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  1. I am so, so afraid. I live in Rio de Janeiro, am an actor and writer and he is about to take down the Ministry of Culture. I'm also gay and there has been lot's of us already being beaten on the streets. I don't want to leave my house. I'm scared, so scared. Thinking of going to Urugay, Portugal or France. My mom and I, we cannot stay here. This really might be the end of an era of people feeling proud of who they are.
  2. David is a star on his own! The video is so much fun and takes the song to a new level! loved it!
  3. The art was made by a Brazilian fan ALdo DIaz. He commented that they sent him lots of photos from the actual video. But she chose that one. He made 13 different covers, non of them were used. She wanted that one. Go figure!
  4. Erotica Bedtime Stories Ray of Light Rebel Heart Like a prayer Music Hard Candy Confessions on a dancefloor Madonna American Life True Blue Like a Virgin MDNA
  5. I started to like BIM like a week ago. I hated the song, but the Diplo remix made it for me. But i still think that Rebel Heart would be a perfect single as well.
  6. Rebel Heart. The definition of a Perfect Pop Anthem!
  7. Stephen...I am laughing so much right now! This is hilarious!
  8. Thank God I am not the ony one who really hated it! It is tacky as hell. Hated the very fuck of it. But Jump....no no. lol
  9. The countdown is over on my computer! and it says: Madonna's stream should start soon. On my cell phone, still 06 minutes to start
  10. Rebel heart should be a single with the happiest video ever!
  11. 1 - BIM 2 - Messiah 3 - Ghosttown 4 - Addicted 5 - Graffitti Heart
  12. Oh...you did that too??? I love it!!!!!!
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