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  1. So I listened to other demos which made into the tracklist like Messiah, Joan d Arc, Sex , Veni vidi vici and Hold tight and Inside out. I have to say this album will be the best. There are no fillers. Thank god no bautiful scarf or borrowed time which were the weakest demos in my opinion. THough my fav nothing lasts forever is not included, I am still happy that I have it as demo. I cannot wait for the release, hopefully time pasts fast and we get the album on our hands !
  2. I am so disappointed that she excluded Nothing lasts forever :/ On the other hand, I am happy for Best Night and heart break city
  3. Offer Nisims Remix is the best. He always has great remixes, but this one is way better than other LFL remixes
  4. As long as Heartbreak City, Best night and Nothing lasts forever is on the album, I will be happy about
  5. Another suicide from Turkey. 24 year old transexual woman commited suicide yesterday. She jumped from the bosphorus bridge. That bridge is a popular place for suicides unfortunatley. On her way to the bridge she recorded a video with a last message. She was frustrated she wasnt accepted and was belittled and used. Also the lgbt community in Turkey is very passive. They do not nothing for the rights. Many gays lesbians trans people are very unhappy with them. Even the gay pride week in istanbul, they cannot organise a good festivitiy.
  6. I was mentioning that I was bellydancing to that song since it has an oriental melody
  7. my top 3 demos: 1. Nothing lasts forever (me bellydancing) 2. Best night 3. 2 steps behind me (4. Heartbreak City)
  8. oh my gosh, that foto is soooo amazing. THis era has the best fotos untill now. Just perfect
  9. it reminds me to the paperface remix of let it will be. Such dynamic track
  10. someone should tweet him that he should visit this forum so we can chat with him
  11. 2 steps behind me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madonna, please please please, this has to be on your album. It has fantastic lyrics and that melody !!!! just disco 2015 !!! come on do something good and let that song on your album :D
  12. Madonna should release the album after the grammy week. It looks like all songs have been leaked. She sould not wait too much time.
  13. Nothing lasts forever is my alltime favorite. It can be like Stings - desert rose. It needs a lil bit work done, and it will be perfeckt !
  14. even on facebook hes strange
  15. It should be something like Hung Up and Hideaway . Just free dancing
  16. RuPaul is fierce. I love her
  17. whos is she ? and where is that from ? Wow I really like that picture and this whole era !!! Madonna surprised me so much with this era. This going to be kick ass when she goes on tour <3
  18. This era has the best photos so far. Though I loved MDNA era, but stil, those images shows Madonna from her sensual side and more "adult". Its like the bedtime stories era especially that banner with the red jacket which is my favorite
  19. jaron

    GHOSTTOWN appreciation!

    Finally a very beautiful ballad since X-tatic process and Easy Ride. Of course I love Love spents ballad version aswell, but this track is more like her 90s ballads which I adore the most !!!!
  20. Isnt that picture from Madonna for a charity even of Alicia Keys ?
  21. I love everything I listend so faar. Much better than the demos and this album will be her ROL of 21st century
  22. I hope she will release heartbreak city as well with a black and white video a la I want you video back in the 90s