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  1. Really? I think it's perfect. Way better than Sticky & Sweet or MDNA Tour covers.
  2. I don't like this Vogue shoot at all. I have no idea what they were trying to do. As others have said, it looks rushed and uninspired.
  3. Ever since Google bought YouTube, it's been getting less and less user-friendly.
  4. I love the faux red hair, like the Confessions cover. :)
  5. When I first saw this image used to promote the Showtime special, I immediately identified it as the DVD cover. It falls in line with her usual usage of video screen shots for the cover. Plus, I like it. 😎
  6. I thinking you're reaching a bit far there. She never implied Madonna had no talent.
  7. Exactly! Madonna is sexual for her own enjoyment and self-expression. She's not trying to turn you on or gain your approval. That point seems to go over everyone's head. They don't understand context. In our society, sexual = sexual no matter way.
  8. Another example of a producer giving M praise. :)
  9. Why does she look so old on that cover?
  10. Ah fuck :(
  11. Didn't Jonas filmed the whole show in Paris? The footage was used for IGTTYAS. Now that is what I'd like to see. The Hamish Brown-directed CBS thing would've looked like DWT.
  12. Every live version is great but I feel the Confession performance didn't really fit the theme of the tour. I wish she stuck with Everybody instead of changing it at the last minute. That "let the DJ shake you" mix that Stuart did was perfection.
  13. I really didn't like the different outfits during Turn Up The Radio on the MDNA Tour DVD but for some reason, I didn't mind it for the Rebel Heart Tour. It would have been interesting if it was done for Drowned World Tour. We would've gotten all the punk outfits! I wish Jonas had shot that tour. It's my favorite tour but the filming gave it no justice. It was kind of amateur actually. I'm glad the deal with Hamish Hamilton fell through for the Re-Invention Tour. It would've looked the same.