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  1. 1 hour ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    When are senior Republicans going to do the right thing and call out Trump for his pathetic tantrums in denying the election results and trying to change the result by spreading ridiculous wrong conspiracy theories. This is democracy on the line. It is like the cowards who passively stood by Hitler and the Nazi party from the beginning. Trump is a fascist and a compulsive liar who only thinks of himself. He is pouring as much gasoline on the situation as possible and lying to his base. Such a dangerous buffoon. 

    Not only that, but where is democratic leadership these days? Why aren’t they putting up a bigger fight and being more vocal about all these ridiculous claims?

    I heard someone recently say something along the lines of “Democrats are sitting by quietly and calmly in a burning building.”  And that’s what it feels like to me, too. We have one party that will stop at nothing to illicitly remain in power while the other party has been so passive, ineffectual, and weak throughout most of this Trump nightmare. 

  2. 26 minutes ago, IsaacHarris said:


    Off topic, but I watched Carrie on Halloween & she STOLE THE SHOW  :lol:


    "These are godless times..."

    Agreed. There was another horror film she was in that was released around the same time called Ruby. I believe it was right after Carrie. She was batshit in that one, too. She has a way of making insane such a delight to watch on screen. 

    “Pimples are the Lords way of chastising you.” :lol:

  3. 7 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    He depresses me so much. To think the leader of the free world and president of the United States could Re-tweet such juvenile ,vile, dehumanising stuff for a start is terrible. Then to think, he has somewhat “ normalised” it is doubly alarming. I would expect that tweet from a feral, stupid half-witted idiot. I can’t imagine ANY leader of the past being so obviously offensive and stupid. The level of offensive stupidity is staggering.  The fact this buffoon is admired by anyone is depressing 



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