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  1. am I surprised ? Hell no, he is a frustrated ugly pig.
  2. this dwarf is the biggest shady cunt ever...Jesus, she should not take MADONNAs name in her foul mouth. period
  3. Oh I didnt realise they demand for money spend in order to go to a Kylie festival ??? No, just no.
  4. Kylie ???? Madonna idolised her ??? Me:
  5. Tomas and Zac are a very beautigul couple
  6. guys come to madonna main thread. Minnie Minogue idolises our queen.
  7. I will collect in this thread some curious stories about flights and planes: 1: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5509865/Moment-man-kicked-flight-racist-tirade-attendant.html?ito=social-facebook 'I do not want blacks around me': Passenger, 70, launches sickening racist tirade at flight attendant before being kicked off a flight to La Palma Clip shows attendant telling man, 70, to 'take your suitcase and get off the plane' Witnesses said he launched sickening racist insult at black cabin crew member Civil Guard was called and he was escorted off plane at North Tenerife Airport 2: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5509665/Southwest-Airlines-kicks-father-toddler-daughter-flight.html?ito=social-facebook At least it's not United! Now Southwest Airlines comes under fire after shocking video of a man getting kicked off Atlanta flight with his toddler daughter because she was scared to fly Alexis Armstrong filmed the incident on Flight 1683 from Chicago to Atlanta Said toddler was momentarily scared to fly and wanted to sit on her father's lap Father asked flight attendant for a minute to calm her down, got her in the seat But the plane still returned to the gate and the family was forced to leave flight
  8. The music is just outdated, its not a music the general pop folks are listening to. I mean western style ? Her second is a UK trash pop etc etc etc. Whats her next project ? Movie ? Tour ?
  9. Just a question, there are like more than 300 mill people in the US, is that number of 10 mill or 30 mill still not so much ? Here in Germany, about 72 mill people, a show like that had at its peak 10 mill viewers, now its like 6-7 mill, which is still a success. What is the general number of viewers in the US for a show to call it as a succes ?
  10. China will rate its citizens

    8,5, hmmmmmmmm I can still live that
  11. China will rate its citizens

    I give 10 out of 10 to myself, because only I can judge myself the best
  12. oh my gosh, she literally marries Trump here... And the video, from 1,40 shes a trash trumpswift