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  1. If someone intentionally injects themselves with a deworming drug meant for animals, I will not mourn their loss or lose any sleep over it.
  2. If only we could all be as manly as President Winnie The Pooh.
  3. https://www.queerty.com/conservatives-slut-shame-dr-jill-biden-trashy-fishnets-long-classy-melania-20210405 This made me laugh out loud.
  4. What about these? Webbed hand Asian girl makes 6 figures giving hand jobs in Australian brothels Couple drank female cum(squirt) to survive while lost at sea
  5. She seems hell bent on pushing this hatred for the trans community. I feel that she made this book specifically for that purpose and it's really disturbing.
  6. Was it really a Double A Side? I thought they just switch out Mer Girl for Little Star in the UK.
  7. Yes. That's it. I really like Madame X but it's lacking warmth. Looking For Mercy stood out to me because of that.
  8. What?! It's my favorite song of the whole album! I'm shocked it wasn't on the regular edition.
  9. Yes. I miss the Warner days when we just had one cover.
  10. I wish Madonna did double A sides. When was the last time? The first album?! For example, I think GMAYL & I'm Addicted would have made a great double A side. For Madame X, I'm not sure. As much as I like God Control, I don't think it works as a 1st single or represents the album well. I can see why Medellin and Crave were chosen.
  11. She refuses to shut the fuck up. Did she really need to bring up conversion therapy? Really? "J.K. Rowling issues another statement about her stance on transgender rights" https://twitter.com/i/events/1279804858351013889
  12. Yes! She's obviously ignorant on the subject. Why not sit in a room with a wide assortment of self-identified women and actually fucking learn something?
  13. I generally am against publicly outing someone because they aren't hurting anyone staying in the closet. That's their choice. The exception is with people like Lindsey Graham who vote against bills that would protect LGBTQ+ people and vote for discrimination bills. The hypocrisy of "hey, do that stuff behind close doors and don't tell anyone" needs to be shouted out from mountain tops. That's pure bullshit. People who are living their true lives should not be punished while people in the closet have all their secret gay sex and tell me how to live. No fucking way.
  14. There does seem to be something personal going on here. One comment is one thing but she is really digging into this with repeated comments. She keeps fanning the flames and that apology made no sense.
  15. For the past few album, it seems that whenever a new Madonna album comes out, it's immediately taken at face value by the general public and discarded. Then years later, a light bulb goes off and new things are discovered! "Oh! This album was before it's time!" LOL This is not necessarily a bad thing. We have shorter attention spans now. As long as the praise comes, it's fine if it's a few years off.
  16. The only time she ever released a ballsy 1st single was American Life and look how that turned out. That's was my point. She backtracked and entered damage control mode. I don't see that happening again.
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