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    Tour Stage set-up

    oh my god, now I remember what you mean with "everything" I had goose pumps when I saw her live and heard this sound of "everythaaang" BUT, for me, may be the most worst performance of her was "the power of good-bye" in VH1 Fashion awards and MTV awards. Its one of my favorite songs but she better not sing it live. I would prefer a lypsinch of this song even
  2. I think I am the only fan of Madonna who doesnt like Nicky, her back-up singer till Drowned World Tour. I more liked the second Nicki. But I wish she could chosen the right Back-Up singer for Like a Prayer if she will sing it again. Maybe this time a male back-up singer would suit perfectly to the song like Cee-lo did on Superbowl. There is one moment on Blond Ambition Tour I will never forget, Madonna sung Like a prayer and everyone was on stage but Nicki I had a feeling that Nicki acted as if she were the VIP-back-up singer for M. .....
  3. jaron

    Tour Stage set-up

    whats the story behind "everything" ?
  4. I hope she sings some nice ballads from her Something has to remember album like I want you, Take a bow or YOu´ll see. I miss those 90s flavored real ballads !!! I hope for a Everybody COAD-version and Keep it together along with Impressive instant!
  5. jaron

    Tour Stage set-up

    I like that stage. Its great and I am pretty sure it will be even better when the tour starts !!! I like concerts with huge screens ! This tour is going to be fun as always.
  6. I dont know, where you have your informations, that her new tour is not selling out. But I have to say that this is not true. Many places are sold out and when the time comes nearer, then there will be some more promotion or ads in the cities. I would not consider as a flop, if she sells 40.000 tickes for one stadium show and only 5.000 are still available. So the stadium contains 45.000 seats, 40.000 sold out. Thast not flop thats good. This time, MDNA album had no major first single like Hard Candy. It can be a reason why not so much are sold out. But we should wait. This tour is going to be major as well as it had been with her previous tours. This tour is going to be major because she will visit more countries.
  7. yes, but i was thinking about Revolver or Die Another day since she said its going to be very violent and agressiv segment. We have seen the guns, but this Tour is going to be very exciting for sure
  8. Trangression Segment seems to be very exciting I think there will be a video opening, after that she will sing Gang Bang (lipsynched of course) then she will do GGW then a midtempo song like Physical attraction or Justify my love and last Revolver or Die another day !
  9. jaron

    Madonna at Miami Ultra Music Festival

    each album release, its going worse concerning about promotion !!! I really want this album to be succesful because its soo good, but she seems like she doesnt give a f***. She could give one mini concert like for hard candy in new york with same setlist for superbowl and add 3 new songs ! is that so difficult ? NO, it seems like theres no effort ! But i am sure, without such big promo, the album will do fine and will sell like 5- 8 millions worldwide ! and hopefully more
  10. a madonna tour without political statement ??? NO, I am pretty sure, there will be an interlude about the US-elections or about human-rights !
  11. jaron

    The MDNA Thread

    you lucky one I will get mine tomorrow hopefully
  12. jaron


    I love this song, but her voice is not as loud as the melody. And I dont understand why they mixed this song in this way, like her distorted song on hard candy "voices"
  13. jaron


    I love the uncensored version, but still I miss the one scene that the black model kissing the glass which was on the preview link