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  1. I agree for the most part. When she sings in a basic way, like on Alejandro, she sounds fine. But when she starts croaking like a frog like on Bad Romance or screaming like on Perfect Illusion, she's horrible.
  2. I think the whole concept and message of the song and video went over peoples' heads. And by people, I mean the general public AKA the people who have their heads buried in the sand.
  3. That damn Christmas song is the gift that keeps on giving to her.
  4. Bad Romance is not a bad song. The problem is her voice. She sounds terrible on it.
  5. Madonna herself said that she wanted to make it a double album but the label said no.
  6. None of these modern hits are legitimate. No one is buying this music. It's all streaming.
  7. I meant do you think it's a legitimate promo? Did LiveNation do that? By the way, I'm fine if it's just a fan made thing. I was just curious.
  8. I just bought this on eBay. Do you think it's legit?
  9. Wow. Thanks for posting. Never read that before. I wish she described each of her videos like that. Maybe someday we'll get commentary on a video compilation.
  10. I miss when singles were singles. Not fucking buzz singles, promo singles, retracted singles. Just release a damn single and stick with it.
  11. It does sound very good! This might be her summer smash.
  12. She's banging A. Rod! Any comments?
  13. Has Liza ever randomly showed up on stage during a Pet Shop Boys show? The crowd would go nuts!
  14. Since the video was pulled, I'll post a fresh link of Katy's horrible vocal performance at the IHeartRadio Awards. Enjoy!
  15. Being from the US, this is probably why I never knew about it. If I was in the UK, it would've been cemented in my brain.
  16. Yes! Tiffany and Martika can join in too!
  17. Apparently, she only sang the song live on the Arsenio Hall show. The other performances were lip synced. She looks and sounds great here.
  18. I was mesmerized when I first saw it. Couldn't talk my eyes away. This would've made a great video for anything from Rebel Heart.
  19. She need better backup dancers.
  20. Yes, Madonna has sounded bad live in the past but she has also sounded good. Katy ALWAYS sounds bad live. That's the difference.
  21. I would love it if Madonna did a whole album with Guy. He's a great producer.
  22. That hamster gave a better performance than Katy!
  23. So, how did Glory end up doing? I think Britney Jean was more successful and that's really sad.