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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Yeah, it’s such a pity. Somebody needs to disable that slow-down-speed-up effect on her computer next time she edits her tour. Having said that, I couldn’t help but enjoy watching the DVD. It’s such an entertaining show.
  2. As others have said, I think the real weak link here is the poor backing band. It's hard to sound good if you're essentially singing on top of a CD, karaoke-style. I really enjoyed the choice of songs. What a treat to hear Like It or Not, Beautiful Stranger and American Life again after all this time. And Madonna looked beautiful throughout, both during the auction and the actual show.
  3. Unless you've actually seen her contract, this is just speculation. I doubt the colour of the vinyl makes any difference. Like @Kim said, probably they're just not allowed to remaster or alter tracklistings, judging by the kinds of things they've released since she left.
  4. When it first leaked I found it hard to see past the slightly crude, demo-ish sound to the production, but now compared with the album version I can see how much potential it had.
  5. Rio 2016 Olympics

    The medal table is officially ranked by number of golds, then silver etc. Sometimes countries re-order the table based on total number of medals to make themselves look better, as China seems to have done now
  6. Whoever picks the photos must have a sense of humour! It's almost like there's a random Madonna bootleg generator machine - you couldn't get a weirder combination of songs and pictures.
  7. I think Yokohama is from a laserdisc, and it's my preferred recording. The sound is very clear and punchy, and her voice isn't all worn out like it was later in the tour.
  8. Why is Cherish Live So Amazing?

    And it seems like Katy Perry based her whole ironic/cartoony shtick on this performance.
  9. Why is Cherish Live So Amazing?

    Yes those harmonies really add something to the song. And of course that brilliant band made the song sound amazing too.
  10. I don't like it. It's a typical loud modern master with no dynamic range, so the drums lose their "punch". That's one of my favourite things about the original master, even if it's a bit too quiet overall.
  11. Same here. And it was such a surprise to wake up and find out she'd released the first part of the album out of the blue.
  12. True Blue, Bedtime Stories, Rebel Heart (just noticed she has virtually the same hairstyle/look in all three)
  13. I agree with Kim. This tour has its faults, such as the "squash court" lighting, the Casio keyboard band, and some lifeless reinventions, but I think it gets an unfair rap from fans. And yes, she sounds amazing on that live CD, and it doesn't have that soft, fake, re-tuned sound that the later tour CDs have. The opening with the yoga poses is one of the great Madonna moments in my opinion. Well, according to the choreographer, BAT was slapped together at the last minute, and look how that turned out.