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  1. Here in Boston on my local Boston top40 station. Some over 60s asshole who does the weekend countdown show. Mentioned the alleged feud between Taylor Swift & Madonna. And Madonna was going to address it in her video for Bitch,I'm Madonna! He did say it's probably untrue and Madonna was milking this to get attention because 'lets face it no one is interested in Madonna's music,these days' When he said that I nearly broke the damn radio. Hear we go with the haters,who can't help themselves! Then I checked the video views Madonna has well over 9.3 Million. And was put at ease. That's a lot of views in barely 3 days for an act not on the radio and nobody cares about these days!
  2. Hands down! 'Beautiful Scars' absolutely amazing!
  3. quintessential Madonna vocal. Love when she sings in her lower register! So emblematic..so gorgeous!
  4. I can't get through the day without listening to this album,especially the tracks near the closing! Love..love..love this record!
  5. The DJ Yiannis Strings intro sounds promising! Just hope these remixes help pull her out of that tie with King of Country and she alone has the most No.1's on any Billboard Chart!
  6. This is the song everyone should be talking about! The music,her vocal,the message pure gem! The club remixes could be amazing and hit number 1 on the Dance/Club Chart!
  7. Enough of the flop usage. She has aged out,period! She is never going to get the airplay she's already experienced! Oh,BIM,is not strong even with Nikki. It's lampoon not single worthy at all!!
  8. I adore this song her wonderful vocal performance. Masterful Musical arrangement. And,of course..the overall message a perfect combination! If she is going to run around and perform other tracks from the album this should be the one!
  9. Madonna does not need an opening act or a package tour to sell tickets,period!!
  10. Madonna just performed 'Ghosttown' on Ellen Wonderful performance! Loved it! I suspect the song to race up Itunes POP after that great performance!
  11. I liked her performance of 'Joan of Arc' on Ellen, I didn't love it because of the arrangement. I was worried hardly anyone would like the song based on the arrangement thankfully I was proven wrong, the track is showing up in Itunes POP. Ellen promo is working,thus far!
  12. Total agreement! I have been thinking and screaming for the same thing. She has to know this and is just being stubborn and don't want to license her music!! She had better get over it,it's the reality of the times even groups with airplay do this. And the days being called sell out is long behind us. I understand professional integrity but damn! She must embrace the reality of her situation, her radio days are over and again explore other mediums to make people aware of her Music,period!
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