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  1. Gaga is dethroned. Cupcakke is qween of the gays. Ended homophobia:
  2. Taylor Swift 1989-2016 may she never rest in peace. There's a new queen in town anyway! (NSFW)
  3. I have to admit I've been scared to read this thread for fear that one of our own members would be injured or worse. My sincerest wishes to anyone and everyone affected by the devastation.
  4. Are you sure? I know an applebees that'll accommodate us!
  5. Really? I thought she was getting things crackin'. I wanna party with her!
  6. I was just reading about this! Look at Patricia compared to Katrina: #PrayForULIZOS
  7. Xtina is looking terrible these days...
  8. Is it not sold at Target or Walmart? I recently checked both those stores cd aisles and if it was there I was going to pick it up but nada.
  9. Everyone loves Lana's hair like that:
  10. I actually like the album cover. That's the only thing I've liked so far. Urban Outfitters Exclusive Cover: