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  1. I don’t cry very often but this made me cry. I saw a video a few years ago, I think it was on here of this poor transgender Brazilian person being beaten then thrown into a wheelbarrow to be carted off and murdered by a group of dickheads and I’ve never gotten over it. It’s haunted me for years.
  2. I’m of the opinion after his presidency and now with Biden in office and his age related gaffes and also people like Caitlyn Jenner trying to worm her way in on the back of ancient and archaic policies that people of a certain age shouldn’t be in politics in this day and age. I hate to say it but it’s a young person’s world now. Look at all the fuck ups, constant, constant age related fuck ups. We need much younger people in politics, who are fresh, who are awake, who can string a sentence together and continue the huge amount of progression that we have made in society. We need politicians with experience and intelligence but we need some youth in there.
  3. Didn’t she get them done again because they were botched or something? They look even worse.
  4. Even after saying numerous times that she was done with surgery she always seems to come up with yet another excuse for surgery. I hate saying it but death is inevitable unfortunately.
  5. Sorry Jessica but you don’t look like a princess, you look like a drag queen.
  6. Hey! Are your PMs broken?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MadFan


      Basically what your diet looks like and do you calorie fount etc? And your workout routine. You basically have my ideal frame honestly.

    3. Rugbyguy


      Ok well I do CrossFit, Mon to Fri. Not sure if you’ve heard of that or not. On the weekends I hit my smaller muscle groups at the local gym, such as arms or calves etc because Crissfit is more of a full body workout and sometimes neglects your smaller muscle groups. I base my rest days around how sore or fatigued I’m feeling because muscles are grown whilst you’re resting/sleeping. I eat a hell of a lot of food. I keep carbs to a minimum because my body type has a tendency to turn carbs and sugar into fat. I keep the protein high and I drink a shit tonne of water. 

      If you want me to write you a workout or nutrition program I can do it for you at a discount, considering your a Madonna fan. I just need to gather some information from you so I can make it personalised, otherwise you won’t achieve your results. 

      Hope this helps 

    4. Rugbyguy


      Is that your body in the pics? If it is you look pretty great already. 

  7. He/She just has such an ugly personality. I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother UK this week and it’s just so cringe. I always carry myself like a gentleman in my everyday life because I think it’s important for straight people to see that we aren’t all like that.
  8. I’m always so confused as to why this thing is in the World Events section because A. nothing she does is a world event and B. she truly is a FLOP princess. Don’t you think?
  9. I’m still absolutely gobsmacked that despite all his fuck ups, ridiculous, egotistical and scary behaviour, a record amount of Americans still turned out to vote for him. WTF is going on in your country???
  10. I just don’t fucking getting her. She’s always going on about how much research she does before her surgeries yet the amount of botched work she has had done is astounding.
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