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  1. So sad. What's "god's" plan in forcing us to coexist with lunatics and sociopaths? It's a thought that burdens me every day.
  2. Yes. I was very much hoping they'd use his version for the video... or tour...
  3. And I totally agree with whoever said that Diplo has produced better work elsewhere. Not to say that what he did with Madonna isn't great, it is, but it could have been SUPERB. And for whatever reason it's not.
  4. Ah, you may be right. It's very strange, if so, that DJ Dahi would appear first on the credits, as it's my understanding that whoever appears first gets the most credit = dollars. Which is why Madonna appears first on all of them
  5. Blood Diamonds/DJ Dahi for me. I thought they sounded like an updated and more diverse Mirwais. Very dyanmic and full of tricks, so to speak. Kept me interested. Just FYI - they are also the main producers of Body Shop, not Toby G. “Body Shop” (Ciccone/Gad/McDonald/Griffin/Natche/Tucker) Webo Girl Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)/Atlas Music Publishing o/b/o itself and Gadfly Songs (ASCAP)/EMI April Music, Inc. and Mo Zella Mo Music (ASCAP)/WB Music Corp., Roc Nation Music and Vohndee’s Soul Music Publishing c/o WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Sonata and Dahi Productions (SESAC)/Michael Tucker Music (ASCAP) c/o Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, These Are Songs of Pulse (ASCAP) and OWSLA Trax (ASCAP) c/o Kobalt Songs Music Publishing Producers: Madonna, DJ Dahi, Michael Diamonds, Toby Gad
  6. That makes sense!!! Just listened to it and it sounds a bit cut and paste....
  7. If I reeeeeeaaaaallllyyyyyy think about it, I'd go veeeeeerrrryyyy specific and say SPECIFICALLY: the first time I watched the LFL video. Specifically the first minute, when it's all MADONNA, being dramatic and resilient, dark but empowering, giving us good face. Every movement helped tell the story she was singing. I loved it. I cried.
  8. If it's coming from me, such sweeping statements are meant to be a joke or point at what some of our more... paranoid... members may react.
  9. I definitely thought she'd turn this into her human rights/political interlude. It's such an immediate song, much more than the three other selected songs (I'm not saying that I prefer BT, but that it's simply an uplifting, super poppy song). She def hates Aviccii, doesn't she?
  10. I had to go for a run so I could take in the surprise release. If I remember correctly up until this day the title of our album forum was still something like "New Madonna Album" or something non-specific. When it changed to what it is now (REBEL HEART: Madonna's 13th album) I got excited but thought it was just a confirmation of the title. Did not expect to be discussing tracks and buying stuff on itunes. CRAZY!
  11. I want the demo in HQ. That's all I truly want. If she could see the light and release it, so much the better. But at least I'd love to have the HQ for myself/us.
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