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  1. You have a new album out , and u do not perform: WHAT THE HELL!! another useless appearance after Norton in Uk..... what a mess
  2. So is GC video ( as rumoured) being cancelled??? i m confused
  3. So no second leg?? So sad. But I don' t give up hopping.
  4. U' re right. I must refrain myself. But the idea only, it makes me so excited
  5. Where are now all those negative bitches who swore a second leg would never happened????
  6. YES YES YES YES YES!!!! JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS TOUR. want this second leg...like NOWWWWW!!!!
  7. As fans we'd better avoid to be blind sometimes....and that is not by my side by any means meant as an insult....so you Can relax now dude.
  8. if U2 have played more dates in The USA is simply because the demand for them is bigger ATM THAN MADGE , is simply like that, don' t hide it under a finger. As u said, a saturated market may be related and of course could affect the sale performance in some country, so how do u explain the slow sales of RHT in Australia, I mean a country she skipped for 23 year and whose demand was supposed to be SUPER huge!! U said Australia showed a bigger demand for Madonna than u2, but that is not the truth or at least can't be proved. And about extending the tour or not, the point is, playing the sam
  9. Madonna is the most succesfull tour solo act ever, she achieved everything and more, her longevity is unparalleled, i' m not a hater, I love her more than everything and always will......I just tried to be objective and not a half blind stan.
  10. Oh please stop... There is bigger demand for Madge in Australia-asia than u2? Oh well , Who' told u that? The doctor? Please.... Even if you consider Madge to get an average gross of 2.5 mil for the remaining show you have a sum of 170 mil for the RHT which is not far from the total of what u2 have grossed in EU and USA alone. If u2 extend the tour in Australia and Asia like Madge did, there is NO way for RHT to surpass u2 current tour. Being a fan doesn't always mean to be blind.
  11. she could do it easily...if she schedule it properly, 100 dates or more, taking breaks , doing 2 or 3 legs it becomes feasable.
  12. That may be possibile, music scene has changed drastically, touring is where most of the $$$ come from nowdays (unless u re an Adele or Taylor Shit) so In this regard I see Madge concentrating doing more and more show in The future.....
  13. I believe that too.As for Madonna .....I don' t know what could happen..... I so hope for a second leg regardless. This is her best tour since Confession......
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