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  1. Madonna is working on new music.

    How do you come to that conclusion exactly? Bear in mind that just because we only got two pictures of her in the studio doesn't necessarily mean they only recorded for two days. Same with that one picture of her coming out of the studio at the beginning of the year.
  2. Madonna is working on new music.

    My thoughts exactly
  3. Random Madonna Discussion

    I dont think thats M. You can see this person has expression lines on their forehead which Madonna doesnt have.
  4. Crap song both music and lyrics but her voice is absolutely sublime. Ive played Hard Candy, MDNA and Rebel Heart so much in the last 10 years as obviously they are her most recent albums that i forgot how great she sounded during the Mirwais sessions. Her tone is beautiful and she's actually making the effort to hold and hit her notes with her singing.
  5. As she didnt do any recording during Up For Grabs it cant technically be considered the longest time it took to record an album. That time frame needs to be completely taken out of the equation. Still all in all it probably took her about 6 months to write, record and mix the record which probably still makes it the longest of all her albums to put together.
  6. I remember reading that article too although I don't believe she was ordered to record the entire album altogether but just tone it down. Its a bit unfortunate because despite a couple of good tracks, American Life is way too down tempo for me. Especially coming off the back of two very experimental dance records. It stuck out like a sore thumb against other big releases from that year. I believe AL would of been a much more commercially successful album if it had remained experimental and up tempo which was what we were all expecting at the time.
  7. Madonna is working on new music.

    I agree with you 100% that MDNA would of been a better album if she worked exclusively with Orbit, bar the two Benassi songs which I'm completely obsessed with. The Martin songs are completely throwaway and are just pure filler. I dont even like Beautiful Killer which seems to be a fan favourite here.
  8. Its one of my favourites too. From the first listen i fell in love with this song. The beats are awesome and i love the way she sings it.
  9. Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    Can you give us a review Pedro?
  10. What a relief. We have all collectively breathed a huge sigh of relief. I never saw this coming. I was always expecting something different but also something similar to Rebel Heart.
  11. Madonna is working on new music.

    Yayyyyyy!!! SHES IN THE FUCKING STUDIO!!!!!
  12. Shanti is one of my favourites. Those beats are amazing.