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  1. The periscope and the Facebook are both crap for me!
  2. We need periscope links ASAP. Mensch do us proud!!
  3. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    She's so cute
  4. Tove Lo thread

    same. i was so shocked at the end. i watched the whole thing though.
  5. Tove Lo thread

    thank you all for replying did anyone watch the fairy dust film?
  6. I feel like blue is her most flattering colour. She looks like a goddess when she wears it!
  7. She looks so ray of light 😍
  8. David said that hurt twice and holds his arm for the rest of the video. My point was yes she was playing but she makes headlines for stupid shit like this all the time when it is avoidable. Surely there is another video she could post?! i point out that she punched her son a bit hard in the arm and you still defend it 😂 Grow up.