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  1. Even if they’re only adding a “warning” or “discussion” to the film rather than banning it completely, that’s still unwelcome and infantilising. I don’t need to be told what I should think about old films or TV. Racism or other outdated stuff is so obvious it jumps out at you.
  2. She’s still determined to make I Rise happen.
  3. Yeah that intrigued me too. Great interview. I wonder if she still has the same vocal coach who we saw in the deleted scene from IGTYAS.
  4. Great post! As much as I admire her defiance, there are consequences when it comes to album and ticket sales.
  5. She has often come across as spiky and stiff in interviews over the past few years, so I wasn’t too surprised. But I actually thought in this case she made an effort to mix with the other guests and get into the spirit of the show. And she was pretty funny too.
  6. Me too. I think it’s also making the album appear incomplete in iTunes, so there’s that cloud symbol at the top even though I’ve downloaded all the actual music.
  7. Yes, it’s been vicious, but I knew that this would end up being a big (negative) story within about 30 seconds of her starting to sing, and I imagine I’m not the only one who foresaw that.
  8. Lol you’re making her sound like a frail old granny. We have no idea if there’s anything going on with her body or if she’s made a conscious decision to slow down for some reason.
  9. I think that’s a fair assessment and I’m surprised no one in her team picked up on any of this when they were developing the performance. I personally enjoyed it but it was totally wrong for this occasion and won’t help promote the album or tour.
  10. If that spoken part was from Dark Ballet, I can’t wait to hear the full song! Future sounded great too.
  11. I remember thinking Hung Up sounded a bit plodding and dull based on the short clip without the ABBA sample in the Motorola advert. How wrong I turned out to be! Definitely a good idea to reserve judgement.
  12. The medal table is officially ranked by number of golds, then silver etc. Sometimes countries re-order the table based on total number of medals to make themselves look better, as China seems to have done now
  13. I don't think that man's behaviour is acceptable at all, but clearly he's not right in the head. And the fact that somebody filmed this incident and it became news tells you that it's not a common occurrence. I've lived here most of my life, and the only time I've ever seen anyone confronted on public transport for speaking a foreign language was when tourists from, let's say, a "louder" culture were making a racket on a train and someone politely told them to be quiet, so the noise level was the issue, not the fact that they weren't speaking English. It's just a case of different cultural norms. In the case of this video I think they were just unlucky to be sitting near a nutter.
  14. No excuse for racism of course, but I find Spanish tourists can be a little loud. Perhaps that's what sparked this off?
  15. I really love this song. I remember I ordered the CD from Amazon.com and had to pay lots of import taxes! It was worth it, though.
  16. Quite the opposite: I thought she seemed very happy and relaxed during the COADF era. She was really charming on Parkinson's chat show, for example, and was a really good sport on that surreal Japanese SMAP TV programme, going along with their weird jokes.
  17. The lack of bass player is something I noticed too. I think the band just embellishes the backing tapes. Unapologetic Bitch, for example, just sounds like someone stuck the CD on. Are the drums real drums or just those electronic pads that are popular nowadays?
  18. I wonder if it's actually like a folder with all the album tracklistings in it?
  19. Yes, her voice was the perfect mix of strength and suppleness with pre-Evita grit. And yes, the "live" style of the tour video makes it look like it could have happened yesterday and you were really there, not like an artificial music video.
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