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  1. I'll be going to the show by myself which feels a bit weird so would love to meet anyone else from the forum going. I hardly post but read the boards regularly. I'm in block 7. x
  2. Hi - selling 2 paper tix for 2nd London show - Block 111 Row H. Selling them for what I paid for them from axs.com i.e. £200 each (face + booking fees) PM me if interested.
  3. Awesome!!! You'll have the most amazing time!!
  4. oh dear Mi dispiace/het spijt me - can i have you italo-belgian babies instead?
  5. acko - thanks for setting up this thread! can i have your danish babies :inlove:
  6. Anyone getting the 'An error occured. Please try again later' wtf??
  7. god - really wish I had had the presence of mind to ask him obo you guys at the brum show! He stood right next to me as he photographed the couple next to me for his twatter. prob would have been chucked out though! just my 0.02 but could LN aus be sued after making a formal cancellation announcement? is aus litigious that way? really feel for you guys as this wound clearly runs deep! ipex - have you put this request on the Dublin thread?
  8. unfortunately not. i remember looking up at the time thinking 'wtf - that doesn't look right' b/c they were angled and you go see right through between the gaps. i had seen the show from the side before so initially i thought that that's how the screens were meant to be - to allow the people at the sides to view it properly. it was only afterwards when reading online that i realised that this was a fuck up.
  9. thanks guys for the pos feedback! Th older lady was great. I was chatting to her a bit beforehand. She is a huge fan (aren't we all!) and was in the pit with her daughter and they, like us, were dancing like crazy the whole time. She mentioned that she was on one of the Madonna DVDs (confessions? i can't remember) where Madonna puts the mike out towards her and and they get to sing together. Awesome! Here's the crowd I was with just after the show ended. They were just fantastic! That's me on the far right with the 'KEEP CALM AND LOVE MADONNA' t shirt. Jesus, Mary and Joseph where did I get all those teeth! My +1 for the show mentioned a 'Carta' he talked to at a previous show. He's the very tall chap standing next to me. Super guy from Germany. I'm wondering if you are the same 'Carta'. If so, it's a small Madonna world! This same guy got to sing into the mike during 'Open your Heart' and got to touch the Queen's hand. Alas, I didn't have such luck. Hector - 'badahotbum' :lmao: . Love it! Here's a few other photos. Thought I'd get a bit fancy with the Imac.
  10. Not sure who you're directing this to but I don't see where the attitudes coming from
  11. Yeah - I agree. I think she's totally over the UK. What made me think that was her "Chairs are for Asses" speech asking people to contact their 'Congressman or whatever you call it in this country'. She was married to Guy for 8 years and his stepmum is a Conservative Party member of the UK's House of Lords so she would have been familiar with the terms 'Councillor' or 'MP'. Or maybe she just doesn't give a fuck about stuff like that... Was also thinking about the complete non-reaction of the UK crowd when she introduced the Basque band Kalakan vs the roar from the Spanish. Understandable I suppose but just made me think
  12. Part 2: The Show! Pure magic as the show starts and the GT is on fire! *and I want so badly to pee* :inlove: *asks for next month’s rent* Can’t believe I’m this close… Rocco with a ray of light coming out his nose Best part of the show imho Didn’t initially notice the signs at the side and bottom of the main shot :lmao: Didn’t appreciate, until being this close up, the skill involved in the slack-lining. Was great to view it from here. Random thoughts: Madonna’s American vocoder pronounciation - “BERRRMEENG-HAM” vs the Brit way – “buh-ming-im’ If you didn’t know (and weren’t told) of the original staging of GB, you would be non the wiser. Madonna and the dancers did a fantastic improv job. Average age was definitely older – 40s I’m guessing compared to Barcelona where the crowd was a lot younger Crowd outside GT did seem a bit stiff until the usual crowd pleasers came on. Compared to Barcelona where the whole place was rocking the whole time. Different cultures ‘spose. Saying that though the ‘Fuck Yeah / No’ call and response did get people going and was well received. Conclusion: Nothing compares to being in the pit. It is pure magic! It is the best view in the house for seeing things up close and personal. Sound, however, is very bassy and can be a bit distorted. Would recommend use of earplugs to filter out the distortion. The guys next to me had them but I didn’t think to bring any. All the glitches added and did not detract from the show. Made it even more memorable! There endeth my MDNA tour. So many memories!
  13. Part 1: Back home after the Brum show yesterday. Couldn’t send further updates from the show yesterday as my phone kept losing signal. Thought I’d share my experience although it’s impossible to truly describe what it’s like to be in the GT. The venue: Nothing particular special about it from the outside. Getting the GT tickets: Fanclub winners were told to queue on the far right of the photo where the chubby securities guys are. No ipad lottery due to no of tickets given away in icon competition. A lady came out (not ipad girl) and announced that winners would receive GT tickets + wristbands from 5.30. People were then called inside in groups of 10. You had to be with your +1 upon collection. Ipad girl was at the table inside but she told us that she wasn’t allowed to give us her name or have a photo taken with her. Doors opened soon after 6 and Madonna had already finished the soundcheck. The Golden Triangle: Those with GT access were racing to find the entrance to the GT and got shouted at a number of times not to run. Got my spot by the barrier against the stage – stage right. Heart was racing! It’s the place with the black bag. Pit itself is pretty big and a steward mentioned that 300 were the maximum number permitted in. People inside were great overall and really friendly and excited. Dude in the centre is apparently her personal bodyguard. He is amazingly hot! The young guy next to him stood with his hands in his pockets not moving and a grim expression on his face the entire show. Couldn’t believe it! Why bother coming to the show? The Warm-Up Act: Alesso Couldn’t see the guy at all from where I was. Either he is tiny or the display booth was super high. He also had some technical difficulties initially as the sound wasn’t coming out. He was ok and had some good tunes but didn’t really get the crowd going. Played no Madonna songs unlike Solveig and didn’t engage with the crowd. Preferred Solveig hands down. The Manager: *commiserates with fans about aus* Not! Seriously, this guy has the same blank look on his face the whole time. The Toilet: This outside the gents: Wondered if this how the locals generally behave! The crowd just before: Super handsome bodyguard stands in the gap between the stage and the barrier just before the show starts. His name is Alessandro I believe. Whenever Madge reaches out to the crowd he stands between with her and them with his arm controlling the level of interaction. Saw that he’s got a wedding ring. Damn!
  14. Just one thing to say as I crawl into bed. Sometimes life deals you a hand and makes your dreams come true. Night night.
  15. OMG!!! I can't believe that I'm standing in the GT right against the front barrier!!! Talking to the steward and he said there is an 11pm curfew so she will have to start at 9.
  16. I know :-(( Is no one else on Mnation going? What a shame. Wondering if there is a general boycott now due to the aussie news
  17. Can one of the mods open a thread for the Birmingham show please? Who's going? I'm there! Got me a GT pass from Icon so beyond excited!!
  18. i'm there + bff in the gc thought of rain / mud / wellies is putting me right off though
  19. umm... they have this: http://www.viagogo.co.uk/ContactUs.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fHelp.aspx%3fHelpgroupID%3d180 you could also track your order here: https://www.viagogo.co.uk/secure/TrackTransaction.aspx another option is to google their phone number and give them a call. I sold a couple of tickets on Viagogo so got a bit familiar with them. My experience was that they tended to be quite helpful but a few other people on the forum didn't have a great experience with them...
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