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  1. If you can’t sing and go down a flight of stairs, don’t go down the stairs while you sing. If you can’t move around because you are wearing a Dark Knight suit, don’t wear the Dark Knight suit. If you can’t find a way to gracefully use the futuristic vocoder effect live, don’t use it. if you can’t sing live at this sort of event, mime it and nail the choreo. If you can’t concentrate on singing and choreo because of the 300 things that you have going on around you, then pair it down. If your vocals for LAP are a strain on your voice because you are not quite there yet, then make sure the mixing is appropriate and choose a more bombastic arrangement. Excellent interlude, interesting Mad Max/climate change costumes, nice message of unity. But no excuses. We are talking about one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. I do say all this in the spirit of love and generosity. She is forging a new path, and we are all so inspired by it. Time to Focus, cut the crap, and do better.
  2. I rated it Good. Personally it doesn’t rise to the level of Excellent, mostly because it starts to get long with little payoff (after the don’t tell me part). Most importantly, I would’ve loved another verse from M, or more M in general. I also realize I may have something against Diplo lol. All his songs with M are good but there is always an element of laziness to them. I just think he’s not a perfectionist (when working with M) and does not put in the creative time to take something to the next level.
  3. My feelings exactly. Who is this fabulous queen? He needs to be on madonnanation!
  4. Yes!! I got emotional, it’s beautiful.
  5. Haha I was with you... and then the song appeared on my phone. I’ll listen to it just once, I said... and it’s been nonstop since. It’s too good!
  6. Because I have balls and say what I think, and I am being careful about it, and I’ve been here a minute. So did you like it? What did you like about it?
  7. I’m having a hard time articulating it, but to me it was almost like her actual performance as well as the song were buried under all the hologram and stage production stuff. Was all that so needed? I would have rather seen a LIB Drowned World tour setup, and the batukada stuff she teased on insta, and perhaps her licking his toe (lol). I don’t know, something more natural and organic.a simple cha cha class would’ve been so effective. Not to mention the sound. Either sing live or don’t. What’s your take?
  8. So confused by this performance. I may to wait until I can see it in HD and in a big screen. But right now it just seems and sounds like an overproduced mess.
  9. The second one are my hubby and my dog! Huge fans of M and this song (I only surround myself with the best). He’s been checking to see if Madonna reposts... (M if you’re reading this you know what to do.)
  10. Listening to a Madonna album closer so early on? Mmm I don’t think so. Then again, I have never been able to resist not listening to a new Madonna song....
  11. At all these editors and critics that just cannot bring themselves to admit they effing love this amazing song and video. Poor things.
  12. In addition, look around you. People know she has a song out, and for the most part they are not hearing anything negative about it. In fact, they might be hearing that it’s good, and that us, the fans, love it and are happy and proud to share it... That’s incredible, given where we’ve been for years and years. Edit: what’s more, IMO, given the strong negative association her mere name inspires in the general populace, I think it’s wise to let the song and the video speak for themselves as much as possible.
  13. Thanks for sharing! Refreshing to read a whole piece about the music.
  14. Those are some Game of Thrones-level comebacks from the Queen. As luck would have it, that journalist actually has also fallen from grace as he was accused of serious sexual misconduct.
  15. The New York Times did too (though it was a bit passive aggressive; but it was still up there at the top of the list) Edit: actually GQ isn’t kind either. They just point to her monologue in the video and don’t even mention the song.
  16. I think the most exciting part of a first single like Medellin is that we have no idea what’s in store. Surely she didn’t record a breezy Latin-infused full record? Or did she? For the first time in a long time we have no idea what’s in store, other than perhaps a disco song as a second single.
  17. Ariana, sweetie, if you’re reading this, we need you to tweet out the video and show some love mkkk? She deserves it.
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