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  1. Being from Denmark, there is no way I want us to leave the EU... but I have to be honest and say that I by now am sick and tired of most politicians... what a stuck up and horrible group of people... most of them do not give a shit about their populations... and they for sure do not work to create better lives for their populations... they work for own winnings and power... and enjoy spreading hate between different population groups to remove the focus from the real problems... themselves
  2. I'm ready for new music now, either a new single or a new album
  3. I'm always looking forward to new Madonna music, but I also think it's to early with a new album... they need to release more singles and videos from the amazing RB album. Yes, it might not happen, but the album is filled with songs that would make great singles... it's really a shame to dump it already now.
  4. Can not say that I ever had a discussion about Madonna where I have had defend her... and I can not think of anyone I've talked to IRL that does not at least have respect for Madonna as an artist... people might not be fans of her, but everybody knows her accomplishments.
  5. Th Rebel Heart (Demo) would have been an amazing lead single, but unfortunately it was not to be.
  6. 01: Borrowed Time 02: Living For Love (Offer Nissim Living For Drama Remix) (short edit) 03: Ionic 04: Hold tight 05: Inside out 06: Wash All Over Me (Acoustic) 07: Joan of Arc 08: Rebel Heart (feat. Avicii) 09: Veni Vidi Vici 10: Unapologetic Bitch 11: HeartBreakCity 12: Devil Pray 13: Addicted (The One That Got Away) 14: Bitch I'm Madonna 15: Body Shop 16: Ghosttown 17: Messiah 18: Queen
  7. R.H for sure is an outstanding album, I'm still listening a lot to it we need more singes from it... a shame if it's already tossed aside... Messiah and HeartBreakCity for a Christmas release this year.
  8. Have always loved this song, should have been a single.
  9. IRL I never hear anyone criticising Madonna... even my 74 year old mom likes her.. and listening to Madonna and Adele a few days back she said that Madonna's music is way better than Adel's. The only place I see or hear anything bad about Madonna is in the media, both spoken and written media. People in general seems to like Madonna :-)
  10. You arrived very early compared to us, we arrived at Boxen at 6pm (18), so we would never had been able to get such a place... but we also decided after the MDNA concert that we would never want floor tickets again... next time we go see her, will try to get the same kind of tickets as this time :-)
  11. Lol, I had amazing pictures from her other concerts... Huge blurry spots of light and hardly a trace of Madonna :-D ;-)
  12. Msig, you were lucky to stand that close to the stage :-) I gave up on that a long time ago, as I'm to darn short to see anything in the middle of the crowd... This time we had tickets for seat right in front of the tip of the heart... and it was the best view we ever had for a Madonna concert :-) My pictures were not great, but for the first time ever it's at least possibly to see that Madonna is in them
  13. Yes, I really do not get the critic that Madonna is getting... but you are right, we should not be surprised about it... it's always like that, first the media's build you up, then they desperately try to knock you down... with Madonna they have had very little luck with that.. so their critics are getting more and more ridicules.
  14. Billboard is not the only media being anti Madonna these days, yesterday before the concert they were talking about it on Danish Tv... and my what a lot of crap they were saying... It really felt like they were talking Madonna and the concert down, to stop last minute buyers from attending the concert Lol, I got so freaking pissed
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