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  1. Currently watching the documentary and it’s pretty incredible
  2. How is this not on the main album. It’s absolutely fantastic
  3. Watched it, this was vintage Madonna, snarky and sarcastic and I lived. Also pay no attention to the British media and public, we have turned to trash and everyone is hateful and bereft of joy these days
  4. 1-God Control 2-Looking For Mercy 3-Crazy 4-Extreme Occident 5-Faz Gustoso
  5. This is a certified BOP. Again the production is absolutely fantastic
  6. I’ve always loved this song and it’s even better in the context of the album. Also the instrumental on vinyl is good
  7. Some of these negative reviews feel like it’s been written by someone who read a couple of other reviews rather than listen to the record, as they offer no real insight just rehash the usual tropes. That Hollywood Reporter review is really poorly written, it reads like a post on a fan forum.
  8. This song just gets better and better, it’s pure pop Madonna perfection. Love her vocals too
  9. This has finally clicked with me, the only song that hadn’t fully. The production is insane
  10. It’s becoming apparent that the average reviews are coming from those who can’t separate Madonna from the music, however when reviewers focus on the music, the reviews are glowing
  11. I am still so confused at how this was reviewed pretty poorly but it’s one of my favourites
  12. This is such a fantastic track, so simple but packs such a punch
  13. How is it that at 6 minutes long I still don’t think it’s long enough. It’s incredible
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