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  1. Pablo94

    VIP package gift?

    Can we all agree it's the best thing Madonna has produced for the fans, after all we got a watch last time The book, the costume cards, the tickets, the actual fucking book.
  2. Finally found the video me and my boyfriend touched Madonna the greatest moment ever, check my boyfriends face It happens at about 6 minutes 10 seconds
  3. i remember waking up at about 8am, i was still drunk from the night before and my boyfriend turned to me and said "SHES RELEASED HALF THE ALBUM' It was such a glorious morning, somehow I managed to get Living For Love to download despite not being available in the UK at the time. It may be a year later but god, these tracks are still so LYFE giving
  4. The screen cut out and lights went up, the musicians went off stage but then they all came back. The dancers appeared and the screen started again, only for it to go off Also Madonna as she went off on unapologetic clearly said she was coming back to do holiday no matter what happens. So they knew it was coming
  5. Pablo94

    VIP package gift?

    Got mines today, what an incredible book. Much better than the watch we got last time
  6. My own little bit of Holiday https://instagram.com/p/_iLiuVIJLp/
  7. No, we were on the runway she actually had my boyfriends hand and I grabbed hers too. My boyfriend almost burst into tears, we were shaking
  8. Guys I can't describe how amazing Holiday was, the fact she came out and the crowd just sang and she did it all Life giving
  9. I have no words, I fucking touched her hand. Also the fact she came out and did holiday without any music or a mic that worked. Incredible
  10. Holy fuck. The new seats are right on the runway I'm front row. I am about to fucking die
  11. I called them and she said it was once the stage was put in place but she assures me they are better. She says next to the runway. Too exciting
  12. Just got an email to say my seats have changed. The stress