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  1. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    The Rejuvenator Set with the Penetration tool sounds pretty promising
  2. gurl, and I have doubt about your IQ
  3. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    THe opening was EVERYTHAAAANG !!! I liked the beat very much, didnt care about the lyrics. I remember during my summer in bars they played it a lot, and I loved it
  4. THis Gibbson guy is as delusional as her mother monster. Madonna should give the evil her to eye when she ever meets this woman on the steets of New York, but I think she cannot even afford to walk in Madonnas district, its too expensive and VIPish for her.
  5. they faked ??? Wow, never knew this Well I dont follow this guy or dont read his webpage. Here in germany he is more a noone
  6. Is he getting paid again by her or her team ?? What a mind change. Glad, Madonna is not bestie with him
  7. That guy should spit evverything he knows to the media in a all exclusive tv interview. Lady Pennywise-Gaga has to be exposed in the world as the most evil devil monstrous squid
  8. to say threre are good nazis is like there are virgin prostitutes out there !!! How pathetic, also I saw this video, have to make a test with my friends if this is really true or not
  9. I am surprised about that too. Katy Perry did something asian gesha themed performance and got blamed for that, but this trash kaka got nothing.
  10. I just had a conversation yesterday with a german lawyer collegue. We talked about work and life, and suddenly he trash talked about USA and the black people issue and white supremacy. He used words like "nigga" and "slaywes" and "jew" in a very racist context, called muslims terrrorist etc... I was like wtf, I am talking with you about business and life andd not about policy and you come out as this. I ended the dialogue and deleted him from my friendslist. We all can have a conversation and disagree, but everything has to be mutual and respectful. And yes, as a minority in this country, you have to work harder than the ordinary people to gain success. Its iin many places all over the world the same issue. Racisim and Antisemitism exist behind closed doors and surface in a subliminal way in the media. Exception is islamophobia, its current everywhere.
  11. But she loves her asian fans, no ? I am pretty sure , she will do sth in order to cancel the tour and get the money from insurance.
  12. You are right. The police arrested them, but they paid 500 Euro each as security deposit and got free. But this is not the same like being imprisoned after a court trial. Mostly you pay around 500 - 5.000 € penalty and no imprisonment. But we had one case, one guy posted on his facebook some antisemitic comments referring to Hitler. He got reported by a friend to his employer, and he got fired. That guy lost his job and didnt get it back.
  13. Her Nose !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 All I see is her major big fat gigantic Nose