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  1. For now here are mine. This of course will change. Think LFM will always be my absolute fav though. Looking For Mercy Dark Ballet Faz Gostoso Extreme Occident God Control Bonus - Bitch I’m Loca. Such a fun track.
  2. Love hearing her thoughts and memories on her work. I could literally listen to her talk and share stories like this for days and never grow bored.
  3. Awful so many are having issues with their orders. Have had issues with them in the past myself, and was a bit apprehensive about going through them again, but thankfully had a smooth transaction this time.
  4. Absolutely amazing and effective. So proud! No other mainstream artist that I can think of would dare go where Madonna boldly goes.
  5. Another great idea. You’d think that her team would be as savvy and creative as well. In all fairness to her team, though, it has gotten a lot better this era. Improvements are still needed however.
  6. Always exciting when a new Madonna video is on the way, but I am especially excited for this one. Think it’s really gonna be an important addition to her videography.
  7. Love this. Probably the closest we will get to an extended mix.
  8. This is cruel, heartless, vile, and inhumane. This is child abuse. Period.
  9. Madly in love with this song, and I absolutely adore Nikki Finn’s guest vocals.
  10. Love this song!! Such a fun catchy track.
  11. Wholeheartedly agree. The truth and horror of this subject must be represented no matter how frightening and ugly it is.
  12. This song is absolutely stunning gorgeous. I love it so.
  13. Simply can’t wait for this video. Fans aside, there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a video that will be both revered and reviled, as usual for Madonna.
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