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  1. First Kim Kardashian and now Dennis Rodman who appears in Singapure for the meeting of the 2 dicators.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Kim K runs next year for the president with vice president nominee Dennis Rodman.

    Even the imagination Kim K and Dennis R as presenters of the US is frightening, but on the other hand,

    its USA, land of 1000 possibilities..

  2. I am not surprised by Italys choice.

    European Union, where is the Union ? My good germany is the only country in EU who took the most refugees and put them in to humanly camps or houses, unlike in France/ Callais  or Italy.

    I hope Germany will get the most money from European Union for its helping spirit.

    Neither Hungary, ROmania, Poland, Check Rep. or Austria are willing to get refugees. EU has to do something.

    All thes un-unity is a abig problem for EU and doesnt give the spirit what EU stands for.


  3. There was a demo in Berlin about Jerusalem and protest against israels government.

    But german media claims its antiisrael and antisemitic, as always !!!!

    You cannot protest and ask for palestinian peoples help, without being witchhunted as antisemit.

  4. IN general it means nothing. If you want to get your news via newsletters, than press OK

    If not then press NO.

    Its all about the data of your information being saved by those companies.

    But it seems a more big problem for companies...but thats completley different story.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Mensch said:

    I think M is gonna be featured on Nicki’s new album and it’ll be released as a single...and the buzz will get going for M and then later this year she’ll finish the record and get it out

    yes, thats a good project and a good start for her own single.

  6. 1 minute ago, MeakMaker said:

    I agree with you but dont fool yourself that Russia, China or Iran are better than the West. These rulers are all the same. Doesnt matter if east or west. Theyre all enemies of humanity. 

    of course I dont fool myself, I just wanted to point out that it is sick that them playing with innocent lifes there, why did they not attack Syria many many years ago and start doing it now ? Just look at the three, and not so surprised germany does support this attack aswell but doesnt want to take part in.

    The others are worse too.

  7. So we have this french guy who wants to be the new Napoleon, a young british lady unseccsusfull in domestic politics and wants to gain success in forein policy and than this orange utan whi just wants to play with rocktets.....

    Why did them not attack Israel when they used phosphoric weapons at Palestine or occupy palestine land or torch lemon tree plantages there ???


    Let the 3. war begin, I rule for Russia, China and Iran coalation. Playing with bombs in a sovering country is noones business. Bushes, Blairs and Chiracs did it in the past, its enough already....uhm no, next stop is North Korea or Iran....

  8. I am so happy that those beautiful pieces dy and their species rottens.

    Its better to not exist than rather being hunted by rich people or some hunters for their sperms, horns, dicks etc ....just for f***** superstitious medicines etc...

    World would have been a much better place when homo sapiens didnt become humanbeing...

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