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  1. Can’t wait for his inevitable heart attack. Ive felt awful about having these feelings and wishing such a thing, but I just don’t fucking care anymore. Hopefully it will happen on live tv and he loses control of his bowels and bladder as a degrading bonus.
  2. Don’t forget about the critically acclaimed “For Richer or Poorer,” with the equally awful Tim Allen.
  3. No thanks. Not into the self-loathing, self-serving living a double life gay. He’s vile.
  4. Why did he even bother announcing this? He’s been photographed getting intimate with male strippers and going to gay bars for years now?
  5. I’m gonna need a barf bag when I have to vote for this fool.
  6. Thank you! How anyone can ignore the activities that occurred under his leadership as mayor is beyond me. And that’s just one of many problematic issues with no substance Pete.
  7. I’m a Bernie supporter myself, but at this point I’d vote for a houseplant if it meant getting that disgusting vile despot out.
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