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  1. Best album released this year for me, is by far Antek Smykiewicz "Nasz Film"
  2. Bought the new Marilyn single today... were Culture Club inspired and great :-)
  3. Now I'm listening a lot to: Lady Pank - Milosc i wladza Antek Smykiewicz - Nasz film Great music :inlove:
  4. Being from Denmark, there is no way I want us to leave the EU... but I have to be honest and say that I by now am sick and tired of most politicians... what a stuck up and horrible group of people... most of them do not give a shit about their populations... and they for sure do not work to create better lives for their populations... they work for own winnings and power... and enjoy spreading hate between different population groups to remove the focus from the real problems... themselves
  5. Kind of agree Hyper, I do not understand why some people are so eager to believe trash like this..
  6. Michael died a long time ago... even if he did something wrong it is to late to do anything about it... more scandals will change nothing... personally I believe the truth lies somewhere in between... I do not believe that Michael was the monster some makes him out to be... but also can not say that he was a 100% innocent... but we'll never know... and even if we knew it would not change anything... let the guy rest in peace.
  7. Don't know much about her, remember she made a few songs with Otto Von Wernherr, but that was ages ago, and I'm not sure anyone has heard about her since the early 80s
  8. Color of your life is amazing, love it so much that I ordered his album from Poland 10 out of 10 for Szpak
  9. My top three is: 01: Poland 02: Israel 03: Russia But as said, great songs this year
  10. 01: When doves cry 02: Sign O' the times 03: Raspberry Beret 04: Purple Rain 05: I would die 4 you 06: 1999 07: Little Red Corvette 08: Batdance 09: Kiss 10: 7 (Acoustic Version) --------------- Top 15 :-) 11: Cream 12: If I Was Your Girlfriend 13: Diamonds And Pearls 14: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 15: Cinnamon Girl Lol, forgot Paisley Park, also one of my faves.
  11. Sad news, I have not listened much to him in recent years... but he was a great artist... and back in the 80s and early 90s I used to listen a lot to him... still remember buying the "When doves cry" single without knowing him... simply because the cover looked great... and how amazing that song is...
  12. I've been a fan of George since 1982, but he can be really annoying and rude... and the situation with the Tribe album... the guy really needs to learn something about priorities...
  13. I'm ready for new music now, either a new single or a new album
  14. Recently I have been listening a lot to Lukas Graham latest album :-)
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