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  1. love it. It was all perfection ...best perf. this era..
  2. Wow...now that was good. Bitch OWNED that stage. Great version of Vogue...AL album version...yes! I loved it when she got the lyrics wrong GC choreo..perfect.
  3. Wow..she really couldn't contain herself here.. "I bet you're REALLY super proud of that"
  4. 1. I Don't Search I Find 2. God Control 3. Looking For Mercy 4. Extreme Occident 5. Crazy
  5. I loved M on the show...sometimes her shyness, bluntness and sarcky humour is misinterpreted as being haughty and cold. She made me laugh with reference to her medication not having kicked in and her awkward interaction with McKellan Who cares what basics on Twitter think.
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