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  1. She makes it clear that Joan did not like Jay Leno or Ben Stiller at all. Those were the two biggies. A bit about Gwyneth Paltrow too. Melissa also sort of snubbed Kathy Griffin when talking about the younger female comics that Joan was always friends with - but you can't really blame her, after Kathy completely threw Fashion Police under the bus (Melissa being the executive producer). There's a bit about Ellen DeGeneres as well. She sort of says Joan thought positively of her, but in a shady way took a jab at her "nice girl" comedy style. If you watch little side-bits and clips of Joan over the years, I think it's pretty clear she wasn't a fan of Ellen and that's probably the best way for Melissa to say so without upsetting the wrong people, because for some reason completely lost to me...everyone seems to love Ellen.
  2. In Melissa River's new tribute to her mother, The Book of Joan, each chapter is essentially an essay about stories about mother, funny facts about her mother or fond memories with her mother. Being a big Joan Rivers fan I've already purchased it and read it all in one day, haha. But one chapter was about some of Joan's favorite celebrities to pick on, one of them being Madonna. She wrote a bit about Joan making fun of Madonna's "British accent", blah-blah, but then included this little bit at the end: Normally I'm not so inclined to believe these basic/bland "compliments" people put into their books about other celebrities but Melissa really went in on some people in this book, no sugar-coating, apologies or listing of "nice" things about them at the end...so I think this was probably sincere considering she really didn't suck up to anyone mentioned in the book. Anyways, I just thought of everyone on this forum when I read it and thought you may all like to hear!
  3. Where did you see/hear Madonna today?

    Living For Love was playing while I was at Planet Fitness yesterday morning!
  4. Live To Tell

    To this day, the perfection of this song is the only thing that my father and I have ever fully agreed on.
  5. Your MDNA Top 5

    1. I'm Addicted 2. Falling Free 3. Girl Gone Wild 4. Best Friend 5. Love Spent
  6. AMAZING "Falling Free" Remix by Ferry Corsten

    It's not bad but Falling Free is one song that just doesn't need a remix
  7. I'm really enjoying all the looks she's been giving us recently! I too hope they have to do with the album as well. She's been posting some great pics and producing great shots from her photoshoots. Only thing I haven't been crazy about recently are the corny hashtags/possible song names...like rebel heart and unapologetic bitch lmao. Katy looks gorgeous too! I don't think they will sing together though. I can't even picture it, honestly.
  8. Madonna by Tom Munro for L'Uomo Vogue

    Loving the pictures I'm seeing from this everywhere! Sexy
  9. Hahaha! Love her! Second only to Ms. Rivers!
  10. We need to talk about HARD CANDY

    Dance 2Night is my song!! Also love Heartbeat and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. It's not my favorite album as it's not my favorite music style, but I will always have fond memories of it because I was 16 or so and it was the one time Madonna was really big while I was in high school. They were playing her new music at school dances as opposed to just during the "80's section".
  11. The legendary CHER

    I think I saw an interview with her where she said she regrets not filming other shows and will definitely film this one. But I could be mistaken. Either way I had a blast at her show in Boston! And Pat Benatar's voice is still AMAZING! Just like her old records! Great fun show! She was hilarious too.
  12. The legendary CHER

    I'm going on Wednesday! I wasn't sure if I was gonna go but when I read that Pat Benatar was opening I couldn't miss seeing them both haha
  13. I don't think so but the song Pharrell did on Kylie's new album reminds me of Hard Candy big time.
  14. Ray of Light American Life Music