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  1. She should start a line of cankle bracelets and sell them on HSN.
  2. And bitch put these on sale right after Superbowl. Just imagine what it would look like had she not paid to do Halftime .
  3. The moose The moose The moose is on fire
  4. My 16-year-old niece lives with me and my partner, so naturally she has grown up hearing her music and seeing her videos. She absolutely loves her. Some of her friends in school are into her now because of my niece. And to stay on topic, they most definitely need to improve the youtube/vevo situation. Shes the greatest video star of all time afterall, and no excuses can be made for these kind of blunders.
  5. I adore Spotlight. Such a cute and fun little song.
  6. i bet she makes Stella remove all the XL tags from her clothes and replace them with a size S.
  7. Exactly. Then she will go on a sympathy tour, write a song about it, then launch another album off the miscarriage lie. She will do anything for a headline and some pity
  8. "Jus juicin" So fucking lame God, I hate her
  9. How amazing! Such a wonderful lady. So inspiring.
  10. How wonderful! ❤❤❤
  11. Manure is suddenly back on power rotation on Z100. Just pull the plug already. Its already dead on Spotify.