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  1. For this magnificent, brilliant track to mark this milestone is beyond. Release the remixes, give us a simple visual video... C'mon, queen
  2. The United States of America certainly could use a nice dose of God Control right now.
  3. It’s up there, absolutely. Mind boggling that it was not the first/second single.
  4. I heard the Nassim remix for Medellin at a club once. Have not heard any remixes at any clubs or bars otherwise. I haven’t seen a single remix featured on a dance streaming playlist. I don’t understand how that chart works?
  5. Love. What a beautiful song. Have not tired of it in the least.
  6. Generique 15. Looking for Mercy 14. Faz Gostoso 13. I Rise 12. Bitch I'm Loca Mystique 11. Batuka 10. Killers Who Are Partying 9. Dark Ballet 8. Extreme Occident 7. Come Alive 6. Future Emblématique 5. Medellin 4. God Control 3. Crazy 2. Crave 1. I Don't Search I Find
  7. I just started playing God Control as the album closer and I’m loving it. It leaves me in a state of ecstasy, hungry for more.
  8. It’s an excellent remix! Hope he gets to remix more tracks from MX.
  9. According to my most-played: i don’t search extreme god control crave crazy
  10. In my universe this is an acclaimed no 1 that’s changing the conversation about political activism more broadly and gun control specifically. It’s the very definition of a song that “gives me life.”
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