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  1. Why would they sue foreign governments? We all know it didn't come from the outside.
  2. I went to Dusseldorf for a job interview, it's so fucking grey and sad I noped the fuck out of there. Not sure why Copenhagen is in the least desirable though, perhaps because of the locals attitudes towards foreigners? I lived there and it wasn't that bad, although living in Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark after CPH) was a much better experience.
  3. She should not do albums, just do videos, a new one every 3 months, non-stop.
  4. He's disgusting: https://twitter.com/MartinShkreli/status/645735724327829504
  5. 1st Single: Inside Out (Polished Demo Version) It would drop unexpectedly, song on Itunes and Vevo Video at the same time. Grammy performance with Madonna at the piano a some point. 2nd Single: Wash All Over Me (Polished Demo Version) The video would be a end of times apocalypse, Madonna calmly walking while through chaotic streets in a destruction filled NYC with fires all around, people running, it starts raining at around the drop at 1:35, people start getting wet, Madonna closes her eyes looking up feeling the rain cleaning up all the mess, a kid smiles, people start helping each other, the camera zooms in a plant that's just starting to grow from the soil and the camera zooms out and it's at the other side of the river and you can see NYC at the other side with the sunlight starting to shine and a rainbow covering the sky. 3rd Single: Devil Pray (album version) 4th and final single: Queen (demo just like it is) Video would be a bit bleak like the "Iconic" opening video, armies, wars, soldiers carrying her image and destroying it at the end. Basically: Madonna is the Queen and there's a coup d'etat. At the end when it says "May God Bless you all" you can see this lavish funeral for the Queen and people are looking sad and gently sobbing while a preacher is making the sign of the holy cross.
  6. It has to be about multiple people, because Madonna mentions pretty or something like that and GaGa, well..
  7. ATTENTION! Madonna's fans from all over the world are watching "Bitch I'm Madonna" as many times as possible, so the video can reach 100 million views before Madonna's birthday. The VEVO certificate would be the best present this year! SHARE the video now with hashtag‪#‎madonnabirthday‬
  8. Yes, she's said it herself, she wants to become a horse breeder and retire from the public eye. She will drop the "Madonna" and will be simply Louise. It is said she has requested everyone around her to call her Louise from now on.
  9. Already Posted: http://forums.madonnanation.com/index.php?s=fd53091cd229b6158c66f71fab85d4bc&showtopic=50186
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