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  1. I am so looking forward to her performance at the Grammy's. Nobody puts on a better show than Madonna, and they never will.
  2. So amazing! Only Madonna can touch my heart like this. Cries. Love it all so much!
  3. This has always been a fav of mine, nothing recent , but still amazing. http://youtu.be/NhmYw6KJ-X0
  4. Everybody Physical Attraction Live To Tell Open Your Heart Express Yourself Keep It Together Deeper and Deeper Playground Secret I Want You Frozen Sorry Don't Tell Me Get Together Music
  5. One of my favorite movies. And TUTBMP is my favorite M ballad.
  6. She looks so beautiful. The hair and makeup give me Bedtime Story video vibes. Love it.
  7. Like A Prayer (BAT) Hung Up (CT) Keep It Together (BAT) Bye Bye Baby (GS) Gang Bang La Isla Bonita (GS) Music Inferno I'm Addicted Holiday (BAT) Vogue (GS)
  8. Don't really care what it is, I'm just excited she may perform.
  9. I would love to have this make the next set list... http://youtu.be/UHVY4NO4xSk
  10. This Used To Be My Playground, Deeper & Deeper, Physical Attraction, Justify My Love, Everybody, I'll Remember, Nothing Really Matters, Secret.
  11. I heard it on the radio twice, but saw it on Mtv and VH-1 all the time.
  12. Bad Girl Secret I'll Remember Open Your Heart You'll See Has To Be Borderline Skin Like A Prayer Playground
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