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  1. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    Music video "Sexercise" from KMO

    Surprised you guys like it! Was expecting to and see a roasting. Video is cute and she looks great! Scenes of her dancing with the cowboys and the spinning lights in the background is a bit cheesy though... One step above the crystallize video. Excited for the next single 😍

    Happy Australia Day!!
  4. Australia legalizes marriage equality!

    🌈 L O V E W O N 🌈 Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia! Congratulations everyone!!
  5. Kilo Mango

    You fags have clearly not blasted OANLT in the car on a late summer night while touching yourself seductively and screaming the words out loud. Nothing better
  6. Kilo Mango

    There was a time she ruled the world (Albeit for 15 minutes), such a happy time.
  7. Kellyanne Minogue Thread 🐎

  8. Which tours have you seen live?

    Only seen Rebel Heart (Australia). Would have lived if I saw confessions and MDNA
  9. The Lady Gaga Thread

    I do like that hair style on her though
  10. They/she spent money and effort to not only record the bloody show, but to edit the fuckin' thing aswell!! There will be a release of some sort I'm sure! Maybe not physical but there will be a release.
  11. The breakdown at the end... Lord!!! I used to blast that shit so loud!
  12. Melbourne March 12 Show!!!

    The Aussie flag suites her she should retire here
  13. Melbourne March 12 Show!!!

  14. Melbourne March 12 Show!!!

    Can anyone tell me if the side curtains fall with the front one?
  15. Melbourne March 12 Show!!!

    THANK FUCK!!! *Tears of joy*
  16. Melbourne March 12 Show!!!

    I hope not!! That's the song I was looking forward to most!!! I heard she left it out of the NZ shows because the arena was too small... Here's hoping that's the case for Melbourne and Sydneys is a big enough for it.
  17. Melbourne March 12 Show!!!

    Can anyone confirm if the staircase for heartbreak city is there or not? Saw a picture of the arena and looks like its not...
  18. Just saw a picture of Rod Laver Arena (Melbourne) and there's no staircase for HEARTBREAKCITY... I guess they won't be filming there. Unless they do an MDNA and mix parts from different shows.
  19. Sorry if this has been discussed but I only just heard that HBC wasn't performed in NZ because the venue was to small! Is that gonna happen here in Australia?! (Sydney in particular ;P) it's my second favourite song of RH so I need to hear it live!
  20. I miss Living for Love

    Best song to sing in your head! You just wanna shout it out and let everyone know what a great song it is. Love the melody the rhythm! So good!!
  21. I've got a bit of an odd request but I was trying to find some new pictures of M on the tour but in a similar style to these: Was hoping to try and find one with her lined up with the nuns at the start of holy water. These images seem to stem from Tumblr but so far no luck! Need a new wallpaper on my phone Thanks!
  22. Never heard this one! My favourite is demo 3. Love the way it builds durning the 2nd verse. This demo doesn't sit with me tho... Doesn't seem to go anywhere and kingdom does weird... Probably because I'm used to house tho.
  23. Where the decent bootlegs

    Where can I find the best audio? I need that mix of HBC with LDLHAM!and Holy Water
  24. Will she add and change things this tour?

    I think she should replace candy shop with best night.