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  1. She refuses to shut the fuck up. Did she really need to bring up conversion therapy? Really? "J.K. Rowling issues another statement about her stance on transgender rights" https://twitter.com/i/events/1279804858351013889
  2. Yes! She's obviously ignorant on the subject. Why not sit in a room with a wide assortment of self-identified women and actually fucking learn something?
  3. I generally am against publicly outing someone because they aren't hurting anyone staying in the closet. That's their choice. The exception is with people like Lindsey Graham who vote against bills that would protect LGBTQ+ people and vote for discrimination bills. The hypocrisy of "hey, do that stuff behind close doors and don't tell anyone" needs to be shouted out from mountain tops. That's pure bullshit. People who are living their true lives should not be punished while people in the closet have all their secret gay sex and tell me how to live. No fucking way.
  4. There does seem to be something personal going on here. One comment is one thing but she is really digging into this with repeated comments. She keeps fanning the flames and that apology made no sense.
  5. I remember this. "I feel no ways tired....."
  6. First of all, he looks fabulous. It's not obscene at all. What is indecent or risque about a speedo? What century are we living in? Is it that someone was jealous at how good he looked and complained?
  7. The top of Simon's head looks inflated. Too much filler in the forehead and cheeks. And yes, he needs some clothes that fit.
  8. Apparently, there's nude pics floating around of this guy. If you find them, please post. Use the spoiler tag of course. LOL
  9. I remember hearing about people punching little kids in the face for those Cabbage Patch dolls. Shit got real. LOL
  10. So Mayweather won the right to top McGregor in the locker room after the fight.
  11. http://nypost.com/2017/08/25/excessive-masturbation-is-hurting-chinas-military/ The Chinese military says excessive masturbation and too many video games are among the reasons its physical-test failure rates have reached an “alarming high.” The People’s Liberation Army is now dishing out advice after one city saw more than half its candidates — 56.9 percent — fail their physicals, according to the BBC. PLA found that 8 percent of candidates failed because of abnormalities found in their scrotum from sitting too much. Another 25 percent flunked because of blood and urine tests. It recommended that candidates follow 10 basic principles, including exercising more, cutting out fizzy drinks and booze, limiting computer games and masturbation, not getting a tattoo and drinking clean water. The advice was instantly mocked by users on social media microblog Sina Weibo. “Next year they’ll be asking for circumcisions!” said one user. The PLA has struggled to recruit new members, despite desperate measures to find candidates like releasing a rap recruitment video last year. The Ministry of Defense last month announced the PLA would be cut from 2 million to 1 million — a move that some believe is due to a lack of new recruits.
  12. Yeah, unfortunately, I don't think the ocean is safe. I remember hearing about people getting the flesh eating virus a few years ago. It might be the same thing as these fleas. https://www.google.com/search?q=flesh+eating+virus+ocean
  13. I had no idea airlines were allowed to do this until now. If I paid my ticket and I'm sitting in my seat, they shouldn't have the right to kick me out just because they double booked. Hope the laws change.
  14. Pole knocked over by penis https://www.reddit.com/r/olymgifs/comments/4xprun/pow_right_in_the_penis/
  15. Do they make burkinis for men or is this just a thing to oppress women?
  16. It's the Winter & Summer Olympic! For the first time ever, they're combining them! Yay. That's totally a lie.
  17. Um, I wasn't being defensive. I was responding to what you said. Anyway, the NY Post cover is priceless.
  18. Tinky Winky must be fun at parties. He knows how to have a good time.
  19. UPDATE: He's been identified. http://www.queerty.com/male-model-loses-mind-gets-naked-times-square-screams-cops-20160630
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