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  1. Looks like she has indeed filmed a video! This screenshot from one of the scenes has leaked!
  2. Im sorry but Lisa is obsessed with beat goes on she has too many videos performing the song https://twitter.com/KONRADKASPAREK/status/1122628548081045504/video/1?fbclid=IwAR2YuCv3duKl5N_cyFgXNhHe1qIcgtgVVMFCl-yVH0au63r3ABo4Pupa6yA
  3. This is a great review and interpretation of many themes and lyrics in the album, some that I certainly hadn't noticed at all
  4. Why is everyone so sure that there will be a faz gostoso video? I think I read somewhere that Anitta said there would be no video, where is this confirmation that seems everyone has seen except me?
  5. Outstanding. I am really loving this Era so far. Hope we get a relaxed carefree fun Faz Gostoso video to balance things out tho.
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