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  1. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Wow. That was horrible. Her "Get Together" sample was way better.
  2. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Yes! I think using a song from MDNA would have made more sense, specifically I'm Addicted. Oh well. Madonna doesn't want to do what you expect her to do. She's full of surprises.
  3. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    She looks great. Totally didn't expect the live version of Let It Will Be. It's awesome.
  4. Is it true that Madonna demanded reshoots because of how bad he made her look? I remember hearing that.
  5. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    I honestly think that's the best way to go. Get a freakin' reel-to-reel. This thing can't leak again!
  6. I hated the song then and I hate it now.
  7. What's interesting is all the decades represented in that Top 5. Not many artists can do that.
  8. That interlude made absolutely no sense. I would love to know what was the thinking involved with it's creation. It wasn't even a proper mashup. I'm still confused.
  9. There's been sooooooo many things happening: hurricanes, mass shootings, Weinstein, etc. I'm ok with her not commenting. Imagine if she commented on everything. I'm glad she's in Portugal staying out of all of it. As others have said, she'll speak out on her terms if she feels like doing so.
  10. Exactly. That's what I say. Just because radio refuses to play her doesn't mean she doesn't still do music.
  11. Katy Perry thread

    I agree! This should have been the album cover.
  12. I met someone new today. Madonna came up in conversation. He said he saw her in Miami for the Sticky & Sweet Tour and questioned if she was drunk (!) because she sounded so horrible. Is this true? I saw her in Jersey during that tour and thought she sounded great. I told him it might have been toward the end of tour and she strained her vocal cords. (No idea if that's actually true.) He was turned off to Madonna after that until he saw the Rebel Heart Tour in NYC and said he loved the show and thought she sounded great.
  13. Wow! Love this look. So cool. So cute.
  14. Listening and crying to be quite honest?

    "Wanna go high yyyyyyuuuuurrrrrr"
  15. Did she have bad vocals in Miami for Sticky & Sweet?

    I remember Borderline being pretty rough. 😅
  16. I love the way it was edited. The fire effect are awesome.
  17. Katy Perry thread

    At least she's trying. None of the other pop princesses are.
  18. Katy Perry thread

    I have yet to hear a good live vocal performance from Katy Perry.
  19. I don't like how the word icon is thrown around now. Everyone is a damn icon now.
  20. Yeah, I didn't understand when reviews called the MDNA album EDM. I'm like, did they listen to the album at all?
  21. Katy Perry thread

    Yes, her YouTube numbers are good but she has no radio support.
  22. Katy Perry thread

    http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/katy-perry-tour-tickets-discount-groupon/ Katy Perry‘s Witness ticket sales are plummeting, RadarOnline.com has learned, and fans have noticed that the cheeky pop star is now giving out tickets for up to 50% off on Groupon! As if that wasn’t bad enough, places like Stub Hub are even selling the golden tickets for as low as $9! Following the singer’s controversial album drop, Perry, 32, was invited to be a judge on American Idol! Yet her awkward performance at the Video Music Awards, sent head honchos into a fit of panic. “They are paying her $25 million and she was a total dud [at the VMAs],” said an insider. “No one ever auditioned her for the new Idol job and they are freaking out that they hired someone who is terrible on live television.”
  23. I like Heaven more than Ghosttown. There I said it.
  24. The Portugal Album : official thread

    Madonna has always been great at incorporating elements of world music, yet still making it pop.
  25. I like how natural she looks. Very classic. I'm sure she had fun at that Pornhub party. lol