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  1. No. I feel the same way. I love Billie’s album but the headline$ are a bit ott. The live performances I’ve seen from her (and I haven’t seen many) have been dreadful and borderline cringeworthy. I must also mention that I really started noticing these forced and usually completely undeserving reviews/headlines more with the arrival of Gaga and Swift and it has only gotten worse since.
  2. Yes, and she was in another horror movie from around the same time called Ruby that I enjoyed. It’s nowhere near as good as Carrie, though.
  3. Same. I’ve never been to Dollywood, either, although my Mom is wanting us all to go soon. And, yes, very beautiful places.
  4. I grew up near smoky mountains, gatlinburg and Knoxville. I’m not far from them now.
  5. Not really a fan of the song but this came to mind
  6. So glad you like it @runa She is a gem.
  7. Oh how wonderful. That she’s sweet and seemingly humble makes me love her even more. She deserves all the success in the world. She is enormously talented and I look forward to seeing what she does next.
  8. Right. Her personality does seem a bit forced and even a bit irritating at times, but she’s 17. I can ignore that part for awhile. Hopefully she will grow out of it.
  9. Such a fresh and interesting talent. She’s a self-taught violinist who writes, plays, and produces her own music. I’m listening to her EP as we speak. I really love these a lot so far. It’s folk, r&b, and a little electronic. Such a unique artist.
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