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  1. 2019 is turning out to be a banner year for Madonna! No matter how those obnoxious critics try to diminish her!
  2. It isn't! It just sounds as if President Obama wasn't star struck! That's all! People are inferring something sinister unjustly!
  3. Thank Goodness Madonna is a natural talker! Jimmy Fallon is a horrible interviewer! That's why I only watch when she makes one of rare appearances and this by far was the best! Boy, can she move! Love the audience participation!
  4. One thing is certain Madonna is back! She is the only person on earth that can generate this level of hypocrisy..sexism...ageism...contradictory statements all in the same paragraph.
  5. I agree, this reads more like 4 stars. Odd they gave it 3!
  6. A beautiful inspirational ballad that only Madonna can deliver. Truly lovely!
  7. CGI CGI CGI Really Cool Hologram Images worked very well! The audience seemed to be into the performance! Now watch people lie on Twitter as they did during the Prince tribute a few years ago!
  8. Yes, indeed! He looks so hot jamming to his collab with Madonna in a Rolls Royce no doubt! I Love That, PAPI!
  9. Yes, that interview was much too short! The main thing is, she left us wanting more!
  10. Very cool video! Love the quintessential confession in the intro. I love the fact she said, she is going back to being naive. Naive in the sense she doesn't care what anyone thinks, not worrying about the reaction. Just throwing caution to the wind, referencing her early years!. This is the Madonna I love. Oh, I must say she looked gorgeous, wow, I want to look that good at 60!
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