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  1. No! She has a torn hip! Cartilage hanging off the bones!
  2. Bytch I'm collecting cans on my block and moving to section 8 so I can look like this!!
  3. Jessica Simpson is so dumb

    The song that capitalized on her stupidity, BUT it's still my jam! I remember I bought the cd at war-mart and I listened to only this song (track 2) in my walkman on my way to school
  4. Happy Birthday Sir William!! :inlove:

    1. Bill


      Thank you Sir Christopher!

  5. Baby tell me why, tell me why, oh you're gonna have to justify this waiting for you, just waiting can't you see I'm waiting for you, don't break my heart...
  6. Lana Del Rey

    I must admit, I kind of hoped for that lullaby she wrote to be on the album. Someone remixed it into an actual song and it's my favorite LDR song right now!
  7. Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    I have to admit I've been scared to read this thread for fear that one of our own members would be injured or worse. My sincerest wishes to anyone and everyone affected by the devastation.
  8. Justin Timberlake thread

    I haven't seen it in a while How is it?
  9. We're going to need a DVD/Blu-ray/HD Digital combo pack of this as well
  10. Are you sure? I know an applebees that'll accommodate us!
  11. Really? I thought she was getting things crackin'. I wanna party with her!
  12. I loved Like a Prayer especially since it was a treat for the City of Angels, but Ghosttown
  13. SAN DIEGO 10/29

    Have fun everyone! <3