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  1. He/She just has such an ugly personality. I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother UK this week and it’s just so cringe. I always carry myself like a gentleman in my everyday life because I think it’s important for straight people to see that we aren’t all like that.
  2. I’m always so confused as to why this thing is in the World Events section because A. nothing she does is a world event and B. she truly is a FLOP princess. Don’t you think?
  3. I’m still absolutely gobsmacked that despite all his fuck ups, ridiculous, egotistical and scary behaviour, a record amount of Americans still turned out to vote for him. WTF is going on in your country???
  4. I just don’t fucking getting her. She’s always going on about how much research she does before her surgeries yet the amount of botched work she has had done is astounding.
  5. I’ve never watched Drag Race so I wouldn’t know. They are all a bit too extra for me. The only thing that bugs me about todays D listers or teenagers is when they overuse the word ‘iconic.’ It seems everything is ‘iconic’ these days. I went for a shit this morning and guess what? It was ICONIC!
  6. This probably sounds awful but I get the distinct impression that she’s completely unaware as to the fact that she’s only being papped and interviewed by tacky morning programs because she’s a freak show, not because she’s fabulous. I really believe she thinks she’s a celebrity and deserving of all this attention, it’s very sad.
  7. I’m not sure what your point is. That photo of Cher is from the 90’s way before she was 62 and that photo of Madonna is from the WE promo, once again way before she is was 62.
  8. Madonna looks a THOUSAND times better than Cher and that’s coming from someone who has been very critical of her recent work
  9. I keep saying this to my housemate, there will be a suicide attempt or a stay in rehab. She’s already admitted to self medicating. There can’t not be a prescription drug issue here.
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