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  1. And also there was at least 3 hot guys on bulldogs team which was nice to look at
  2. Yes yes! My god it was such an intense game. So close the whole way. Doggies were in it heart and soul though. I've never seen a team go in like that!
  3. Top three songs: Bitch I'm Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, Ghosttown Song that grew on you: Holy Water Song that faded for you: Illuminati Best Lyrics: Devil Pray Best Vocal: Messiah Best Melody: Heartbreakcity Best Chorus: Unapologetic Bitch Most Fun To Play Loud: Unapologetic Bitch Most Overrated Song: Joan of Arc Most Underrated Song: Borrowed Time MVP Track: Ghosttown Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Messiah Most Groundbreaking: Bitch I'm Madonna
  4. all the people she works with say the same thing! madonna is basically a musical genius.
  5. I like that she is popping up everywhere Fuck awards shows
  6. My friend heard Bitch Im Madonna on Nova radio station in Melbourne today at about 6pm. Amazing!!
  7. My favorite ballad from the album! Ugh soooo fucking good
  8. I adore all 3 videos but bitch takes the cake
  9. Standard version of Rebel Heart is on aus iTunes for $9.99 limited time only
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