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  1. Gaga is dethroned. Cupcakke is qween of the gays. Ended homophobia:
  2. Say which candidate you like and I'll have it for you C'mon into my poll I've got ballots galore Don't pretend you're not voting I've seen it before I got Hillary the win baby and so much more
  3. Madonna: "One more song" Crowd member: AMERICAN PIE!"
  4. From what I'm able to see Express Yourself, Don't Tell Me, and Imagine. Now Facebook isn't working for me
  5. The periscope one isn't working for me but the Facebook one is!
  6. Is anyone here in washington square? I'm checking instagram for any buzz.
  7. Has anyone seen the Madonna filter on snapchat?? Even snapchat knows whats up
  8. Taylor Swift 1989-2016 may she never rest in peace. There's a new queen in town anyway! (NSFW)