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  1. Wonder which one of her Hello Kitty coloring books (since she has the mind and intellect of a child) she will use as inspiration for her next album? Or perhaps she'll use something like this one...
  2. It's all the hammer-toed harlot has. Happy anniversary to the lush, btw. I kid, I kid.
  3. I bet ol' Moo is curled up right now underneath her fully decorated Christmas tree, three sheets to the wind, feverishly fingering herself thinking about all those number 1's while AIWFCIY is on repeat in the background.
  4. Bitch don't speak for me or thank this night soil on my behalf. No self-respecting gay person I know gives a shit about her let alone feels indebted to her for her pand.. Errr, contributions to the community.
  5. I almost went with II, but choose Gone. Think it would have been a perfect way to end that era.
  6. No need to pity her. She has made so many passive aggressive comments about so many other celebs - has sent her clown possee (many of which she has on her payroll) to attack anyone she considered a threat over the years. She also encouraged her monster cult to demean and bully other artists and fanbases on social media, all while she sat back and played the victim, which lets face it, is her true talent. She made her bed now let her lie in it. Fuck her.
  7. Love It!! And the GS performance gives me goosebumps. It definitely needs another live performance. It's message is just as powerful today as it was then and needs to be heard far and wide.
  8. I swear she has a victim identity. Always the perpetual victim. She feeds off the attention It gives her.
  9. Yep. Vile and morally reprehensible.
  10. And one of her dumb fans obviously proud to film people dancing to it. So embarrassing for them.
  11. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/lady-gagas-heartbreaking-confession-fame-10094474