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  1. i remember waking up at about 8am, i was still drunk from the night before and my boyfriend turned to me and said "SHES RELEASED HALF THE ALBUM' It was such a glorious morning, somehow I managed to get Living For Love to download despite not being available in the UK at the time. It may be a year later but god, these tracks are still so LYFE giving
  2. I know I'm not reinventing the wheel discussing this, but part of me is slightly gutted that they didn't let her do the double album concept. If they did, then we would have got Queen in its all full glory and Trust No Bitch in its final form. Imagine that double, basically slaying your faves twice Queen Trust No Bitch
  3. The first 6 tracks are still utter perfection. I could listen to them on repeat forever It amazing how many tracks we have and I don't skip any of them It's definitely in my top 5
  4. Fucking immense, the first time I watched it I almost had palpitations This era has just been brilliant, I can't wait for the tour
  5. First time hearing Ghosttown on Radio, it really is a belter of tune
  6. The last ten seconds of Living For Love, get that promo
  7. Searching the comments only one out of thirty commebts are negative. Even my sister who was an 80s Stan, stated she loved her again
  8. She was superb, the album has went up to number 7 already. Get that promo
  9. I am now finally listening, I'm not even a third through but it's brilliant. He's such a skilled interviewer getting so much from her. Superb One of the best ever
  10. I won't get into another demo debate. However this version is so lovely, bright and breezy a total summer song
  11. Its a total bop. Doesn't really fit on the main album but glad we have it as a bonus
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