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  1. Oh, God, she's gonna rip off Dolly's Why'd You Come In Here Looking Like That I hate her
  2. You cant believe anything monsters say - theyre compulsive liars like their Mommie.
  3. Yasss OMG Gaga you look so beautiful!
  4. So Moo may be starting her own beauty company soon.
  5. Seriously, what is going on with her boobs?
  6. Looks like The Boar will likely have to settle for a #39 peak on Billboard. Pop seems to be ditching it. What a failure she is without her cheap gimmicks and deep discounts. She better get back in the studio with Tony ASAP
  7. Nobody wants to pay to see that lethargic yak in heels on stage.
  8. I suffer second hand embarrassment everytime I see the paws up shit.
  9. Just came across another remaster.
  10. I found it, although its mislabeled.
  11. The official Ultimix did end with JML. This one cut out the intro of Madonna talking and it cut out a chunk of Vogue and it cut out the outro of Madonna spoofing Paula Abdul . There were other megamixes that did incorporate the Ultimix Medley into them that did pick up after Justify tho.
  12. That Ultimix Medley you posted is one of the best. I believe it came out with the release of IC. This one has been trimmed down tho. It originally runs a little over 14 minutes I believe. I have it somewhere and would have to check for the exact time.