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  1. jaron

    Privacy Policy Changed

  2. Now again as a MAN ? Didnt he changed to a WOMAN ? IT is like a chameleon, depends on mood as what IT goes out.
  3. jaron

    Privacy Policy Changed

    IN general it means nothing. If you want to get your news via newsletters, than press OK If not then press NO. Its all about the data of your information being saved by those companies. But it seems a more big problem for companies...but thats completley different story.
  4. jaron

    Christine & The Queens

    ❣️❣️❣️ love the smoothness
  5. jaron

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    THIS. Not only regarding to US politics, but overall the whole world. On the other hand, Saudi Arabias new prince kissing his ass, saying Palestine has to go with Trump or stop mourning. So much about brotherhood between the arabs palestine and saudis.
  6. jaron

    MASS Brawl at Ascot.

    Alcohol should be prohibited in such events. It makes everything worse and the image of such events get negativitiy. I would fear for my life if a crazy twat full alcolized makes problems
  7. jaron

    MASS Brawl at Ascot.

    whats the reason they fight ?
  8. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    I liked german, austrian and uk song, they were in my top 10 but like 10 - 9 - 8 and not higher. Still I loved Suris voice, dont understand the hatred towards uk entry
  9. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    Eurovision is not about European Union or Europe in geographical means. Maghreb countries along with Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine are all members in European broadcast plus, even politically questionable, those countries feel close to Europe. Someone asked why Maghreb countries or Egypt do not participate if they are members. Well the answer is very easy and sad, its because of Israel. Those countries do not recognize Israel or have their politicila reasons. Lebanon wanted to participate something like 10 years ago but before they applied they declined because of Israel. They demanded they not gonna show the performance by Israel on TV but EBU rejected that. Eurovision is all about fun, even when sometimes crazy songs wins. If I look prior televoting, some winners songs are really bad, so thankfully we have televoting. I dont see a problem if some neighbours give points eachother, maybe they have same music taste. But jury is really a problem. ANd this years show displayed it. Just look at the splittet results from the semifinals. I am really amused by some comments here why this country or the other participate. Put your politicila or ideological opinion by side and enjoy a music show which nowhere else exists. And Australia should not be furious about their bad result. For me it wasnt my music taste, maybe give a break next year 😛
  10. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    thank you @Jazzy Jan well, how contradictional behaviour participating at eurovision and then talking like that. Thank god I skipped it last year then 😄 I am happy with this years result, but only with the teleovoting one. There has to be some questions about juries meaning for this event. Its better without them for sure.
  11. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    Oh really ? I did not watch it last year, but some friends told me the same about his arrogance!!! I thought the production and the intervall act were really bad this year, also I dont like the winners song from portugal. It sounds like La vie en rose in protugues. What did he say and why ungrateful ?
  12. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    The EBU has now released the full split results of both the jury’s and the televoting. When compared, which countries were favoured by the jury’s and which by the public, and how did this affect the ultimate outcome? Let’s take a look! Combined vote Here is the combined outcome of the final results for Eurovision 2018. Israel: 529 points Cyprus: 436 points Austria: 342 points Germany: 340 points Italy: 308 points Czech Republic: 281 points Sweden: 274 points Estonia: 245 points Denmark: 226 points Moldova: 209 points Albania: 184 points Lithuania: 181 points France: 173 points Bulgaria: 166 points Norway: 144 points Ireland: 136 points Ukraine: 130 points The Netherlands: 121 points Serbia: 113 points Australia: 99 points Hungary: 93 points Slovenia: 64 points Spain: 61 points United Kingdom: 48 points Finland: 46 points Portugal: 39 points Let’s have a look at the results individually. Green indicates countries ranked higher than in the combined vote, yellow indicates countries ranked the same as that of the combined vote and red indicates countries ranked lower than in the combined vote. Jury Austria: 271 points Sweden: 253 points Israel: 212 points Germany: 204 points Cyprus: 183 points Estonia: 143 points Albania: 126 points France: 114 points Bulgaria: 100 points Moldova: 94 points Lithuania: 90 points Australia: 90 points The Netherlands: 89 points Ireland: 74 points Czech Republic: 66 points Norway: 60 points Italy: 59 points Spain: 43 points Slovenia: 41 points Serbia: 38 points Denmark: 38 points Hungary: 28 points United Kingdom: 23 points Finland: 23 points Portugal: 21 points Ukraine: 11 points Televote Israel: 317 points Cyprus: 253 points Italy: 249 points Czech Republic: 215 points Denmark: 188 points Germany: 136 points Ukraine: 119 points Moldova: 115 points Estonia: 102 points Lithuania: 91 points Norway: 84 points Serbia: 75 points Austria: 71 points Bulgaria: 66 points Hungary: 65 points Ireland: 62 points France: 59 points Albania: 58 points The Netherlands: 32 points United Kingdom: 25 points Finland: 23 points Slovenia: 23 points Sweden: 21 points Spain: 18 points Portugal: 18 points Australia: 9 points
  13. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    Yes, its just unbelievable how jury throwed their points to sweden but the people only gave 25 points. EBU should think about it. Austria was indeed great, its a very motivating and positive song. Germany was ok. But not sure if it really deserved that high. I think Belgium and Greece had to be in the finals and Moldova much higher. France did not impress me in the end. Norway guy, oh well you are there you deserved to be. Next year its Jerusalem again after 1978 - 1998 -2018. What a beautiful achievment from them.
  14. jaron

    Eurovision thread

    That jury vote destroys so many songs....I just could puke when I see some in top 10 bring back 100 % peoples vote