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  1. Real_Madonna

    Australia legalizes marriage equality!

    🌈 L O V E W O N 🌈 Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia! Congratulations everyone!!
  2. Real_Madonna

    Cyril Hahn

    After trying to find some new music, I came across a few goodens from a new Swiss producer named Cyril Hahn. Anyone know any other producers that use similar ambient house beats like this??
  3. Real_Madonna

    Which tours have you seen live?

    Only seen Rebel Heart (Australia). Would have lived if I saw confessions and MDNA
  4. They/she spent money and effort to not only record the bloody show, but to edit the fuckin' thing aswell!! There will be a release of some sort I'm sure! Maybe not physical but there will be a release.
  5. Real_Madonna

    I miss Living for Love

    Best song to sing in your head! You just wanna shout it out and let everyone know what a great song it is. Love the melody the rhythm! So good!!
  6. Never heard this one! My favourite is demo 3. Love the way it builds durning the 2nd verse. This demo doesn't sit with me tho... Doesn't seem to go anywhere and kingdom does weird... Probably because I'm used to house tho.
  7. Real_Madonna

    Will she add and change things this tour?

    I think she should replace candy shop with best night.
  8. Real_Madonna


    Omg the build during the 2nd verse in demo 3! :superman: The whole of demo 3! :superman:
  9. The more I watch the more I'm starting to like the show, I'm sure once I've seen some decent videos in a few weeks I'll love it!! The biggest problem I think can be said in two words: Jamie King.
  10. I don't want them bashing her every time I bring her up, them talking shit about her hurts me.
  11. I also feel like this is RIT 2.0, seems like she may be trying to warm up with the public again. She's not in the best light atm, so this show might be an attempt to fix that. Smart women. If that's the case I'm all abord for Confessions 2.0!
  12. Sorry but I have to agree with ppourhomme80... Yes I've only seen fan clips from YouTube but so far I haven't seen one dance break yet! Songs like bitch I'm Madonna scream for it! All we got got was a fan dance... The breakdown in devil prays is another example. Something about this show is off I think it's this plus no new remixes of many of the songs (been a fan since confessions so reinvented classics is what I know!) This is my first Madonna show (Australian) and a lot of my friends are coming with me and I wanted them to see the dancing show stopper Madonna! I don't want them saying "the show was good but Kylie last year was just as good", I wanted them to be blown away! I guess I shouldn't fully judge till we get some decnet videos tho.
  13. Wasn't rescue me a rumored intrude...? Maybe it's been mixed with LFL because its the first track of the section? Like long intro sorta thing? Would explain the use of studio vocals.
  14. Me thinks her latest Instagram pics may be from the program?
  15. If holiday is the last song I expect a big dance mix!
  16. What happened to the leaked snippets that guy had?!
  17. Real_Madonna

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    Yeah... Bitch! Currently watching orange is the new black
  18. Real_Madonna

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    Whatever ever happened to the leaked audio clips?
  19. Real_Madonna

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    She needs a mediaeval theme! The whole album should have been medievalist!
  20. Real_Madonna

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    I know I'm in the minority here but I really don't get the fuss over those two dancers... To me it seems to be just a lot of hand movements. I'm gonna get shot for saying this but its almost as if M is using them as an excuse to not dance as "hard" as she did in the previous tours. I mean she is almost 60! Her knees would have to be starting to show wear.
  21. So I'm currently playing Rebel Heart via Spotify and it's playing the demo version of Inside Out?! Is it just me? I'm playing the regular version of the album as well not the one marked with (Deluxe). It actually sounds like it's been mastered? What's happening?!
  22. Real_Madonna

    Inside out on Spotify?

    I don't like drugs. I drink huge amounts of water thinking it'll flush them out of my system faster.