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  1. Whenever i listen to Batuka or God Control I think about what's going on in my country and it's facists (not my) president.
  2. The super deluxe will be released here in Brazil. untill now, us, brazilians have no physical release. But I'm really happy that the super deluxe was the one chosen to be sold in here. Not sure if it will sell, though. People don't pay more than R$20 (about 5 US$) for a cd. The estimated price for Madame X is R$120 (32,10 US$).
  3. Her PR team is just FLAWLESS! About the video...crying. the way she ties the choral part in the beginning with the ending...breathtaking!
  4. This journalist is extremely close to her. Like Perez and Lady Gaga a few years back. If there is someone who knows real info about her, he's the one!
  5. From the Interview she gave to Fantástico tonight, it won't be a single. She said she needed someone to finance it. The interviewer was very charming and respectful (I have a crush on him), and she said that Jesus is her Safado Gostoso.
  6. N° 1 in 60 countries at 60 years old. I call it providence!
  7. On that piece of interview, to be aired this sunday night, they say she talked about gender equality, her new album, Anitta , Brazil and a question that left her speechless.
  8. 1 - God Control 2 - Medellín 3 - Dark Ballet 4 - Killers Who Are Partying 5 - Faz Gostoso That was hard!!!
  9. This song is driving me CRAZY! I mean, what an amazing piece of art! And the samba in the beginning...Oh Culturaldonna.... LOVE YOU! EDIT: Can't wait for the video!
  10. I love the album! I mean.... LOVING EVERYTHING! Best parts? From Medellin to I RIse. GODONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. In love with it! EBTG meets Enigma, both of them fucked Neneh Cherry and they all came together. Then Madonna raised them and taught them everything they know. That's Ciao Bella!
  12. Wow....Ciao Bella and Funana are VERY 90's Madonna. Actually, 90's dance music. Reminds me Des'ree and Everything but the girl, Enigma, Neneh Cherry. But Back that up...just no. It doesn't fit.
  13. A true highlight. I'm not a carioca funk fan, but as a carioca I'm so happy to hear the sound of the favelas on a Madonna album. Really representative to lots of comunities around Brazil and Latin America.
  14. Like I said before, this album might seem a COADF to some, but the impact is going to be the same as ROL or Music, because it's that unique "Madonna ahead of the time" sound. And not just ahead, but an elegant mix of great latin/portuguese/brazilian music + her pop touch. And inteligence. It's an inteligent album, a mature album that'll make pop starlets scream and moan for not being bold enough (nor creative enough) to do the same.
  15. This album makes her the trend setter again since AL. It's just perfect and clever. But seriously, I know you guys looooove the "theater tour" but this album deserves a HUGE stage and lots of dates around the globe because it will be super acclaimed, no dout. Every pop girl will do something "influenced" by it and artists will praise her all around. It's perfection!
  16. The beginning 'till the choir. That first melody is totally samba. Listen to Aguas de Março by Elis Regina and Tom Jobim. You'll get what I mean.
  17. The midle part, yes. But the carioca funk influence is a lot more evident and soooooooooooooo much fun!
  18. Man...God Control...the way she sings it, the melody...is just like a slow samba. She was sooooo smart with the melodies, mixing brazilian samba that is so poetic, with the exuberance of disco music and that heavenly choir!!!! ALBUM OF THE DECADE!
  19. Man...AMAZING! Just makes me want a HUGE Stadium tour with people jumping all arpund blasting there tunes! AMAZING!
  20. These three are EVERYTHING! And I really love Future. The only one I don't listen to anymore is I Rise. It's too much RH for me and that's, in my opinio, her most strange album.
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