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  1. ANother question is, who wants to f**** with him ?? He looks so unnatural and scary that when I see the photos he freaks me out. Sad but true
  2. Very disgusting footage. But I have to say, that my flights were overbooked twice. They offered the next flight plus 300 € as bonus. I took twice this offer, since I hadnt any important business. But why did they not put someone else out of the flght ? This is not the first time that United flight comes negative in press.
  3. yeah right daahling :D But to this gif there would suit perfetly another one as response. I couldnt find it, but it was shared here many times. There are two women, one black hair, the other blond hair, The black hair one is throwing a shady look. Maybe someone can share it here again
  4. I would call this high-luxury-escort-with-special-service-of-marriage !!! but we all know her name, Jancel-Queen
  5. a albumm with metalicca would be good her lil monsters listen to plastic pop music and not to rock I guess., so she would loose fans, not selling albums, her popularity would decline. All in one, its a good step Let her produce flops
  6. Lately, I listen much to radio here since I have to drive for business through the country. And Katys song is always the most wanted. They play it so often, I always get happy and positive enegery when I hear it. At german charts the song is at number 6, her highest positon was 3
  7. her look is like, when is my turn
  8. I hope no. I want a pure disco pop album just like COAD. RH was deep album just like a ROL Volume 2. Now I need COAD Volume 2
  9. Royal shade by the Queen !!! Love that pic from grammies, brought memories back :D ANd the message about her pulled video, well done !!!!
  10. Thats a good reason to become unemployed and getting social welfare....Never ever I will let a microchip in my body...
  11. suddenly somehow I lost my interest in her...Her debut album was her best, then it was more n more boring....I will give a listen to her new one...lets see