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  1. Lady Gaga thread

    The fucken ego of this woman to stage her own red carpet. Gaga! Nobody cares about you anymore!
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's not rude at all Social media isn't the be all and end all. She owes nothing to anyone and her private matters are not for public consumption.
  3. Yeah it's great. I'm quite taken aback with the support from the straight community.
  4. Janet Jackson thread

    You can see in the photo of him in the ambulance that there is no tip on his nose, just a bump with nostrils. I think he wore a prosthesis out in public. I always believed that the reason he wore those face masks all the time in the 90's was to cover up the fact that his nose was destroyed from surgery. That's just my personal opinion. I feel so sorry for him, I don't blame him for turning into a drug addict. Can you imagine having to face yourself in the mirror every day knowing that you have destroyed your face and you have no one else to blame but yourself.
  5. I'm not sticking up for her because I can't bloody stand her but you can still use samples in your music and be a producer. Adding samples to a track is the same as putting stems together to create a track. Madonna uses samples in her music and is still considered and credited as a producer for her music. What Gaga was guilty of with ArtPop was using a large amount of samples and still trying to pass herself off as some sort of musical genius with the album of the decade or some shit. It was very much kept on the down low that she purchased samples for her tracks. She's a fraud.
  6. Are we the only Are we the only Aussies on this board Jazzy? Surely not!
  7. Janet Jackson thread

    What a mess
  8. The American Music Awards is when she truly jumped the shark. You can tell she probably thought she was so clever playing on the whole President thing but it just made no fucken sense, like a lot of her performances. The Artpop performances were just dreadful, absolutely dreadful and it was the first inclination that we got that she was a product of a talented team who had deserted her.
  9. OMG that's one of the funniest things I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! She completely embarrassed herself, COMPLETELY! No grace, no style, can't dance to save her life. It's like they just completely winged the whole thing. The dancing and facial expressions at the start are the best followed by when she throws herself over his shoulder. Awkward beyond words and sooooo uncomfortable to watch. Cant believe this twat thought she was going to be the next Madonna.
  10. I so agree with you. Writers and critics aren't what they used to be. Anyone with a keyboard can be a 'writer' nowadays.
  11. can I have a moment plzz ...

    One of the best songs of her career. The live version is heaven.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Oh no she's had her face filled again 😣