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  1. She can be so annoying sometimes. If she can do the Super Bowl for free in order to promote her latest album and tour then surely she can do Glastonbury. That performance alone gave her a sold out tour and a number one debut for MDNA.
  2. It's funny how time can play games with your mind. Most fans hated her hair from the promo tour. I believe it was referred to as 'Granny hair' on here. I personally loved The Sticky and Sweet hair. Longer hair is very flattering on her as she ages.
  3. Rugbyguy

    MDNA tour

    Love this tour. The majority of the songs, costumes, choreography and visuals were perfect, iconic and entertaining and id only change a few things. MDNA was a strange beast in that some songs were reinvented or changed too drastically and other songs werent reinvented or changed enough. I'd swap the snippet of Papa Dont Preach, making it a full song because the crowd went nuts when that intro started with Hung Up, making it the snippet instead. Open Your Heart should of been performed closer to its original form and not so drastically reinvented like PDP and Hung Up. Diehards and crowds were sorely dissapointed in the new versions and it felt like a cock tease on her behalf. The intro before Turn Up The Radio is a great example of that. TUTR and Im Addicted should of been simpler, just M on the triangle freestyle dancing and interacting with the fans. The choreography and costumes for IA didnt suit the song and turning TUTR into a guitar song was once again unnecessary and a bit lazy. The Masculine/Feminine section was flawless and adding Lovespent for the fans who begged for it was a great move. The Redemption section was also flawless aside from IA and the snippet of Cyberraga was a definite highlight. Closing with Celebration was great. The choreography and staging was incredible and she looked fantastic.
  4. Rugbyguy

    2018 MTV VMAs

    It was nothing like Holy Water
  5. I dont think they cut her hair for Nice. You can see from the other European shows that she has the tighter curls also. Wasn't it Mama Make Up who revealed that Madonna requested a volumiser for her hair for this show? Probably why it seems so much longer. It did look great by the time Like a Virgin and Like a Prayer rolled around and the style had loosened up somewhat whereas the tighter curls in the other shows were just a flat sweaty mess for the remainder of the show.
  6. Has anyone noticed that Express Yourself from Barcelona has been missing from YouTube for over a year then all of a sudden this remastered version showed up?
  7. Rugbyguy

    New Album Means New Tour

    Yes but werent the two mentions pre dvd release about the stand up comedy/talking thing she kept banging on about? The statement post dvd release was explicitly about touring music. That's the gist i got.
  8. Rugbyguy

    Troye Sivan

    Im a huge fan like everyone else and can't wait for the album also but ive been thinking the same thing, he's in danger of ending up stuck in a gay niche market after showing some of the biggest potential of any pop star we have seen in recent years.
  9. Rugbyguy

    New Album Means New Tour

    Its really hard to predict what is going to happen this time around. Im only going on the idea that past performance is the best indication of future performance in regards to her touring template and history of making statements and then contradicting them when she has a change of heart. I do agree with you that it is essential that she focuses on untapped markets and places like Asia and South America where we know tickets will sell like crazy. Routing the tour like the way they did for The Girlie Show would be a great way to go, a very artistic show playing limited dates in territories that she hasnt played before with a few shows in big markets like New York, Paris and London to satisfy the die hards, then go and direct a film.
  10. Rugbyguy

