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  1. And also there was at least 3 hot guys on bulldogs team which was nice to look at
  2. Yes yes! My god it was such an intense game. So close the whole way. Doggies were in it heart and soul though. I've never seen a team go in like that!
  3. That trailer is EPIC! God MDNA tour is amazing. So wish I got to see it live. I can't wait until Madonna does another stadium tour
  4. she looks sooooooooo happy during holiday !!! omg i love her so much
  5. Should have been lead single! Love it!
  6. Fantastic article. Learned heaps
  7. im looking for a platinum floor seat for either melbourne show. thanks x
  8. Her hair looks fucking amazing! Ugh! Yay for chelle
  9. I don't think Madonna has any ratchet songs
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