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  1. Oh, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times... I don't think she'd ever have sung most of her back catalogue at the time, except for maybe YMLM, TAB, and some "mature" adult pop, like I'll Remember or LIB. I don't even know if she'd sung LAP (in fact, did she at all during those years? Can't recall.) Indeed, I can only picture something like Bjork's Verspertine tour: select cities, opera house venues, a full orchestra and choir, and WO in charge of the beats. It would have been divine.
  2. Phineaspoe

    Top 5 RH Performances Do You Want on the DVD?

    Like a Virgin True Blue Ghosttown (Brooklyn) Take a Bow (Manila?) Material Girl
  3. Phineaspoe


    Wow, thank you for sharing! The set list sounds like a dream... except for Pluto. But I'll keep the faith.
  4. Phineaspoe

    I need new music

    Frank Ocean's album, of course.
  5. Phineaspoe

    Frank Ocean Endless/Blond(e)

    FYI it's now available to buy on Itunes
  6. Phineaspoe

    Frank Ocean Endless/Blond(e)

    Yes. It's kind of a miracle he's so popular and "in." I guess being beautiful doesn't hurt
  7. Phineaspoe

    Frank Ocean Endless/Blond(e)

    I don't know what I think about the album yet, but I absolutely loved listening to it. It felt like spending a beautiful, chilld, psychedlic day in California.
  8. So sad. What's "god's" plan in forcing us to coexist with lunatics and sociopaths? It's a thought that burdens me every day.
  9. One lf my favorite songs in life. I was 12 when that album came out. Had never heard an acapella song before. Never heard of a hidden bonus track. Blew my mind.
  10. Phineaspoe

    Coldplay thread

    I've never been more disappointed in a band's trajectory. What they do now is Maroon 5-levels of horrible.
  11. Phineaspoe

    Depeche Mode

    One of the first CDs I ever played was Songs of Love and Devotion. It rocked my world. Condemnation has got to be one of my favorite songs of all time.
  12. Phineaspoe

    Autotune Baby (Rock Me) Feat. M.I.A.

    YeeeeeAAAHHHH #living
  13. Yes. I was very much hoping they'd use his version for the video... or tour...
  14. I'm about to cry at work. Heaven HELP ME!!! (And to confirm, she didn't do LAP, right?)
  15. And I totally agree with whoever said that Diplo has produced better work elsewhere. Not to say that what he did with Madonna isn't great, it is, but it could have been SUPERB. And for whatever reason it's not.