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    It was magical to me as a young kid and was very special as she came to my country for the first time and Australia went absolutely Madonna mad! The new arrangements were great, the choreography was insane and it was so artistic. It was always going to be hard to follow up Blond Ambition and in my opinion she didnt try to follow it up per say or even consciously try to top it. She could have just given us a continuation of the previous tour like she later would and which most artists do but instead she presented something completely fresh and new and a show that completely stands on its own. It was a very necesarry evolution at the time and i think she knew that it was needed to reinvent herself for the sake of her career and she achieved her goal 100% but in my opinion its hard to deny that she has since topped TGS in many respects. The new template was set in the 90's with BA and TGT but then she changed the template AGAIN with Drowned World then things changed again with ReInvention. Someone on here once said that ReInvention can be viewed in hindsight as the prototype for her future tours. They would all follow a similar theme, big screens, 4 sections with 4 video interludes and big stages that tested the realms of technology and design. Its this template that makes The Girlie Show stands out even more in her touring career. You can tune out here if you want but ill never forget seeing this for the first time. I was 11 and my parents were leaving me home alone for the first time so with my pocket money i went up to the video shop. There was no internet at the time and i had no idea that TGS was out on new release. I stumbled upon it by chance in the new release section as the cover was very ambiguous. You cant really tell that its Madonna so i was amazed that i spotted it. To cut a long story short, i was in awe for almost two hours. Its a magical experience as a fan watching a new Madonna show for the first time, especially back then when we had no internet and had to rely on the multitude of articles and magazine's devoted to the new tours as they worked their way around the world and the brief snippets of footage from the many news reports and television interviews.
  11. Rugbyguy

    New Album Means New Tour

    These are just my thoughts on the subject, disregard if you dont agree but let's not rewrite history here, she's only mentioned it once and it wouldnt be the first time she has mentioned reinventing the wheel then later contradicting those statements to chase the big $$$. I get really irritated when people say "mark my words" but im really tempted to go out on a limb and say she definately will not downscale. Let's get serious here, history denotes that Madonna never does things by halves, her overheads are way too high to support a downscaled tour. There would be significant damage to the bottom line and her touring reputation. The most money is made when an artist can do multiple nights at the same venue and that is the goal of the powers that be when a tour is routed, we know this. Her performance fee alone is said to be something in the range of one million dollars per show. In my opinion the only way she would tour in the capacity that everyone is talking about in here is if she said 'fuck it' to earning the big $$$ and did it just for the sake of her art and being creative. This is never going to happen. Madonna is no Kate Bush. It would be very interesting if she did the type of residency that Kate did last time which i think is in line with what people are saying here but i just don't think she will do it. Im prepared to predict that the big arena shows will still be the norm but she may scale back the amount of markets and cities that she visits to instead do mini residencies in the big cities in Europe, the UK and the United States and possibly do the opposite in Oceania and play mulitple cities to milk the dollars from the markets in Asia and Australia as they are places where the market isnt saturated. Look at the money she made in Asia during the RHT, it was eye watering and based on the ticket prices in Australia, that part of the tour must have been extremely lucrative aswell. If she comes back to Oz it would probably make more financial sense to just do multiple nights in Sydney and Melbourne but after 20 years of disappointment im never prepared to bank on her coming back, despite what she said last time. I do agree that she wants to change things up in regards to the show itself but im not totally convinced that she will do it. Pop concerts have now become predictable and the template that Madonna set now needs an overhaul. I dont know what she will do next time but i cant wait to see what she does. I loved the Met performance, it was intimate and grand at the same time. I loved seeing dramatic Madonna come back. It was very reminiscent of BA and DW. She seems passionate again and the Met Ball performance was so refreshing to watch. There were no video screens or fancy props or big dance routines but she still very successfully pulled it off with big emotion and dramatic costumes, just like the old days.
  12. Rugbyguy

    Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    I just dont understand why American's see owning guns as such a necessity. I really, really dont get it. Its sick.
  13. Rugbyguy

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    The curls are iconic but the thing that irritates me about them is by the time the first act is finished, they have already lost most of their shape and just look like a sweaty, untidy mess.
  14. Rugbyguy

    Troye Sivan

    Gutted that we have to wait another 3 months. Ive been waiting impatiently for this record since My My My came out and converted me into a huge fan. Cant believe its already been 4 months since it was released.
  15. I loved Rudebox, was obsessed with it when it came out. I couldnt believe it was panned so aggressively by the media and a huge portion of his audience at the time. I even went to the tour which was very grand and spectacular.