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  1. So shes made her friend having cancer all about her and how hard it is on HER?!? And then plugs the album. This bitch is unreal.
  2. I think they took all creative control from her...which was wise of them.
  3. Yes! I was surprised to find that. I just couldnt bring myself to pay 100 on ebay for it. I would feel foul. I went ahead and got the dance mix off ebay for a decent price tho.
  4. After 27 years Moo finally shows us her talent....and I bet she does it with the greatest of ease.
  5. I struck out on my copy. I did however find a brand new copy of MDNA and only paid 12 bucks for it, so that made me feel a little better.
  6. Gonna go out and get mine in a few. Hope its there.
  7. Coming for 10 million on US radio already. Think we have another MR situation. We gotta turn off the radio.
  8. I feel sorry for Stella having to lift and wipe an ass of that size.
  9. I imagine she makes poor Stella get down and rub lard on those clonkers to get them to slide in those heels.
  10. Trust...its better that way, Pedro.
  11. And initially they predicted 75k. The Goob just never meets expectations. Still rolling over "the Terri Schiavo campaign."
  12. What happened to The Boar on itunes? Definitely not in the top 10.
  13. Very surprised it didnt get a discount today in the US
  14. I bet Stella also wipes her ass and has to turn her every two hours when she's in the bed to prevent pressure ulcers.