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  1. I didn't know there was a European version of "I'm Your Baby Tonight" until coming to this thread!
  2. So "Swish Swish" was never a real single? Just promo?
  3. I guess I'm out of touch because I find CTTR and BA to be very radio friendly. Radio being anti-female at the moment is the issue.
  4. I think that's the best description of Gaga I've ever heard.
  5. Yes! I like that one. Is there one for CTTR and SS? I want a censored Walmart version of this album with no rappers. 😆
  6. Me too! I was never a Katy fan but I'm liking the singles. Wish they were rap-free though. It's so unnecessary.
  7. That filthy kangaroo fucker!
  8. I agree about Janet being huge doing the Erotica era. Janet definitely benefited from Madonna's backlash. Mariah and Paula slid in there too. It was nice that Madonna felt so charitable, giving these other pop starlets some time in the spotlight.
  9. That should've been a cover for something. It's iconic.
  10. OMG @ that car cover! Why would she go out in public wearing that thing? Where would you even buy something like that? Was it custom made? Did she design it? LOL
  11. I like that she's fighting back against Toilet Swift on "Swish Swish" but the beat is so generic. And this is the 3rd song with an unnecessary rapper on it. Is the whole album gonna be like this? I miss solo singles. Remember when that used to be a thing?
  12. I agree that she shouldn't do it. Look what happened to Gwen Stefani.
  13. Well, that's subjective. I happen to think the song is very good.
  14. The video is perfect. Best one she's done so far. It's a shame no one cares. I don't get it. That Billboard 100 entry is really low. Hope the video helps boost it up a bit.