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  1. I think people try too hard to make it "deep" or "mean" something when it's just silly. Basically what Lady Gaga's fans do with all of her music.
  2. Love it!! Nothing will ever top the original but this is great! Sounds official even.
  3. Really? I always thought this song was dumb. I deleted it from my iTunes because it's just annoying. I'd rather listen "Jimmy Jimmy" all day long :ohmy:
  4. The MDNA Tour - September 4th, 2012, Boston MA Was gonna go to Confessions and S&S but something came up each time unfortunately.
  5. I love the MDNA ballad version and I think it was genius to mix it with some of the score to W.E But I have to say the Confessions one is my favorite - something about it makes you wanna dance in a way that the original doesn't! Plus, the clean and pristine flashing lights, sexy strapped up outfit and the carousel horse...it was perfection.
  6. Revolver as well! I just thought it was dumb when I first heard it but I love it now (the David Guetta version without Lil' Wayne lol) The MDNA version isn't bad either but that's not what made me like it.
  7. Confessions Tour Blond Ambition Tour MDNA Tour Drowned World Tour Sticky and Sweet Tour The Virgin Tour Who's That Girl Tour Re-Invention Tour The Girlie Show
  8. I love the way she sings "I feel loooooooooooooooooooooove" in the Future Lovers/I Feel Love mix from The Confessions Tour. I also love her Papa Don't Preach voice! It's almost a little raspy but in a good way. The soft sound in Promise To Try and The Power of Goodbye make them some of my favorites. I think the way she sings in Falling Free is very beautiful as well. Crystal clear, but you can still feel the emotion. Funny because I read that she was sick the day she went in to record that.
  9. I have to vote for "Give It 2 Me" from S&S, LOVE the energy!
  10. "Open Your Heart" was surprisingly my favorite, I thought it would be "Gang Bang" because that was amazing when I saw it live (still is). I can't remember if she even did OYH at my show, but she probably did lol. It was just very warm and uplifting in a different way than the original track is. My favorite interlude is still my favorite from when I originally saw the show and that's "Best Friend/Heartbeat". There's almost some kind of supernatural/robotic/zombie vibe to it that I love. All in all it was good, the visual effects in the intro were way over-done and beyond annoying but luckily they toned down once she began with "Girl Gone Wild". Sometimes I felt like the music was down too low or something and her vocals were unnaturally loud, but maybe that's just me. I also found the lighting/filter effects rather harsh at some points too. She looks like a cartoon character for most of "Vogue". We'll see if the DVD is any different! Confessions is still my favorite though
  11. At first I thought in Future Lovers she was saying "give me evidence of his brilliance" and I was like geez wtf is her problem. I'm not religious whatsoever but I thought it was kind of rude and snappy hahahahaha My friend who I brought to the MDNA Tour with me texted me a few days after and claimed she "sucks at rhyming" in Like a Prayer and gave the example: "just like a mystery, you are a mystery" LOL.
  12. I used to love "Give It 2 Me". Now the only version I listen to is the S&S one (because of the energy), but the original song is boring to me now
  13. Bedtime Stories. I'm not really big on "smooth" R&B sounds but I really like the messages she put across in this album. Some really great songs too, it's slowly crept up to my top 5.
  14. I don't think that's what the rap was about I got the feeling that the rap was about him being more fresh than ever and the rest was directed to whoever the song was about. But to answer your first question, yes, I find it insulting that his rap was added into the album.
  15. Although I agree that it's an album, the fact that it's all inspired by that one movie sort of takes something away from it for me. Almost like it had to be only one thing. I understand what a concept album is, but this almost seems like "if we could put more songs into this movie these would be them"...and I'm not so into the movie anyways. It's an album, I just don't look at it as a Madonna album, almost like an album she was enlisted to make.
  16. Probably not my favorite, but one of my all time favorites. She just looks so different in this photo and I love it. Beautiful, mature, classy. It almost looks like one of those famous shots of somebody random that has a big story behind it or something. A special moment.
  17. I'm not saying it's smart or right, I'm just saying it's someone's valid opinion and it doesn't make them any more "messed up" for thinking it than it does you for thinking the opposite. And I can't imagine anyone is sitting around all day and critiquing her appearance...They took the time to make a post (like we ALL do), it is what it is.
  18. Well that wasn't really my point, but okay.
  19. I don't agree or disagree because frankly I don't care about or pay attention to her kids, but how do you figure it's okay to think a child is cute but it's not okay to think a child is ugly? That's just silly. It's not like anyone is running into her on the streets and calling her names. It's an unpopular opinion on a message forum. What kind of logic is that anyways? Unless it's a positive opinion don't share it? Well, you're in the wrong thread then lol. Sorry but, children are people. People can be attractive or ugly. Most of you surely have no problems ripping Honey Boo Boo to shreds, but god forbid someone makes fun of one of Madonna's children.
  20. I like both "Jimmy Jimmy" and "Superstar", and think both songs are cute. The Erotica album is very overrated among fans. Drowned World Tour was her worst. I cannot stand "Angel", I think it's her most annoying song. "Nobody's Perfect" is a better song than people give it credit for. She looks terrible with a pixie cut. GMAYL was a good lead single for MDNA.
  21. Some of them do look a lot like her but I agree the creepy factor is...
  22. I became a fan as a kid around 2002ish. I started obsessing over her in 2005 during Confessions but I'd say the MDNA era I fell further into fandom. The MDNA tour is my first (and probably only) Madonna tour (It was amazing, I'm just not crazy about concerts). I learned a lot more about her from this era but I didn't really make me a fan, since I already was one. It was my re-awakening I did take my friend who was a big Gaga fan (he had even attended the Monster Ball) to the MDNA Tour and afterwards he was like "Madonna put's on a way better show and her dances are so much more complicated!" He then went on to talk about how there is very little physical movement on Gaga's part during her shows hahahaha. So maybe I was able to make him a fan through MDNA
  23. I was born in 1992, I became a fan around age 10 when Music/American Life were out. However, I was not a fan from those albums. I found The Immaculate Collection on the side of the road in front of my house while waiting for the bus, lol. Half of the CD skipped so I grew up listening to mostly hits from her first two albums. My mom used to say that someone's going to have to play "Borderline" at my wedding, and I got an earful for explaining what a virgin is to the other kids in the neighborhood. I was so in love with her, but I don't remember needing to "find out" who she was. It was like she's just someone you're born already knowing. Over the years I obviously saw her more and more and then really dove into fandom around Confessions when I was in middle school. That's when I discovered there was way more to her then just catchy pop songs. As far as musical changes, I really love when she does new stuff. One of my reasons for liking her is that she doesn't repeat herself.
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