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  1. This is such a great news, though I am not familiar with FOX as I dont live in the States. But, an honor is an honor. Congrats to my Queen <3 ps: did Mooriah hear this news
  2. Beautiful !!!! This summer is going to be hot !!! Love this. I am still listening to chains.....but I want more and more !! Let the album come !
  3. I am dead !!! Love the erotica era !!! So dark and progressive sexy songs !!
  4. still no baby photo ? still no exclusive cover story with her baby on a magazine sold for millions of dollars ? still no pic from Jancel ? hmm, this is really strange, this woman acts like Area 51, but much worse. Didnt she postpone her jancelled tour for this summer ? Any news for it ?
  5. Not shaking the hands with the guest. This guest is a chancelor of one of the greatest EU-members: Germany. He is so rude and disrespectful. Not gentelmenalike, though this guy cannot be a gentlemen ever. ts such a shame how he behaves. I hope Merkel gives him some good advices.
  6. That writer of this article or the speaking woman mustnt had a bf for ages. So she lets her frustration out on Madonna. Poor girl, use dating apps or go to redlight district. Just enjoy life a lil bit instead of spitting poisong
  7. that is absolutley true !!! I love to hear it on german radio !!! Its a good cruising song
  8. I confess I love not myself tonite :D Is she releasing any new music ??? I think shes just underrated, needs to come back and slay again
  9. only 5 months to go for the release...time goes by so slowly :(
  10. Thats sadly impossible. As far as I know there is no intact DNA of this animal in order to clone it. I mean there were several animlas who died in the 19th century like the bird Dodo . Sadly animals like Elephants in Asia or Afrika are in danger too. Thanks to the safari shoot activities for rich people
  11. I am really surprised, it is possible in the States to reduce the price. This is not a fair competition. Thankfully this is not possible in Germany for CDs. Even on Itunes the music is 1,29 or 99 cents. You cant go deeper than that. Especially if its a new record. Is there no a centre of competive who controls the system ?
  12. dancing skill at its finest !!! I would also pay hundreds of dollars to see this move
  13. Thats really good news. Wish they could save the thylacine aswell. It was a very beautiful animal, especially the zebra-like back of it