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  1. What's embarrassing? I'm just testing assumptions, that's all. Are you here to debate and discuss with other fans or to just explain your point-of-view and brush others off? If you're in disagreement, let's hear your thoughts.
  2. But if things were so linear, Rihanna would've have had a hit with Rude Boy after Hard, or Britney wouldn't have had a hit with I Wanna Go/Till The World Ends after Hold It Against Me, etc. There is something else at play here, or a host of other elements.
  3. Now that's a nice idea. Movies too, like when Jump opened The Devil Wears Prada. Turn Up the Radio, Superstar could def be music for women products
  4. I'm intrigued because it seems that there will be two "layers" of screens - three smaller ones in the center and then one huge one in the back...
  5. You really think that if she came out with Hung Up now it would be a big hit? Mmmm... Girl Gone Wild is a great song, and it would've been a hit had Rihanna sung it. I can see how GGW is no Ray of Light or Vogue, but how is Hung Up so superior to Girl Gone Wild? Yet Hung Up was a big hit. How is the mediocre 4 Minutes superior to Girl Gone Wild? Yet 4 Minutes was a huge hit.
  6. I guess the point would be to define what the purpose of these singles would be --- if it's about furthering the tour and Madonna as a global act, then you gotta go for the club bangers --- Turn up the Radio obvi, and then perhaps Some Girls or Gang Bang. If it's about releasing unique/controversial content, then Gang Bang, Love Spent and I'm a Sinner. If it's about moving her to an older demo and keep her "clean" then the better choices are Masterpiece, Love Spent and Beautiful Killer/Superstar. But what this all means to me is that she's done one hell of an album.
  7. Not thinking about Madonna here, but one huge act that released a flop (but good) album and suddenly turned it around keeps coming to mind: Rihanna. Rude Boy. That was the third single from Rated-R, after Russian Roulette and Hard. Remember those? Didn't think so. Then again, Rihanna lives doing promotion and nothing else. She barely tours. How that's possible is beyond me. But my point is, she released Rude Boy, promoted the heck out of it, didn't release any more singles from that album, and three months later was already releasing Only Girl in the World... She really saved her career admirably.
  8. This would be a GREAT way to promote THE TOUR. Which is why I think this might be true and i'm about to pee my pants. It would be such a winner. With that said, it doesn't matter whether she performs the 2nd or 3rd single. What matters is what's most visually arresting. But I dream of her doing both (shortened: Girl Gone Wild + Turn Up The Radio. GGW won't be a lost cause at all by then. It's the digital era and a rush of people buying that song on itunes right after the performance would be great. In the U.S. it has been barely promoted so why not! All promotion is good promotion.
  9. Hi. First post on this lovely board I've been lurking for several months. First, I'm a huge fan of MDNA (the album). Second, the first record I ever bought was Bedtime Stories and the first concert my mom went to without me was the Girlie Show. I waited outside that night with my dad at a nearby McDonalds cursing the fuck out of her. I had asked and asked and asked and all she said was, "Well, it's not a show for an 8-year-old... but I'll buy you the tour booklet!" I reminded her of that story as I walked into the arena to see the Confessions Tour. Which is where admiration turned into devotion. Anyway, all that to provide some context to my choices below. I think it's more significant that way. How MDNA will rank in five years remains to be seen, obviously, but for now: MDNA / Ray of Light / Erotica (cannot choose one over the other.) Like a Prayer Confessions on a Dance Floor Bedtime Stories American Life Madonna Music True Blue Like a Virgin Hard Candy The first batch is what I consider are essential Madonna albums. With the exception of Confessions, they all are I-don't-give-a-fuck in different ways. Which is when Madonna means the most to me. If Confessions had more of an edge, less Jesus-complex and more messy balls, it would def be #1. The second batch has more tracks that I really, really never listen to, or where I feel her she compromised too much.
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