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  1. If she really is working with this Billboard dude then thats me happy unless the final product turns out to be shit. Id love another electronic album.
  2. Please guys dont start this shit already, its only day number 2. Let's not get dramatic. Thats what little monsters are for.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Ah i love you Pedro, your adamance is endearing. I think you and i are the only ones who listened to the interview properly.
  4. Do you consider Confessions to be eurotrash?
  5. I was beyond excited when i found out she was working with Timbaland, Timberlake and Pharrel as FutureSex and Loose were my jams in 2007. I literally was about to burst. I was sure that she was about to serve us up another masterpiece. I dont know if it was my too high expectations, the fact that she was following one of the best albums of her career with Confessions or the fact that her producers had already peaked with other artists but i was initially very dissapointed. It grew on me slightly as time went on but i really had to give it time to. For me its the only Madonna album where i completely ignore most of the tracks and haven't revisted it properly since probably 2009. I definately prefer MDNA by a long shot. Shes Not Me, Beat Goes On, Heartbeat and Give It 2 Me are excellent tracks and Sticky and Sweet is without doubt one of her best tours, i was obsessed with it. The choreography, technology and video screens are out of this world.
  6. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Of course it is
  7. Exactly! I dont mean to ruffle feathers but the only qualities Madonna shared with Bowie was that they frequently changed image and sound. I really dont think she took herself as seriously as Bowie took himself which is why BIM works for me. The thing with Madonna tho is she has always always been very very contemporary and i adore that about her. I dont view myself as a person who is set in my ways and my shoes and that is how i like my music and my thinking. I didnt bat an eyelash when i first heard Bitch Im Madonna, how can we as Madonna fans not expect that kind of thing from her?
  8. St!nk

    You aren't funny Marco, grow up!
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Those certainly look like her legs and hair but the cheap hotel room was the very first thing i noticed about the pic.
  10. How can folks be going after her for Half Breed? Shes part Cherokee Indian after all and has every right to wear that costume. Im fairly sure i read in a biography once that the song was inspired by racism she suffered as a child.
  11. Forbes just dragged her era to filth and I was just reading a GagaDaily thread about it. The moderator locked it after 4 pages because the replies were 'rude and shady,' isnt that just the most ironic thing you have ever heard??? I cant recall a Madonna thread on that site ever being locked for being 'rude and shady.' The Forbes article is a great read tho and tells no lies. Reminds me of when critics were shading Madonna in 2008 because 'who does she think she is booking a stadium tour?' They were reporting half empty venues a week after tickets went on sale. However they were all suprisingly silent when it became the highest grossing tour by a female artist of all time, breaking her own record. I always felt she turned up to the Billboard awards in 2013 to accept that award just to give a middle finger to her critics because as we all know Madonna hates award shows. Im fairly certain Taylors tour will be very successful just like Sticky was.
  12. Thats not a good example Marco. Do you ever say anything positive?
  13. Barcelona; It was my introduction to Madonna in concert back in 1990 when it was simulcast on MTV in Australia. The broadcast was such a ratings success that it was aired again several months later. Good thing because i wore out the original tape in just a couple of months so my Dad recorded it again for me. I think ive told this story a million times but my mum initially protested against my Dad recording it for my sisters and I. I still vividly recall her saying "but what about when she puts her hands between her legs?" No doubt a reference to the visit the police paid to her in Toronto earlier that year. The controversy must have found its way down to Australia in some shape or form. Dad wasnt too fussed, i recall him saying something along the lines of it will go over our young little heads. The concert was heavily edited for Australian audiences. All the swearing was taken out as was most of Madonna's banter with the audience. The part in Express Yourself where she humps Slam was also taken out and replaced with a crowd shot and NIFY was taken out altogether. Her vocals were very strong for this particular show and she looked absolutely beautiful once the sweat and heat had flattened out her bouffant hairstyle.