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  1. :lmao:

    And you can always count on the Daily Fail to spin a story just on her hands


    Ever youthful Madonna, 54, is betrayed by by her ageing hands as she steps out without trademark gloves


    She has the face and body of a 20-something. Nobody can deny that Madonna Louise Ciccone, 54, looks and executes herself impressively as a performer well into her fifth decade. In fact, it's almost hard to remember how old she really is, until - that is - she does something like forget to wear her trademark gloves to a meeting


    Can they get any more moronic?

    Old grandma on steroids hands! LADY GAGA on the otherhand has youthful, smooth, healthy, feminine, charming, artistic hands :inlove:



  2. As a fan of Lady Gaga, I agree whoever posted that blog entry did something horrible. They obviously haven't done their homework. However, Madonna fans who blame this (and other things Monsters have done) on Gaga also hasn't done their homework. Gaga has gone on her social media site, LittleMonsters.com, and posted several comments and messages to her fans urging them not to bash other artists. But she can not control that many people and she shouldn't be held responsible for them. That's their parent's job. Gaga only encourages love and acceptance, so to blame her for encouraging anything vile and hateful is ridiculous!


  3. If this thing has Gaga in it im not interested anymore.

    You should be grateful. Madonna needs LADY GAGA to succeed. She bullied MOTHER on the MDMA tour mocking Born This Way and used that controversy to sell tickets. GAGA is edgy and an iconoclast who will give an irrelevant Madonna much needed exposure.

  4. Has Madonna ever won this award ( not that awards matter:), since she has pretty much done more for the gays then any other straight or gay person?


    No she hasn't! LADY GAGA is the queen of the gays. Her support is organic and authentic. She took a large risk releasing the gay anthem Born This Way. She has marched on Washington for the gays. She and her many millions of monsters were instrumental in getting Don't Ask Don't Tell overturned. Her Born This Way foundation is saving gays lives! She is a hero to the gays and has received many gay accolades for her activism. I don't understand why Madonna is presenting this award? LADY GAGA has won the GLAAD Media award twice!


  5. It doesn't really matter who appears at No. 1 on the Boxscore- after all, it's not like all of the reported boxscores occurred in the same week. They appear when the numbers are reported, regardless of when the concerts took place.

    Doesn't matter! LADY GAGA is number 1 on the chart this week. madonna and everyone else below that number one position are lesser and irrelevant especially in the history books years from now. When they look back on this week 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years from now they will only focus on who was number 1 and that honor goes to LADY GAGA.

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