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  1. rate the tours

    It was magic, you are 100% right. I got to see it from the third row and the attention to detail was phenomenal. From the costumes to the sets and choreography, it was just amazing and far from done on the cheap. Every number was thrilling and entertaining and Madonna was beautiful and engaging. The only parts I didn't like were the boring interludes (aside from Illuminati which is one of her best) but only because I've gotten used to brand new videos being shot for them. S.E.X was great live but I would have loved to have seen more of the sexy school teacher footage instead of the Erotica video which we have all seen a million times. Casual fans probably wouldn't have cared about such details. The whole opening section was breathtaking as was the staging and vocals of True Blue and Heartbreak City/LDLHA. Seeing Living For Love was what I was most looking forward to and it truly delivered, I couldn't appreciate the rest of the Latin section because I was closer to the main stage and couldn't really see much but I got Take a Bow and the medley at my show in Brisbane so I was bloody stoked anyway. I'm bored of Music at this point but she ad libbed Hanky Panky which was fun and Candy Shop and Unapologetic Bitch were absolute highlight's. Lastly for all the shit Holiday got, I loved it, the crowd loved it and the bass was insane.
  2. The thought of Madonna not doing choreography with a troupe of dancers behind her kind of saddens me. I know it's inevitable and im cool with that but I'm in fucking awe everytime I watch her bust her moves with her dancers. She's one of the pioneers and no one comes close.
  3. Katy Perry thread

    She's uploaded a vid to her Instagram that shows the stage clearly with the cubes. I don't have an issue or anything, I fucking love the Witness album I just thought it might interest you guys.
  4. Katy Perry thread

    I don't know how to embed Instagram vids but the Witness Tour stage is reusing the MDNA Tour stage LED cubes that rise up.
  5. The commentary kind of ruined the whole thing for me. Why bother take the time to do something like this if your just gonna be a little bitch about it? I don't understand why he would give a majority negative review to a song like Devil Wouldn't Recognise You for example, why not give that spot in the list to another much deserving song like Love Spent or Music?What really irritated me was when he (and others) said Madonna jumped on the EDM bandwagon far too late? Are you fucking serious? Madonna has been experimenting with EDM since Bedtime Story.
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I can't wait, tomorrow morning I will have the DVD in my hot little hands!!!
  7. She's so hilariously clueless. If only she knew the performance is only a year old. I think she assumes it's old because of how young Madonna still looks. If your going to post a reaction video online wouldn't you at least google some facts first so you don't look like a wanker?
  8. She is an absolute embarrassment to herself and a liar. My flatmate suffers from fibromyalgia and even with the use of strong medication, she cannot work and sometimes cannot look after her two year old. Let me tell you, someone suffering fibromyalgia cannot do choreography in heels or go on concert tours let alone fly around on wires at the Super Bowl.
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    You can't blame her for wanting to spend two weeks with her kids before she went into MDNA Tour rehearsals, I mean c'mon, let's put things into perspective here. We are talking a12 month period here of literally back to back projects. She shot a film, edited it, supervised the soundtrack, wrote new tracks for an album, recorded said album, attended premiere's for W.E and gave print and press interviews for several weeks all over the globe, rehearsed the Super Bowl for several months, continued to attend premiere's and promote W.E in the United States, attended the Golden Globes, performed at the Super Bowl, took a few WELL DESERVED weeks off before going into three months rehearsals for a tour that turned out to be the longest and most ambitious tour of her career and she did it all at 53 AND without cancelling an entire leg and breaking a hip like a certain other 26 year old pop star who shall not be named outside of her own embarrassment of a thread over in the Pop Princesses Forum. Im sorry for the rant but give the woman a break, she's 59 for Christ's sake. If she's not selling as many records as she used to, who cares? She's sold 300 million, no one is going to outsell her for a while if ever. It shouldn't spoil your personal enjoyment of her music and art. I'm sure Madonna cares very much about her career and I think it's really unfair that fans continue to complain about these things without putting things into context or perspective. Yes it would of been great if she did a press tour for MDNA after the Super Bowl but it didn't happen, I don't think it would of made much difference anyway to her sales but let's move on and remember that when Rebel Heart came out she had the time to promote and the girl did us proud and then gave us an amazing tour and people like me in Australia finally got to see her in concert for the first time.
  10. The Portugal Album : official thread

    With all due respect of course 😊but shes not going to make a bloody Portugese album. I doubt she will even record it in Portugal, get off the crack pipe you lot!!! I think everyone is reading a bit too much into it. I believe she will use this time to get inspired and write some lyrics and once this fucking film is done, she will come home to America when David is out of football season and record an album.
  11. Million times better than GMAYL, I quite liked it. Probably had no place on Rebel Heart so you can see why it wasn't developed further.
  12. Madonna RARE

    The toilet paper that Christopher stuffed into her costume!!! Can't believe there is footage of it.
  13. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Your spot on Pedro 👍
  14. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    This is a really tough one, really tough... Thief of Hearts Words Fever + Waiting / Deeper and Deeper 😔 I could listen to her rap all day long