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  1. She just posted another one, there is so many shelfs in the background. Where is this place and why can't I visit immediately
  2. The morning after the first night when I woke up and realised she had done LDLHA I died. LYFE
  3. Completely, after all she promised to marry you and I touched her hand. Sticky and Sweet and MDNA Madonna would have never done that
  4. I know this forum will be gone soon So the Rebel Heart era started messy, let's be honest, it had more leaks than a cheap hotel. Then she gave us 6 immaculate tracks, then it got leaky again and not for the last time. Then we had an actual promo tour, not a one off concert and done, but an actual multi performance interview tour. And then the TOUR!!!!! Let's all be honest the TOUR of life, not only an amazing set list that covered all bases but she gave us so much more. She gave us warmth and actual love, she started to touch fans hands and actually got them on stage, then she got even better and gave us various different songs during the acoustic section. Some she hadn't done for years. Just when you think she isn't done, she then does a free concert of LYFE, where she performed songs for the first and last times. Also she was fucking hilarious throughout We don't deserve her and the life she gave us for the last 14 months. Rebel Heart Madonna you've been amazing, like Like A Prayer, Rag Of Light and Confessions Amazing. God bless you
  5. She gave us Rebel Heart Then so many acoustic songs And after 30 plus years one of the greatest things. Tears Of A Clown, we don't deserve her, it's obscene. She is the greatest pop legend, no music legend ever
  6. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    I haven't periscoped any of this, I shall watch it later while drinking wine and die a thousand deaths Unbelievable
  7. Now we all know that in the end Madonna didn't make it on to Kanyes new album, however a clip has appeared of the song featuring her vocals https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10200348005728278 It will no doubt see the light of day eventually
  8. Taipei February 6

    Complete and utter LYFE!!!
  9. We got our Queen Back

    After a year of Rebel Heart can we all agree that we got her back After the leaks I was worried, but then she released the first 6 tracks and I got my absolute life. Then she gave us the full album, an album that is in my top 5, it's a journey of Madonna over all her years. It's just Perfection after Hard Candy and MDNA, which were good but let's face it, it was very much, will this do. However Rebel Heart was, here is 19 tracks and let's face it, they are all amazing But even after the album came out, she still gave us promo, and then not one video but then two more amazing videos. Why does this queen do this to us And I don't even want to start on Rebel Heart Tour one of her absolute best tours Madonna has been amazing this year, and long may it continue It still upsets me that Ghosttown wasn't a 8 week number one,criminal
  10. VIP package gift?

    Can we all agree it's the best thing Madonna has produced for the fans, after all we got a watch last time The book, the costume cards, the tickets, the actual fucking book.
  11. Finally found the video me and my boyfriend touched Madonna the greatest moment ever, check my boyfriends face It happens at about 6 minutes 10 seconds
  12. Prett much sums it up 👏🏻👏🏻
  13. Can we all agree that this is not only the highlight of Rebel Heart Tour but one of her best performances on tour The drama, the theatrics and my god those vocals And then when LDLHA kicks in, let's face it, we all died 😍😍