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  1. I don't think Madonna should work with her. Have you heard her lately? Terrible! Her new songs are like one T-Pain parody after another. But I do love her "In The Air Tonite"!
  2. Don't everyone jump down my throat, but does anyone else think she looks like Xtina here? Pretty! But total Christina vibe.
  3. Erotica as a whole is the only one to me that seems too "stuck in it's time". I love it but even her older albums sound more "fresh" in my opinion.
  4. I love how it was revealed that she was sick while recording this, because I absolutely adore the raw, crystal-clear vocals. To know that she was actually a little sick is interesting to me. Maybe it added a certain feeling to the track that everyone is picking up on. Either way, my favorite from MDNA.
  5. Who cares? I wasn't interested in these bitches even when Madonna was pretending to be. Next.
  6. I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm not really the type of person to bring up like my favorite artists/movie stars or anything because I think it's a tad silly. But inventively, these people come up in every day conversations. So when she does come up, I often just chime in a few words about how great I think she is and always has been. It's interesting to watch the conversation become something positive when it was surely headed in the other direction a few moments ago. Also, I had no idea there was another member from Maine on here! Cool, haha.
  7. MIA makes some great music but I thought the "stunt" was stupid and childish. Like doing it "because I can" and not for any actual reason. Had it been her half-time show, who cares...but when you're pretty much there only under invitation from the actual act I think that is pretty tacky and embarrassing (for both parties).
  8. Oh god, are they really remaking this film? Please no! It's one of my all-time favorites! And casting that Jennifer Lawrence broad would just be the nail in the coffin...
  9. I loved it! M looked and sounded great, as did Miley. The way they put the songs together was pretty clever, too. Had a smile on my face the entire time.
  10. Madonna fan or not, I will never not love Rose McGowan! That woman is beyond fabulous. It was so cute when the MDNA tour was in LA she was there tweeting pics all night long, total fangirl.
  11. I think it's gonna be cute! Madonna looks like she's having fun in the pictures and it will be an interesting mix of the two songs. I'm not Miley's biggest fan either but I can't imagine how some of you can "hate" her, lol? This looks like a fun little collaboration.
  12. Wow, I am so relieved to find this is just a rumor. Jokes aside, the ways in which captive dolphins come into captivity is absolutely terrifying and sickening. Some places even consider dolphins and other cetaceans "non human persons" because of their intelligence and self-awareness. Keeping them in a tank like that blows my mind. Part of me knew she wouldn't do that. Not because of the animals, but because it is so damn tacky.
  13. Falling Free I'm Addicted Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang Love Spent Give Me All Your Luvin' Masterpiece Best Friend I'm A Sinner Some Girls Superstar Turn Up The Radio Beautiful Killer I Don't Give A I Fucked Up B-Day Song
  14. Among Madonna fans, Erotica. Among average music fans, Confessions.
  15. Confessions MDNA Blond Ambition Sticky & Sweet Virgin Re-Invention Drowned World Who's That Girl Girlie Show
  16. I think it's underrated by the public but a little overrated among fans.
  17. I'm in love. I saw SMG's "Madonna" costume too, but Paris did it much better.
  18. Blocked in my country (the USA) any easy way around this? lol
  19. I would love a new album but I think it's far too early. Maybe if she finishes it up by this time next year and releases it in 2015. I don't want to wait that long but 2012 was a really great year for her, it was "all about Madonna" and I don't think she should ruin that by popping up so quickly once again. I think every pop-star only has a short time where that is possible (Mariah in the early 90's, Britney in the 00's, Rihanna in the past 7 years or so etc.) but after that they should be careful not to over-expose themselves. However, hers seems to have lasted longer than all the others.
  20. She is something else. There really is no other past, present or future with her perfect mix of charisma, attitude, smarts and personality. It's a shame that people won't appreciate this until she is gone and it is too late.
  21. I really liked the new take on the song for the Sticky and Sweet version. The MDNA tour version is the worst. She did nothing new with it and the audience sang most of it. I enjoyed it when I was at the actual show, but it's the most pointless and worst sounding track on the tour album/soundtrack.
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