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  1. Just played through Spotify Australia. Wow, let me say this. It's... Interesting Totally like the sounds sonically, very unique and forward thinking I think. But for me, nothing has really clicked yet. I think it's going to be the kind of album that takes a few spins to fully understand and take in. God Control I would say is my favourite track so far because I love the disco feel. I don't search I find has a great house sound to it too. I will say that If heard these songs in a random playlist generated by Spotify and I didn't know they were M, I would probably skip. I also don't like the amount of autotune/vocal effects she's used in the album, almost every song. Overall it's not what I was expecting, but is that a bad thing? Hard to say after one listen. Definitely will be playing a few times, hopefully I fully appreciate it then.
  2. She says something What does she sing first in the verse? Sounds like "... Make my light shinnnnnnneeeee" that part makes my heart skip a beat
  3. OMFG!! I just heard the rehearsal clip! Future sounds beyond amazing You know that feeling you get when you hear a Madonna song for the first time, it kinda pulls are your heart strings? This LQ 10 second clip gave that to me.
  4. I assume this text from the M store has been posted? "Also the hymnic song "I Rise", the Jamaican dancehall vibes of "Future" feat. Quavo and coproduced by Diplo, and the acoustically innovative "Dark Ballet", produced by Mirwais, are just a few examples."
  5. The same is true for retailers and vendors for physical and digital albums.
  6. I do agree about the quality issue. Artists do get paid from Spotify and other streaming platforms though, they get a payment from each stream. So in theory, I guess the artist could earn more from someone constantly streaming their music vs a single buy of an album.
  7. No I'm staying M with stars shooting out of her fucking head on the album cover with the word "Magic" above it would be the tackiest shit.
  8. Are you guys serious? That would be tackiest shit...
  9. Madonna WWD: "I’m finishing my record, which I’m going to release next year In between rose mist spray and serums, I’m actually making music. Can’t quit my day job." Rip Source
  10. Don't mind the look on her, I loved the styling of her birthday outfit more. I think the public will say she looks crazy though...
  11. Getting ready!! https://m.facebook.com/madonna/videos/256192365015740/?notif_id=1534818586595947&notif_t=notify_me_page&ref=notif
  12. She's wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf... I highly doubt it's for the album
  13. L O V E W O N Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia! Congratulations everyone!!
  14. Best song to sing in your head! You just wanna shout it out and let everyone know what a great song it is. Love the melody the rhythm! So good!!
  15. I've got a bit of an odd request but I was trying to find some new pictures of M on the tour but in a similar style to these: Was hoping to try and find one with her lined up with the nuns at the start of holy water. These images seem to stem from Tumblr but so far no luck! Need a new wallpaper on my phone Thanks!
  16. Never heard this one! My favourite is demo 3. Love the way it builds durning the 2nd verse. This demo doesn't sit with me tho... Doesn't seem to go anywhere and kingdom does weird... Probably because I'm used to house tho.
  17. Where can I find the best audio? I need that mix of HBC with LDLHAM!and Holy Water
  18. I think she should replace candy shop with best night.
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