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  1. Same! I’m totally grossed out by gym change rooms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting until you get home to take a shower.
  2. I just dont understand why American's see owning guns as such a necessity. I really, really dont get it. Its sick.
  3. TWAT!!! I cant say it enough. And a totally tacky and cringefest fame whore!
  4. Im so happy to see that there have been so many protests regarding the issue of gun control and that these kids didnt die in vain. Its good to see that its still a talking point after a month and wasnt just considered yet another school shooting. I fear that due to the frequency of these shootings that the public were just going to become complacent towards the whole thing. America needs to take Australia's lead and do something about it and quickly. Very sad.
  5. Fuck! The fact that she kept bringing it back to her being a poor 22 year old girl running a business and working her ass off, i just wanted to jump through the screen and fucking strangle her. She wouldn't know a fucking thing about running a business. Let me guess she sets in her comfy home on her computer all day? Sounds pretty fucken back breaking to me. There are people out digging ditches in the world, there are people surviving on less than a dollar a day in the world. She's embarassing herself. And the smug way she kept saying all the criticism was coming from people who are in their 30's and over, as if being over 30 means your over and past it. Its the exact same way people treat Madonna, with this smugness, like who does she think she is to still have an opinion. It drives me nuts. People think bloggers and social media lack integrity and legitimacy because it/they do/does not because they dont understand it.
  6. Yeah it's great. I'm quite taken aback with the support from the straight community.
  7. Are we the only Are we the only Aussies on this board Jazzy? Surely not!
  8. ^ 'almost creating their own genre' is stretching it a bit. By all means I'd agree with you based on their work on Music but that same level of magic can't be found on American Life. Now before the American Lifers beat a path to my door, bear in mind that nothing even comes close to the magic of Music, Impressive Instant, WIFLFAG or DTM. Wouldn't mind hearing them collaborate once more tho.
  9. Lots of newbies coming on board recently. Moreso than recent era's. Could it be that the non traditional promo really worked? What is it that is attracting so many new and young fans lately. It's really awesome to see.
  10. I think we all need to start preparing for the fact that her next record isn't going to sell millions and millions of copies. I only say this based on the state of the music industry. We will be lucky to get maybe 2 million copies and that should be considered a success. I'm expecting a huge first week of at least a million copies and a number one debut but then things will probably follow the path that HC and MDNA did of a quick tumble down the charts which is unfortunate. What sort of sound are we expecting for this record? I'm leaning towards a big pop sound with leanings towards some experimental beats.
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