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  1. With FULL build-up, bridge and piano bit. I wonder if the Tokyo Rockabilly outfit is Vogue
  2. Yes! Mod-donna! Brothel-creepers! I've always wanted her to have this look. True Blue? Unapologetic Bitch?
  3. Jesus...the Mod look in the 1st picture has just killed me Remember that checked shirt on her Instagram video..that is gonna be a fantastic look.
  4. Yup, can't wait to see and hear what she's done with these tracks. I wonder how Vogue is re-invented and her dancing to Unapologetic Bitch is gonna be a treat.
  5. Me too, Sloane... Inside Out and Rescue Me were my main hopes.. but.. we got Vogue, True Blue and Unapologetic Bitch..(Deeper & Deeper too hopefully) I'm a happy fan.
  6. Oxygen tanks all round! Rescue Me and now Deeper and Deeper M, what have you done to us?!
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