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  1. HQ Photos Thread

    This is actually my edit, I uploaded the original and the edited one edit= https://mega.nz/#!2UpQTDKC!Y0IWRslhYaOFjrApa2tmzzu6sdIcFdfimE3naa8g0AU original= https://mega.nz/#!uIA1DLKJ!S5SzixOn7aVM2UoaYWLP46PI1_UXqGYWDDawJHGg7sI
  2. She wishes to have a film as iconic as glitter
  3. Paula Abdul wearing a similar dress around the time
  4. Madonna RARE

  5. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    So this guy is the reason she is back to the youthful long hair.
  6. probably the brother *gagas father, abused the sister and somewhat she got killed, when gaga was born he abused gaga calling her joanne
  7. Madonna RARE

  8. WB "Masters" on sale on Ebay?

  9. Madonna RARE

  10. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    its the most radio friendly song on the album thats for sure