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  1. So I'll just be emotionally in tears tonight then. She is like no other.
  2. Just catching up on all the reports from the London show and it's pretty much life itself. What an incredible night!! So happy for all of you who were there!!
  3. That body and that face! Gorgeous.
  4. Just had to echo the for this great post. 100 percent this.
  5. I've been a fan since 1984 but the Confessions era is one of my favorite eras of all time. I loved everything. Obsessed still. The album, promo, tour, styling, colors, vibe. All of it. Lush and fabulous as fuck.
  6. If you look at earlier pages of this thread (if I recall correctly) there's a helpful post that explains what denotes a sellout for each venue. There is a pre-agreed upon number of tickets that need to be sold at each arena to equal a "sell out" by the management. If that number is reached, it is reported as sold out.
  7. This! She looks fantastic. And very at ease.
  8. I think the crowd in Nashville will be pretty good because it's her first time there. Many people will be getting their first experience ... and once they see her right in front of them they'll get caught up in it. I'm considering going myself since a friend of mine lives there and is going to see her for the first time!
  9. Wow is right! Incredible picture.
  10. Decent vid of LAV from LA. She gave them some extra floor humps after she takes her shirt off lol.
  11. Always loved this song. Takes me back to a very specific time of my childhood so clearly. All the books I've read and the things I know ...
  12. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. Thanks for posting!
  13. Seriously teared up a little watching the LAP clip again. Her voice just sounds like home to me.
  14. This show!!! LAP!!! It keeps getting better and better as it goes along! Slay queen.
  15. She seems to be flourishing on this tour and I think it's exactly what she needed. The MDNA tour was incredible but it was very massive and strenuous and it seemed to wear her down as it went along. Which was understandable, I'm sure most tours end up doing that. RHT is energetic and physical too but in a different way and she seems to be relaxed and having fun and really settled into it.
  16. https://instagram.com/p/9SHoYzugaN/
  17. She's complete and total perfection. Gorgeous af.
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