'm lying about all the lukewarm and unimpressed comments I read when the song was released back in December. As you say, "at least where [you] check things out", things were positive, but that's just your experience. No need to be pig-headed about it. I actually remember a Living For Love Appreciation Thread being created here to filter out all the negativity from the other threads, which I was glad about because I love the song. Sorry if that doesn't fit your theory about people turning against songs after they flop.
  15. I disagree. It was a lot more than a small handful who didn't think it was good enough or the right song to be a lead single. Definitely a mixed reaction.
  16. To be fair, Living For Love got quite a mixed reaction among fans right from the start.
  17. She probably had dinner at a Harvester while she was back in the UK.
  18. As far as I can see, they've also deleted all the lyrics and info about all her previous albums from the site. During that Twitter Q&A, didn't Guy respond to a tweet requesting lyrics in the album booklet? I think his response was something like "I can definitely look into that". It sounded quite hopeful at the time. Perhaps he decided to punish us for our impertinence asking for printed lyrics by removing the album credits as well lol.
  19. I know: let's check the credits in the CD booklet!.... oh....
  20. Doesn't sound like a direct sample to me. Just a similar drum pattern.
  21. I received my Super Deluxe today from WOW HD too without the parental advisory logo. On the back it says it's the South East Asian edition so perhaps they just don't use parental advisory logos there? In terms of the quality of the packaging and CD it looks fine so I think it's perfectly legit.
  22. What really happened to Avicii?
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