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  1. Lovely post Bitch I'm Christian. I completely agree with you, it was a very special tour for me and I can't wait to own it and relive it.
  2. That clip of her 'dancing' has gone viral in Australia. It was a featured story on one of our morning news program's this morning. Madonna would be torn to shreds if she performed like that.
  3. Oh my god!!! What an embarrassment.
  4. Don't forget they both did that auction together at Cannes in 2008. They seemed quite friendly with one another.
  5. I've read that book and Chris never actually said that they went to NY together. He came to NY some time after Madonna moved there and he goes into great detail about his early days there with Madonna.
  6. Are you high?
  7. That Craig Barnes is a total fruitcake. He claims to be straight or bi or something but had sex with a guy in a renowned gay hook up park in Paris and then started a thread claiming that it was rape and trawling for sympathy. He's a total twat and he hates Madonna with a passion.
  8. I don't usually agree with the things you say but I agree with every point you have made here 👍
  9. Thank you Jazzy for beautifully putting into words what I was trying to say. Everyone has completely misunderstood this letter (if it is in fact true). Madonna is not saying she wishes she had Whitney and Sharon's career!!!
  10. No the point of the letter is that it's the media saying Madonna wishes she had Whitney's and Sharon's career, not Madonna herself wishing it. Does that make sense?
  11. Couldn't disagree more
  12. Oh I remember this dude now. He sold his story in 1994.
  13. I wonder who that letter is addressed to (the one with the picture of Pepito) as I'm pretty sure Carlos was in her life at this point or at the very least, right around the corner. She got the dog for her birthday so this must be around August 1994.
  14. Her manager at the time
  15. Your Honesty was Caresse Henry's doing as she was disappointed that Warners canned the box set that was set for a late '03 release (yet another stupid decision). She pushed hard for its inclusion to give something back to the fans.