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  1. realityisalways

    Hole - "Celebrity Skin"

    Dying & Northern Star are masterpieces, they literally do not have one single flaw. Probably the best songs of her career.
  2. Yep it sounds like it's just a 6 episode summer thing.
  3. I think it's a great idea, there's a lot of nostalgia for some of these acts, I hope they bring back MC Hammer and he serves a bit of this:
  4. x I don't know if anyone else saw the advertisment on ABC during the BBMAs yesterday but they featured Straight Up from Paula Abdul, MMMBop from Hanson, Waterfalls from TLC and Bye Bye Bye from Nsync, so they will probably perform! during the ad they said that current performers would perform with classic performers from the 80's 90's and 00's
  5. realityisalways

    Tours costumes & Madonna's arms

    It's all part of the ritual, we are not allowed to discuss in more detail though with the uninitiated
  6. realityisalways

    Tour with the BEST set-list?

    Confessions and then Under My Spell Tour.
  7. Why would they sue foreign governments? We all know it didn't come from the outside.
  8. realityisalways

    World's best city for expats revealed

    I went to Dusseldorf for a job interview, it's so fucking grey and sad I noped the fuck out of there. Not sure why Copenhagen is in the least desirable though, perhaps because of the locals attitudes towards foreigners? I lived there and it wasn't that bad, although living in Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark after CPH) was a much better experience.
  9. Only the DEMO Version, the album version is weak
  10. realityisalways

    Miami January 23

  11. realityisalways

    Miami January 24

  12. realityisalways

    Miami January 24

    please say what happened